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Old 2011-12-02, 21:49   Link #121
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Originally Posted by CrowKenobi View Post
I have no problem with that (a similar poll was added to the Macross Music thread), but there can be only one poll per thread, and I'm not going to make multiple threads when one will suffice.

That said, I can put up to 30 poll options up there, though, imho, I would limit the individual slots for songs that actually appeared in the anime and use generic placeholders for the others (such as "Favourite B-side" as one selection).
I've been giving it some thought...
Does the vBulletin software allow the creation of subpolls (i.e. ability to ask multiple questions- example)?
The main reason for my proposal was to see the most popular songs in within their respective categories, rather than just the (one) most popular song (or songs) overall. You could think of it as a 'fan choice music award ceremony just for K-On'.
The main alternative I've come up with is to not create a "forum poll", but rather, a "public ballot/survey"- this would therefore bypass the 30 poll option limit.
Spoiler for example:

To ensure Forum Rule 2.1 is not broken, users must justify their choices. Those that don't could see their vote not counted.

If this is unfeasible, then a poll with just the categories as choices is fine as well, and allow users to state their favourite song... (but I still would prefer to know the most liked songs from the lesser categories as well)
Spoiler for example:

...or a poll with songs just from the lesser categories (B-sides, character songs and other) could also work.
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Old 2012-06-16, 00:47   Link #122
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I'm requesting a thread for K-ON! Covers. People here have the ability to play instruments and since K-ON! is a musical show, some people like to cover the music and showcase their talent. Most covers are either posted in music discussion, videos, or tabs thread, but it's not very unified. A covers thread would allow people to show off their skills, get criticism, and allow us to collaborate much easier.
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Old 2012-10-09, 05:46   Link #123
Yui Is My Wife
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Smile K-On London Pilgrimage Thread Request

So that it won't get mixed up in movie discussions, I request a thread to be made for those (like myself, next May) who wish to discuss plans (accommodation, locations in the film, food, transport, prices, exchange rates, ETC) for a K-On! based trip to London. Help each other out, so to speak.

Pretty please with a cherry on top!
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Old 2012-10-09, 06:30   Link #124
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Could you provide the proposed opening post for such a thread?
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