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Old 2007-10-31, 14:33   Link #121
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I was hoping to see more scans of the new characters in action.
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Old 2007-11-03, 02:52   Link #122
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Look like it is called Melty Blood Actress Again.
Scans from Arcadia!
The latest arcade video game magazine, Arcadia had a scoop on a new expansion to the Melty Blood fighting game; Melty Blood Actress Again. The game is due out Spring 2008 and will feature 2 new characters: Riesbyfe and the main villain of the original Tsukihime game, Roa.
Finally, the annoucement I was looking forward to the most; The latest sequel to the Melty Blood fighting game series, Melty Blood Actress Again. This version features two new characters: Riesbyfe Stridberg and Michael Roa Valdamjong. Riesbyfe was a member of the Church and Sion’s friend who died protecting her. Roa was the main villain of the original Tsukihime series who has an ability to reincarnate himself.
Melty Blood Actress Again:

Riesbyfe Stridberg:

Michael Roa Valdamjong:

New Character Select:

Roa’s Electric attack:

Riesbyfe’s big shield:

P.S:Seriously,Riesbyfe is sort of like a char from D.Grayman...
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Old 2007-11-04, 05:41   Link #123
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Ummm.... Does Melty Blood release for PS2??
And is this game a fighting game? I thought this game is adventure game.....
It'd be more interesting if this game is adventure game...
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Old 2007-11-04, 08:07   Link #124
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Melty Blood is a fighting game based off of a visual novel called Tsukihime. Both Melty Blood and Tsukihime kick extreme ass.

And yes, there is a PS2 version.
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Old 2008-01-23, 02:58   Link #125
The Bloodlust Kid
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Having some issues with the game right now:

My old computer is currently out of commission and I'm trying to install Melty Blood onto my new computer that just came not too long ago.

Now a strange problem happens. Pictures don't show up normally and sprites vanish once in a while. (e.g. Akiha disappears when she's knocked down)

I should note that this is the old version. So I tried installing ReAct and similar problems occur.

This never happened on my old computer so what should I do?
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