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Old 2015-04-04, 16:52   Link #41
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
so do robots have to pee as well for realism?
Probably they need to poop too.
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Old 2015-04-04, 16:57   Link #42
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Damn those corporate sales quotas, destroying people's lives. But I guess "dying" is part of life so gg SAI corp.
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Old 2015-04-04, 16:59   Link #43
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
so do robots have to pee as well for realism?
Who said the were robots? They are androids. It's just they powered by the human-like digest mechanism. If they need to digest food - they'll have to get rid of the digesting products as well.
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Old 2015-04-04, 17:06   Link #44
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Originally Posted by IceHism View Post
The flaw i found was how much of a clue the MC needs to get. Getting a job when he doesn't even know anything about it is just.... idek. He just irritates me.
He failed his collage exams and got the job because of his fathers connections (it was in premise). Of cause he has no clue about it. But I'm sure he get better later.
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Old 2015-04-04, 17:14   Link #45
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That was a nice first episode, it got nice humor and nice emotional scene, love Isla so far.
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Old 2015-04-04, 17:14   Link #46
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Way to kill the mood at the end. I can see why they might want to lighten up the mood rather than end on a downer, but there were probably better (and shall we say more tasteful) ways to do that.

Apart from that one thing, I'd quite liked it. I'm interested to see where it goes with its idea of android lifespans, and whether they'll show us what happens when one goes past its expiry date.

As for the MC, I get the feeling it's not really a job anyone actually wants, given they're in a small outbuilding round the back. I suspect he'll learn.
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Old 2015-04-04, 17:19   Link #47
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Thinking on it....I'm actually ok with tossing in the pun at the end there. Maybe there were better puns they could use, but something to break down the negative atmosphere was actually appreciated.

This could be one heck of a tough ride. What a horrible job. Basically going around to people's deathbeds at their last moments. That's the whole thing....That's worse than working in the medical profession. At least their patients survive a good amount of the time (unless you are working in a terminal ward or something of that nature). No wonder it's such a small branch.

True enough that about 9.5 years isn't a tiny amount of time, but no matter the lifespan the end is always going to be hard to face.

Even worse that with our heroine being a 'veteran' she probably doesn't have that much time left. If they go the expected route of the romance ending with a tragic end it's going to be one rough ride. I sure hope it's actually some kind of bs and the androids actually have near indefinite lifespans. The company just putting a lid on it to keep some control over the situation. Or just pure greed. They have a short lifespan so they can wipe the memory and send them right back out again on another contract later.
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Old 2015-04-04, 17:42   Link #48
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I personally think it's nice that Isla isn't a perpetually stoic or brooding robot. The toilet joke was a bit crude, but it was good to see her lose her composure every now and then.
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Old 2015-04-04, 18:14   Link #49
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Great opening episode. Ascetically gorgeous, amazing character design and the episode itself was really entertaining as a whole. Also as it was indicated before with the PVs and teasers, this will surely be a really heartbreaking story My Poor Kokoro...

My only worry for now is that I hope this doesn't get too episodic later on because I rarely enjoy that kind of series, but for now it's all good.
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Old 2015-04-04, 18:27   Link #50
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I think it could go two ways:
1. Nothing bad happens after 9,5 years, and the company just wants to sell more OS, or doesn't want the androids to become too independent.
2. Something really bad happens after 9,5 years. Either they turn evil, or insane, or something else all together.

I'd rather want 2, because 1 would be too obvious and a tad cliche. Plus, if it was 2, it would be a lot more tragic, because there would be nothing they could do about it.
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Old 2015-04-04, 18:32   Link #51
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I personally don't see the point in tragedy for the sake of tragedy.
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Old 2015-04-04, 18:35   Link #52
Apache Thunder
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I would agree the bathroom joke at the end was a bit off putting. But seeing that these things are apparently designed to be able eat human food (whether they actually need to for power is another question) that it would be reasonable to expect that they would have to use restrooms like the rest of us.

So of coarse they will need to remove the unusable material they ingest. Assuming they have a functional digestive system. It could be that it's just there to be human like and it basically just goes in one end and out the other at a specific time depending on how much they eat/drink.

Unless they actually are able to use the food they eat for energy. But that would be a very odd method of powering an android given that there is likely more efficient ways of doing that given the technology displayed in the show.

