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Old 2006-12-24, 12:45   Link #461
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The parts of Dragonball I read involve a short guy with black spiky hair, a teenage girl, a taller guy with black spiky hair, a talking pig, and a flying cat.

I suppose things change (for better or for worse) as the series goes on.
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Old 2006-12-25, 22:37   Link #462
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Originally Posted by Nergol View Post
KgNE had stellar production values, but its moral values were more questionable. The leads didn't act a bit Japanese - none of the self-restraint, modesty, thought for others, or Confucian sense of shame that I like in the Japanese and like the depictions of in anime - and that they're quickly losing as a people. Frankly, it felt like something you'd see on the WB.
You'd be suprised, Japanese people are human too and not all of them fit the stereotypical super-straight Japanese person. More often than not, of all the Japanese people I've spoken to personally and have met, they don't fit half the Japanese mold in animes.

On the upside with KimiBozo, Akane is quite the cutie. Which brings us to Akane Maniax. Come on now - are you really telling me that with a stellar character like Akane to work with and a rich background from a popular established series, that AkaMani is the best sequel you could have come up with? And on top of all that, there's precious little Akane actually in the series - the whole thing focuses on monkey boy Gouda.
This would be simply a misconception problem with the viewer. Akane Maniax is not a sequel to KimiNozo, it's a bridge-gap between KimiNozo and MuvLuv. It's also supposed to center on Gouda using Akane as a plot point/device.
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Old 2006-12-26, 00:22   Link #463
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(Sorry gang - Nergistotle moment)

I know. I lived there. But there's something to be said for ideals that people try to live up to. Peoples (maybe I should say - cultures) tend to portray themselves in art the way they want to be seen (especially by themselves) and the way they'd like to live up to. Or at least, that used to be the case. Americans would - or did - want everyone (again, especially themselves) to think they were the John Wayne archetype - tough but fair, respectful of others, intolerant only (but extremely) of injustice, brave, uncomplicated but upright, never one to start fights but never one to run from them, courtly but uninclined to take undeserved crap, and so on. Now, did America always live up to that? Of course not. But the idea was instilled in Americans that they should try, and in trying, they became better people.

It's questionable wether it's a case of a coarser culture not being able to produce ideals that inspire people to be better, or wether the degrading of ideals coarsens a culture. They probably feed off each other. Either way, what do we have now? Brangelina? Paris Hilton? Snoop Dogg? Wouldn't more John Waynes be better, in a culture where kids spend 100 more hours a year in front of (learning from) television than they do in school?

Same in anime. Less Takayukis and Mitsukis, more Reinhard von Lohengramms and Kyoko Otonashis, says I. The portrayal of less ideal characters may be more "realistic", but it may also be self-fulfilling - when people shoot lower, they hit lower.

Anyhow, Nergistotle moment over. As you were.

This would be simply a misconception problem with the viewer. Akane Maniax is not a sequel to KimiNozo, it's a bridge-gap between KimiNozo and MuvLuv. It's also supposed to center on Gouda using Akane as a plot point/device.
It was still bad. Gouda is a dumb character. The whole thing felt disjointed after the seriousness of KimiNozo. And if they didn't mean it to focus on Akane, maybe they should have called it something other than "Akane Maniax". But then again, the legion of loliriffic Akane fanboys out there (and you know who you are) wouldn't have bought an OVA called "Gouda Maniax".
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Old 2006-12-26, 15:37   Link #464
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Originally Posted by Nergol View Post
It was still bad. Gouda is a dumb character. The whole thing felt disjointed after the seriousness of KimiNozo. And if they didn't mean it to focus on Akane, maybe they should have called it something other than "Akane Maniax". But then again, the legion of loliriffic Akane fanboys out there (and you know who you are) wouldn't have bought an OVA called "Gouda Maniax".

Actually, it was based upon the game of the same name, much like KimiNozo was. Mind you, MuvLuv has a wildly different tone than KimiNozo, but is equally loved for it's story in the same way KimiNozo was, Akane Maniax was meant to have the middle-ground allowing fans of KimiNozo a way to move into MuvLuv's theme.

Mind you, the original market for the game still bought Akane Maniax based upon their affection for Akane, despite many knowing that even in the game reaching the Akane main path wasn't really and 'easy' feat. So when the OVA came around, I'm sure the original market was well aware that the series would focus on Gouda's adventures in his Akane fantasies.

So again, this is a misconception based upon someone going into Akane Maniax not understanding it and only carrying the preconception of it being a sequel to KimiNozo.
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Old 2007-03-18, 17:39   Link #465
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I read find the name of this anime thread, and saw Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru and it sounded interesting from the plot so I checked it out....

Saw the first ep and I could tell from that how bad it was so I stopped

One I don't like fan-service, two especially when there is no use for it. This anime was SO pathetic the way they tried to insert the fan-service. It was just really awkward and random and it was a sad sight. The characters with the very forced fan-service made them so crappy, they just acted really strange and unrealistic and stupid.

