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Old 2016-10-05, 09:33   Link #1281
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Just finish episode 25, it was a somewhat good intro for the new characters. Pretty obvious they aren't gonna make it on time for the movie though. I wonder how their collaborate with Team Rabbits will go in the movie.

By the way, it looks like Izuru will be piloting White Zero in the movie.
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Old 2016-10-05, 13:34   Link #1282
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at first I thought its a replay of the earlier episode but its the students that are watching the fight. nothing much to happen, other than the new members finishing their units and flying to catch up with the main fleet. though, its probably finished already.

White zero sounds like Wing Zero.

Julia system is zero system
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Old 2016-10-06, 02:00   Link #1283
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I better watch the Klein battle again but I'm sure these characters appeared on that episode as mob characters.

Sugita was close to Team Dobberman it seems with his expression. Poor guy has a delusion being close to Rin.

Team Fawn's mechs are customized versions of the massed produced Black Six. White Zero is a prototype that can't be activated.

Gunner girl Yui similar to Asagi has headaches instead of stomach upset. Control/Hacker Sei has a thing for spices as opposed to sweets of Kei. Booster Chris is the energetic one of the bunch. Forward girl Ann is the most normal and insightful of the bunch if a little ditz.

They get left behind as their mechs weren't finished yet.

Too bad we didn't see Manga Team Rabbits. Except for Izuru's clone counterpart from the Klein battle episode.

As for Ange's gender not clear as it is still gender neutral.
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