It's to early to tell right now though. The show hasn't given much details on how the Giftias work. I'm hoping they start to fill in the blanks on that front in later episodes. The premise is interesting and I hope the show doesn't waste the potential of that.

There's a few interesting questions this roughly fixed nine year operating limit they have. Is it an honest limitation of the technology or is there a more sinister truth behind it? Is it just something arbitrary to ensure the company that builds them has a reason for their customers to keep coming in at regular intervals to buy replacements or perhaps they fear that the androids they built would become too smart and might turn against them and decided 9 years was the safe limit on them? Or perhaps there's a unexpected third option the show might go with. Perhap they are giving them to people to "train" them and then secretly building an army for an invasion or something and using the 9 year limit as cover for said operation. But that's one of the more out there possibilities. :P

The limit could be imposed by the hardware or software (or a combination of both). But again, just the 1st episode. I just hope the show actually tries to explore this premise more. I doubt the limit is fake though and that they actually do degrade after they reach the limit. Otherwise people would have realized the limit was a lie by now at some point. It wouldn't be hard to code something in the software or in the hardware to intentionally mess things up after a certain amount of time the unit has been operating.

One idea is that they simply give them a specific amount of storage space for memories/information they learn as they operate and that once they reach that limit, the CPU is designed to randomly overwrite old data with new data. This would effectively introduce random errors in the program over time. It would not take much effort at all for them to set something like this up rather then come up with something more elaborate. They probably setup the hardware so that it would be difficult to upgrade them and the CPU might use some kind of security that ties the program/OS installed on the storage device to only run with that specific CPU based on some randomly generated signed serial number in the bootrom of the CPU.

Hopefully it won't consist solely of their misadventures at retrieving expired Giftias from their owners and actually begines to explore the premise they setup and the questions behind it.

As long as the ending isn't somewhat of a cop out like Chobits ending was I'll enjoy this one.

I would have liked Chobits even more if it wasn't for the excessive fanservice that show had. Perhaps this show will be the equivalent of Chobits but without as much fanservice.

There was a few shower scenes. But compared to Chobits, this is pretty laid back. :P

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Old 2015-04-04, 19:21   Link #53
Draco Spirit
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Another strong show, dam my anime viewing time gonna be big this session.

This show reminds me of Angel Beats, mixing comady with musings on the end of the line... bet the end of this makes me cry my eyes out too.
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Old 2015-04-04, 19:50   Link #54
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Damn the feels were pretty strong for this first episode
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Old 2015-04-04, 20:09   Link #55
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Episode 1

ARGHHHHHH!!!!(╯░□░)╯︵ ┻━┻

This is a tear jerker! Huhuhuhuhu! Call me an idiot but I'll watch it and cry myself on a corner afterwards.

Rooting... for TsukasaXMichiru. since Isla , well we know.... what will happen soon.. HUhuhuhuhu
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Old 2015-04-04, 21:32   Link #56
Guardian Enzo
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Too bad PM didn't trust its premise enough not to oversell it - there's plenty of emotional firepower here without all the overwrought maudlin nonsense.

To me, this was a great (if not entirely original) premise indifferently executed. We'll see how it develops.
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Old 2015-04-04, 22:00   Link #57
Psyco Diver
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I was unsure of this show for the first half of the episode but it really pulled through in the end, its going to be a sad one it appears. I will so I got kinda annoyed at the end of the episode, I know they were just trying to lighten the mood but that timing was wrong
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Old 2015-04-04, 22:22   Link #58
mono no aware
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*slowly retreats backwards*
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Old 2015-04-04, 22:34   Link #59
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Originally Posted by the one above all View Post
The balance worked for me despite some flaws with it. That last scene did not really bother me but I can see how other people would feel rather put off by it.
Felt like they didn't want it to be overly sappy, so they threw in the humour at the end. Kind of random but it was pretty amusing, so it was fine for me too.
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Old 2015-04-04, 22:43   Link #60
The slacking one
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Pretty good stuff, though I really hope that's the last time we see that timing with literal toilet jokes. Regardless, with a premise like that, this show has the potential to be THE feels show of the season and give a lot to talk about, as in, morally and ethically.

But seriously, no need to hammer so hard Isla is messed up in the head, even if that's actually really serious in the context of the story.
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love triangle, sci-fi, tragedy

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