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Old 2010-06-09, 14:22   Link #21
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When you're playing Mass Effect and you're romancing Kaidan and Liara as a female Shepard, when you choose Liara over Kaidan both Shepard and Liara start to refer to Kaidan as a she. (Apparently a glitch where the dialogue for Ashley/Liara romance is switched for some reason).

An example:
Skip to time 6:50 to see the glitch.
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Old 2010-06-09, 21:29   Link #22
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Everquest (MMORPG) had two hillarious bugs ages ago:
1. You could randomly forage (skill that looks for food available to nature themed classes) the most powerful items in the game in any zone for a day.
2. There was a spear which accidentally had dragon breath as an effect. It hit everything nearby, enemies, allies, and yourself. So you're meleeing a random enemy and you breathe fire on yourself and make yourself run away in terror. Oops.
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