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Old 2022-03-18, 09:02   Link #1
Blackbeard D. Kuma
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Street Fighter 6

This is the place to discuss everything about Street Fighter 6.

Capcom posted a teaser trailer recently showing off Ryu and Luke with their new graphical style.

We won't be getting any updates until sometime of summer this year.

Given Ryu's bearded and older look, speculation is that this game will take place after SFIII: 3rd Strike.
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Old 2023-04-25, 12:40   Link #2
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Bit of a dead thread, but... the Playstation demo is out! The 1v1 battles play seamlessly, the button input is phenomenal and it's really fast-paced. The first chapter of the single player mode is also available, however, I noticed that it doesn't run so well on PS4 pro - lots of frame skipping and clipping among the crowds. Has anyone run this on PS5?
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Old 2023-04-27, 10:45   Link #3
Mad Pierrot
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Fights intro kinda feel like wrestling holy cow. The moves seems to be a mix between IV and V involving simple and challenging commands depending on the player's need. Seriously Capcom is completely owning Namco and SNK by giving this freedom to the player.
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Old 2023-04-27, 15:16   Link #4
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AI Lv8 is tough as NAILS! It actually has sauce, like optimal double drive rush into CA stuff... Reaction time is a bit sus, especially on fireballs and jumps, buuuut I got a round off pokes and footsies with the occasional DI. Haven't won a match yet, I got used to Lv7 though.

NRS is most likely releasing MK12 in August, it's probably the weakest fighting game to join this year, but T8 seems to be doing everything T7 but better, so at least they got that... but the same can be said for SF6, and it's waaaaay better than SF5, although it's still soon to judge.

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Old 2023-04-29, 04:40   Link #5
is this so?
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glad this game only needs a GTX 1060 to run on high settings. I don't need to buy new gpu.

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Old 2023-05-30, 08:42   Link #6
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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Game reviews are out. Across the board 92-93 on Metacritic.

Capcom might be the best and most consistent AAA developer out there right now outside of console exclusive in-house studios. Game also runs on RE Engine, which everyone knows by now is pure witchcraft with how well the engine runs on different platforms and setups.
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Old 2023-06-20, 16:08   Link #7
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I think everyone loves this game. And not just die hard SF fans. They really did an almost perfect job. Even the most controversial part about it, the modern controls, gets a lot of love and praise.
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Haven't You Heard?
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