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Old 2018-07-18, 11:49   Link #4341
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lol is Nemo using a LeMat percussion cap revolver?? damn antique of a gun surprised she can still get the ammo and shotgun ammo for it
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Old 2018-08-14, 12:08   Link #4342
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Volume XXIX - The Shadow Lord's Pact-Espionage releasing on August 25th, the exact 10th anniversary of the series.

Spoiler for Synopsis Translation:

I tried to translate it as best as possible but my Japanese is rusty so some things don't make much sense.
Spoiler for Synopsis Paraphrase:

Spoiler for Cover (notice anything familiar):

Also, the succeeding volume will be numbered XXX! Just a little fun fact.
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Old 2018-08-15, 06:58   Link #4343
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GASP! Did Aria got breast upper!!!?
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Old 2018-08-26, 16:36   Link #4344
kyo gamers
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Old 2018-08-26, 19:09   Link #4345
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Anything recent about Akari or any Amica?
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action, detectives, guns, harem, lolis, mf bunko j, romance, shounen

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