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Old 2009-06-28, 10:51   Link #81
デゲソ!! ( ・_・)ノ
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Well I hope it stays that way, I don't really want them going "Magical Girl" on us.
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Old 2009-06-28, 11:02   Link #82
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I can't say as I mind Mahou Shoujo too much (Heck one of my favorite current shows for awhile now has been Shugo Chara) but I kindof have a hard time envisioning the OP/ED suiting something in that genre...Maybe not though depending on how they handle it, guess will see.

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Old 2009-06-28, 22:47   Link #83
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looks like i will continue watching
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Old 2009-07-01, 15:16   Link #84
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Spoiler for Episode 2 - Umi Monogatari no Naku Koro Ni:
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Old 2009-07-01, 17:11   Link #85
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Why when I watch this does it remind me of Sailor Moon but without all the space stuff and the peppy music?
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Old 2009-07-01, 20:04   Link #86
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Old 2009-07-01, 21:38   Link #87
Whack and Unwrap!
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Originally Posted by DmonHiro View Post
Actually, why do people keep saying this is a "magical girl" anime? I see almost nothing that defines that genre here. No transformations, no monster to defeat, nu nothing.
It's a magical girl anime because they so obviously have the super power of being able to breathe underwater

All jokes aside... the first episode I thought had well enough pacing, and the characters for me are interesting enough. What will keep me watching this series is the lush BGM and artwork. I could eat it! The music is beautiful and really keeps the story flowing. And I really like the ED, Urin's 'comments' at the mini story, and the mini story itself is interesting. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Though they really really need to stop wearing the booty shorts asap Dx

I'm more familiar with his work on Princess Tutu, which was musically and artistically... unique to say the least.
Wow I had no idea, I'm definately going to see this show through, I didn't know he was a part of making Princess Tutu.
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Old 2009-07-01, 21:49   Link #88
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Futari ha Precure~!

Spoiler for ep2:

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Old 2009-07-02, 05:52   Link #89
my sides are in orbit
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It's not exactly Pretty Cure, it's mostly like Wedding Peach. Making monster of the week peaceful and all that.

This anime sure love peace, even during the height of action the music is the kind that normally put me to sleep, but the near-yuri tentacle raepactions keep me awake.
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Old 2009-07-03, 00:24   Link #90
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I saw the raw because the subs are no where to be found. The assumption I made in my deleted post was correct.

Spoiler for don't feel like getting deleted again :P:

I hope the subs come out soon. I got a pretty good idea of what happened and what everyone was saying but I couldn't really understand a lot of things mentioned about the main antagonist. Still watching this but this episode was not as good as the first one.
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Old 2009-07-03, 05:26   Link #91
Kimura sensei
Kimurin, the Wise
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I hate Kanon. Worst main character ever. At least Marin is good.
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Old 2009-07-03, 06:24   Link #92
ლ(́◉◞౪◟ ◉ ლ )
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So far so good...altho the henshin sequence was nowhere different from your usual mahou shoujo henshin,but that's the only thing about it that i felt similar to mahou shoujo genre.The animation style was complaint about that.

The BGM,contrary to what other ppl would say about how a BGM should sound when it comes to action scene,i find that the BGM still suits the fighting scene well.I like the way they played the piano,being the only instrument used for the BGM,although it didn't convey the scene's feeling well..but still i love it.

If i were to compare it with another anime,i would say..erm..Sketchbook?or Aria?Coz the feeling Umi Monogatari emitted was kinda similar to those feeling i got when watching those 2 animes.Hope i'm not wrong by saying Umi Monogatari gives out the "calm" and "peaceful" feeling to anyone that watching it,coz that was what i actually felt when watching it.
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Old 2009-07-03, 06:42   Link #93
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Spoiler for Ep2:
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Old 2009-07-03, 06:45   Link #94
Lost in my dreams...
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After the second episode, i am not really sure what to think of the series as a whole. I definitely like the atmosphere, and the music is nice (if somewhat misplaced at times) in creating the serene atmosphere, and i am definitely enjoying the more mundane parts of the show, which, i believe, is where its strength lies. I am having mixed feelings about the magic part though - while it was definitely to be expected, i didn't really like how it was presented. While the animation was nothing to complain about as the series continues to be quite visually appealing, i felt the presentation came across as somewhat silly and overly the top dramatic. I couldn't really shake the feeling they were trying to be a tad too presumptuous with the whole deal, despite the series not really being geared towards that and more towards a bit of silliness - can't say the mix felt all that successful for me personally. Oh well, will have to wait and see what the future brings, but i believe i would appreciate more of the "slice of life" elements and less the "magical girl" ones
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Old 2009-07-03, 08:48   Link #95
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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I don't know if it's just me, but while the animation, music and heck even the fights are great... the genre isn't meshing together as much as I'd hope. Granted slice-of-life and magical girl aren't two genres you normally associate together, since you're trying to unite average everyday real life with fantasy magic action, but it seems like the episode is distinctly segregating both aspects apart rather than mixing them together.

I was actually expecting something like salt and water, mix them together and you have the qualities of both at the same time, essentially both distinguishable and indistuinguishable. However it's coming off as water and oil. The first half felt almost exclusively slice of life while the last half is magical girl, separated by a noticable line.

In retrospect, slice-of-life is idealized by everyday normal life, where you don't really see major life-changing events occurring often. In contrast magical girl shows have a lot of active and altering events that shape the movement of the plot. Perhaps if you force them to mesh together one will just overpower the other, so maybe a noticable separation mught be the best approach.

I'm still liking the show anyway, so I'll want to see where it goes.
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Old 2009-07-03, 10:19   Link #96
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Just to let people know (if you care...) I deleted the video I uploaded of the ending and replaced it with a new one that doesn't have stuttering problems in the beginning.

Spoiler for Here is the video:
For proper anime playback use:
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Old 2009-07-03, 11:56   Link #97
I can has drinks?
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Well, episode 2 did not disappoint. I'm not too sure what to think, but this really isn't bad at all. Although premise is simple and the mixing of genres is a little weird, the actual quality makes you want to watch more. I just hope the Priestesses will throw a few more punches and kicks in future fights.

The whole "sea people on land" and semi-"magical girlfriend" scenario is enough to sucker me in, so for the summer this looks like a keeper. They really could have cut back on the Elder Turtle's speech on the big bad. I hope there's some Action-ey tracks in this anime - music would have really made more of an impact if there was.
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Old 2009-07-03, 13:13   Link #98
Not an expert on things
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I agree with everyone on how the genres aren't coming together as well as they could, but hopefully the show get better with that later on.

It's going to take a while to get used to their costumes....
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Old 2009-07-03, 13:33   Link #99
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Old 2009-07-03, 14:17   Link #100
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After watching the second episode a second time with subtitles I kinda change my mind about the bgm for this episode but I still got the feeling of schizophrenia between the clash of genres. Hopefully it blends together better later in the series
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fantasy, magic

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