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One Piece - Chapter 754 [manga]

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

Thread Guidelines
  • One Piece is licensed by Viz, please don't ask for or mention where to find or download the manga.
  • Please do not discuss scanlations, translation groups, etc., etc.
  • Raw requests and offers are not permitted anywhere on this forum.
  • Discuss your expectations of the chapter if it has not been published yet.
  • Pos ting a synopses or summary is fine (and welcome).
  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
  • Please try to keep the discussion on topic.
  • Spoilers will not be policed in this thread, so if you haven't read the chapter yet, just stay out if you don't want to read spoilers.
Remember that the manga is licensed, do not post significant parts of the chapter. This includes images, scripts and direct translations of the manga. Summaries are OK, crops of pictures are OK (only if you need to illustrate your point) but this is it.

Credit goes to Redon and Aohige from AP for providing the goods:

-Chapter title is "Pleased to make your acquaintance". Ministory has the sea-dog cop escorting the sea-cat back to their hometown.

-Underground, Kinemon finally reunites with his friend, Kanjurou the shower ("shower" as in rain showers). He's a tall man dressed in kabuki-style clothing, and carries a large ink brush. It turns out that other prisoners such as soldiers were trapped underground with the samurai, as well. Kinemon apologizes for his late rescue, but Kanjurou waves it off, saying that his ability ensured that he wouldn't starve to death. After the two samurai plan their escape, Kanjurou puts his ability to action: He draws a sparrow on the wall with his brush, which springs to life! However..... the samurai's drawing skills are poor, and thus the bird has trouble taking flight, heh. Nonetheless, the imprisoned soldiers beg the samurai to take them to the surface as well, as they're worried for king Riku and the citizens.....

-At the palace, Luffy's group advance while Blue Gilly takes out some of the grunts. However, the martial artist gets taken down by Dellinger. Cavendish then points out that Doflamingo has no intention of letting ANY of the Dressrosa citizens survive, regardless of whether or not they bring him all of the bounty heads. However, the warlord's greatest blunder was inviting all those powerful gladiators to fight in the coliseum. Cavendish then declares that he'll take Dofla's head, with Luffy, Law, AND Kyros all objecting, wanting to beat him themselves. As they continue arguing, they reach the palace's third level, as well as a new obstacle: a battalion of skeletal toy soldiers.....

-Back to Zoro vs. Pica, the officer begins to get tired from the fight, and Zoro mocks him. However, when Zoro rushes in for the finish, it turns out the stone man already transferred himself to the giant stone statue, and attacks the swordsman with tentacles. At this time, both combatants notice Robin's group flying towards them. Robin tells Zoro that they need to get past Pica, and asks him to keep the officer at bay. However, Pica already launches an attack against them! Zoro then counters the giant with a 1080-pound Cannon, which not only slices through the statue, but even wounds the main body, as well! The pirate hunter then tells the officer that Luffy and God Usopp aren't the only threats to be wary of, as he'll be the future greatest swordsman in the world, and that their levels are far apart. Bartolomeo practically creams himself upon witnessing the battle, lol!

The appearance of Kanjurou, Luffy's group fighting over who has dibs on Dofla, and Zoro kicking ass as usual. Yep, sounds just about right to me!

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ok... let's get this train started...

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Old 2014-07-23, 01:27   Link #3
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^Doesn't that really just apply to the pretty girls, though....?

Anyhoo, updated with the full summary.
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Old 2014-07-23, 02:23   Link #4
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Kanjuro the Shower (Yuudachi Kanjurou) is a pun on a thuggish rakugo character, Kangoro the Shower (Yuudachi Kangoro).

The number five (go) is changed to ten (juu).

Also, the four arguing about who's going to take Dofla's head is hilarious. Kyros mentions his feud goes back ten years, Law says his goes back thirteen. Then Luffy says WELL MINE GOES BACK 30!! To which Caven calls him a liar.
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Old 2014-07-23, 02:36   Link #5
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Yeah, the argument over who'll take Dofla's head is awesome. Leave it to Luffy to make another nonsensical claim! I also got a good chuckle out of Kinemon refusing to eat Kanjurou's ink-drawn cabbages due to the risk of indigestion.

Speaking of Luffy's group, the toys that attack them look like nutcracker soldiers. So I guess Sugar regained consciousness, then?

Lastly, Barto's face at the end of the chapter.....
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Old 2014-07-23, 07:33   Link #6
a random Indonesian otaku
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hahaha... Zoro is jealous... Jealous Zoro is scary

I laughed so hard at Luffy "30 years bluff"
(we need Law's past flashback)
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Old 2014-07-23, 07:37   Link #7
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Everything's too easy for Zoro,give this man a Challenge.
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Old 2014-07-23, 07:37   Link #8
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Is it just me, or does Kanjuro look like an Okama? Anyway, I love how he's not a good artist despite the fact that drawings are his special power. ^^ My favorite part of this chapter though was probably Zoro hyping up the Strawhats and especially Luffy in his fight against Pica.
Truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes.
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Old 2014-07-23, 07:38   Link #9
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haha, so luffy has a plan to kill Doflamingo when his age is -11

and i wonder when zoro found a strong enemy beside admiral Fujitora
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Old 2014-07-23, 07:38   Link #10
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Best chapter for me so far. DORO-TENPAAAAAI!!
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I kind of lolled when i saw this;
Spoiler for Spoiler.:
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Old 2014-07-23, 09:05   Link #12
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I really don't think Pika is out for the count but Zoro is really showing how monstrous he is post-time skip. I wonder when he will get his first big challenge (maybe against Kaido's second in command?). Now if only Sanji can get back and redeem himself for losing so easily against Mingo.
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Old 2014-07-23, 09:27   Link #13
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This series never fails to make me smile/laugh/roar in excitement. The minute I saw Zoro say "Santoryu" I pretty much jumped outta my chair with an, "OOOHHHH SHIIIIII-"
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Old 2014-07-23, 09:29   Link #14
Mr. DJ
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tap out Pica...if you're still conscious
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Old 2014-07-23, 10:41   Link #15
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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I've seen quite a few characters with the ability to make drawings come real over the years, but not one of them was as bad an artist as Kanjurou

Zoro effortlessly steam-rolling every opponent in his path is starting to get boring. When will he finally get to break a sweat?
Rize and Kaneki
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Poetic Justice
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Wouldn't surprise me if the Luffy 30 years joke turns out to be true somehow, Maybe in relation to Dragon?
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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Lastly, Barto's face at the end of the chapter.....
that was hilarious
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Old 2014-07-23, 14:35   Link #18
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I actually agree with the criticism about Zoro, BTW. It's cool to see him being badass and all, but damn, it can't be smooth sailing for him all the time, can it? I mean, even Luffy had a rough time during that earlier brief clash with Dofla, for cryin' out loud! And it really doesn't help that Zoro's performance is gonna drive posters like grey_1960 into a frenzy similar to the one Barto showed this chapter.

On the plus side, I actually appreciated Zoro giving a shout-out to God Usopp. Still, I really hope Pica has a few last tricks up his rocky sleeves.....

Originally Posted by Poetic Justice View Post
Wouldn't surprise me if the Luffy 30 years joke turns out to be true somehow, Maybe in relation to Dragon?

Surely the answer here lies in Luffy traveling back in time using his rubber powers in conjunction with haki!
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Poetic Justice
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I think Oda's saving some tough opponents until they meet a Yonkou.
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Old 2014-07-23, 17:40   Link #20
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We could also have a match up between Zoro and Diamante, which is what I was expecting after learning about his ability. I can't seriously see Kyros taking him out and unless Sanji gets back, someone needs to fight him.
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