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Old 2009-08-21, 14:22   Link #81
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I love this quote:
Doflamingo: HAH HAH HAH!! IT'S COMING!!
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Old 2009-09-02, 09:12   Link #82
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Loved it when Luffy said that if Crocodile was a Shichibukai, then he is a Hachibukai.

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Old 2009-09-02, 22:25   Link #83
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Luffy: "How can I know how to use swords? I don't know anything about navigation! I can't cook! I've never lied to anyone! I am sure that if no one helps me I can't survive."
Arlong: "LOL, I've never thought you were this worthless and you are only good at boasting! Your crew must have a headache with a captain like you. I don't know why these people risk their lives for you. A person with no pride like you is not worth being a captain! What can you do?"
Luffy: "I can beat you."
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Old 2009-09-03, 14:40   Link #84
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Mr 2.: "Un, deux, TROIS!"

Sanji: "Mello~rine! Mello~rine!"

Usopp: "Or Else, my 80,000,000 men will crush you!"
Luffy: "Sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Translation: Awesome, but sounds better as Sugoi.)

Terracotta (Igaram's wife) : "I heard you eat a lot, can you snack on this until dinnertime?"
Luffy: Okay.
*Food dissapears*
Sanji & Zoro : Was that some sort of trick?!

Usopp: "USSOP....Ahhhhhahhahhhaaaaahhhhahhahaaaa"

The next one is from a game, but i loved it

Luffy: "Hey sanji, that plant looks tasty, can we eat it?"
Sanji: "Why the hell do you want to eat everything?"
Usopp: "Yah, for all we know, it could blow up."
Chopper: "WOW USOPP! You know a lot!"
Franky: "He doesn't know that it will explode."
Brooke: "But if it does, you all will have afros just like mine! Yohohoho!"
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Old 2009-09-10, 00:46   Link #85
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My Favorite Quote

Nami: And you're supposed to anger god, that just common sense!

Zoro: (Turns around) Sorry I've........ never prayed to god

Chopper: (Eyes Popping Out) OHHH!! SO COOL!
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Old 2009-09-14, 18:44   Link #86
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Watching op second movie, cause I've never seen it before, and so I found these quotes, which made me die laughing

Nami: "It's alright, these guys are Idiots, I can handl.."
Sanji: "That's no good....I.....wanted to save you....with my own strength...So then...."THANK YOU SANJI KUN!" YOU WOULD EMBRACE ME, AND THEN WE'D DO THIS AND THAT TOGETHER!"

Bear-King: "What's your relationship with my fiance Nami?"
Sanji: "The relation being I have rubbed Sun tan lotion on her smooth skin"
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Old 2009-09-19, 08:12   Link #87
The Insidious
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Whenever Sanji mentions the word "small fry". Now I frequently use that word as well. Especially to my noobish friends. lol

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Old 2009-10-21, 16:16   Link #88
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So I've reached the Cp9 arc, and found some friggin hilarious quotes that made me cry laughing.

Califa (Talking to Iceberg): You have a lunch meeting with the management of a glass factory at the Chiza hotel, Afterwards you're going to give a lecture, followed by a meeting with a Mayor. Then you'll give interviews with the media. Then there's paperwork.

Iceberge: I dun wanna :O

Califa: Understood, everything will be canceled.

Then there's another priceless quote

Iceberg (Talking to a govt. Executive): I hate you, go away.

Govt. Executive: Don't be so childish!

Iceberg (Starts picking his nose): I'm clearly an adult

And another..

Luffy (Talking to Paulie): Listen, you gotta think about it logically, the one making fun of you and teasing you is...THE PIGEON! (In reference to Lucci's ventriloquism)

Luffy (Talking to the Pigeon): HEY FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES!

Then there's the large scene everyone has happen

Luffy (Talking to Kaku): Hi Usopp!
Usopp: I'm to your right moron!
Luffy: Wait a minute...then is that...SQUARE USOPP?
Usopp: I don't come in squares or triangles moron.

Zoro (Half asleep as kaku gets on the Going merry for an inspection):'s usopp...
A few minutes later.
zoro: Us..opp? HEY WAIT, WHO ARE YOU?

Sanji (Looking in the sky seeing kaku jump over buildings): I never knew Usopp was so athletic.
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Old 2009-10-22, 05:45   Link #89
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This is a scene I like from when they were trying to settle who should carry the whistle from Gan Fall.

Nami: Alright, I've decided I should hold onto the whistle. Any objections?
Usopp/Luffy/Chopper: Yes!(hands raised)
Nami: How can you say that? I'm a delicate little girl!
Luffy: "You are?"
Nami: I'm the only one who should carry it.
Luffy: I wanna call him...
Usopp: No way, Luffy! You just want to play with the whistle! Stay out of this!
Luffy: I wanna call the old guy. He's cool.
Chopper: Let me have it. I'm the weakest.
Usopp: Like hell you are! I'm the weakest one of all!
Nami: Stop joking! Everyone KNOWS I'm the weakest.
NO, I'm the weakest!
Usopp: Haven't you guys seen how terrible I am at fighting?!
Robin: They fight over strange things...

Another good moment from Skypiea that is more visual.

Sanji is making that stew and and he carves the two carrot pieces into heart shapes. He hands them to Chopper to pass out to the girls. In the anime we saw Chopper deliver the first bowl to Robin, but Usopp gave Nami a bowl before Chopper could get to her. So, Chopper have that bowl to Usopp. Usopp gets the carrot, and later we see Pierre ate the other one. Since Robin got her bowl. This means she must of seen the carrot and swapped with Pierre. (Though, this seems to be a touch that was only created for the anime.)

This is similar to during the Davy Back Fight. In CH. 306, Sanji gives Robin cotton candy. She take one bite and then hands it off to Chopper. I think Oda was asked about this in one of the SBS questions. I believe he answered was that she didn't want cotton candy, but didn't want to be rude so she took one bite to be polite.
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Old 2009-11-18, 12:28   Link #90
Akira Kogami
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Luffy: "Wow! What a great day! The weather is so nice! Who'd have thought this voyage would end in disaster so soon? Hard to believe that I'm getting sucked into a giant whirlpool... Maybe I was a little careless... I could use some help, but there's nobody around. Oh well, can't be helped. Down I go... Too bad I can't swim, too. Ha! What was I thinking? In a whirlpool, it doesn't really make a difference if you can swim or not!"
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