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Old 2009-08-26, 22:52   Link #21
Observer/Bookman wannabe
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I don't suspend my beliefs. I just bring it up under the "negative" segment of my reviews to my audience. Nothing to it. I'm one of those guys who can see something bad in the best, and something good in the worst.

On Monster, Johan's acts may be stretching the truth, but I don't find them unbelievable.

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Old 2009-08-27, 16:22   Link #22
Knowledge is the solution
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Personally I've never gotten what's with this thing when other people find it hard to keep their suspension of disbelief. At least, i've never had that problem, or I can't remember any time where i've suffered from it, it's automatic for me to switch in with any story in any form, no matter the stretch.
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Old 2009-08-29, 23:41   Link #23
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I'd say that it's less a problem with keeping the suspension of disbelief than it is a matter of buying what the story is trying to sell. From my perspective, a show that can execute this well will help disguise (or allow the viewer to forgive) lesser flaws, and a show that executes this poorly will emphasize its other flaws. This isn't as important with lighter-hearted shows, and I find that it affects the shows that try to talk about serious themes or subjects the most.
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Old 2009-08-29, 23:45   Link #24
Terrestrial Dream
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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
I'd largely agree with you, except that I've been exposed to enough irrational attribution of responsibility that I find Suzu and Shoukei's behavior to be eminently believable. Unfortunately, this doesn't speak well of people in general.
For those two I also find them quite believable as well (hmm... agreeing with 4Tran I believe this is very rare for me ), their actions were purely emotional so it is understandable why their actions seemed so irrational. For the characters in order to believe them just think about their situation and what is in their mind.

On to the topic I guess it is the theme, if the theme is like Gurren Lagann I don't mind the wackiness or the physically impossible stuff.
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Old 2009-08-30, 05:16   Link #25
space cowboy
cowboy of space
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Suprisingly the soundtrack can pull together enough for me to watch. For instance Berserk was going tits up at various points, on account of being slow and the animation fucking terrible. But then this awesome soundtrack which came out of no where come in and kept me watching. I'm pretty glad it did.
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animation, style

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