And the comedy, it was bad.... I didn't laugh, I mean I knew what the jokes were, they just weren't funny. They just tried to pass it off like it was a "good" anime but it's way below average.
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Old 2007-03-18, 18:27   Link #466
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Originally Posted by xxanimefan4_ever View Post
Saw the first ep and I could tell from that how bad it was so I stopped
i sat my way though the whole series and thought it was pretty good...sure its not the best ive seen but the "trap" aspect was you watch through the series you will begin to understand more but its a shame you stopped after ep 1...tho i feel that it is unjust for only one person to label it as crap so maybe its just mainly your opinion ~

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Old 2007-03-20, 19:04   Link #467
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Ugh. I absolutley can't stand anything about Inuyasha. The acting, the art, the story. Ugh. *shudder* I despise it.
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Old 2007-03-20, 19:08   Link #468
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Akane Maniax by far
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Old 2007-03-20, 20:48   Link #469
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I'll admit Otome wasn't that great. I originally watched it because I thought the premise for it sounded good, and then I continued it because I'm really bad about dropping series... I don't remember that much fanservice (cept for maybe a few episodes), so if that's all stopping you from watching it, then pick it back up.

From what I've seen:
For me, I'd say that "My wife is a highschool girl" was probably the worst series. Runner-up was Happy Lesson.

Stuff I couldn't even finish:
Excel Saga, 2x2, FLCL -> I'm not big on this type of humor, not if that is the ONLY thing that makes the viewer want to watch it. Something like School Rumble also has crazy humor at times, but at least that TRIES to have a plot...sorta.
Also didn't finish Gunslinger Girls, but because some people have a fascination with it, it could just be.

Okusama wa Joshikosei -> Probably worse than the stuff I couldn't finish because well... I finished it . Overall I didn't see the point of this series. It centered around the girl fantasizing about sex with her hubby' all the time but not getting it. It had some fan-service (if I can recall) but that couldn't save the series.

Happy Lesson -> If there was comedy in this series, I didn't understand it... Plus no plot, until the third installment (why I watched that far I have no idea) and it just seemed thrown in.

Other Stuff that I didn't like:*** [aka don't wanna do hw so I'm writing this long list...]

Cowboy Beebop: I really didn't see the hype with this series. Was it ok? Yea. And I did like the music... alot. But there was little to no plot and I just didn't see the characters caring enough for each other to interact. I felt no emotion between there interactions.


This could partially be because I think I had just recently watched Outlaw Star, which I liked a lot more.

Da Capo: I remember originally seeing this on anidb and thinking, "Wow, maybe I'll get a really interesting harem". I'll admit it had its moments were I was intrigued (the plot wasn't bad) but I think that I didn't like the lead roles. Also the girl I liked didn't get picked, so maybe that made me sad... (that was a first for me).

Hand Maid May: Sub-par plot and very little fanservice (that I can remember).

Kiddy Grade: I think the first 8 episodes were like bg information? Then the "story" starts. I guess it was somewhat interesting, although, I didn't like how the leads kept


King of Bandit Jing: I'd say this was a bit of action, but mainly "slice of life" as Jing just goes around doing different little mini-adventures. Like most of these, interesting at times, but I kept waiting for some huge plot to unfold, sadly, nothing ever did.

Piano: I used to play piano so I picked it up because of that. I wasn't expecting much when I got this, but I got even less. The ending didn't even feel like an ending! It just sorta stopped...

Someday's Dreamers: First half was really slow, second half was better. I think I expected too much for this series. Plus, I'm a big 'normal' mahou shoujo fan. SD had more of a casual magic stance, which while interesting for a bit, bored me after a while. Needless to say I do stay away from slice-of-life series. I still need to finish Aria though...

To Heart: See Da Capo, except less of a plot, and the characters just seem thrown in.

*** Note: This is just personal preference, no flames please

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Old 2007-03-21, 00:32   Link #470
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I have maybe a couple

Sokou No Strain: AIIIIIIEEE... Oh wait false alarm, I haven't been lynched yet. the reason why is that I felt they completely botched the most important part of the series, that being Ralph's development and motivations and Sara and the other characters interactions, which were at best forced along a predetermined course that looped around a couple times.

Shuffle! Aside from the all but unbearable soundtrack and goofy scripts for each episode I could swear Liathansius (sp?) and Nerine were the exact same character only with different hair colour and neither were written too well. I basically finished this one up by Wiki plot summaries and Episode Summaries. Two redeeming values are Kaede's arc and Primula.

Gundam Seed Destiny The first experience I have ever had with a series that consisted of mostly flashbacks to Seed with random narration often loosely fitting the images on screen, and a clip show every 8 or so episodes that resulted in having to view all the flashbacks yet again. If Fukuda and the Wife wanted to kill my favourite franchise they came as close as anybody will probably ever come.

God Mars This is honestly one of the most boring and repetitive Super Robot Series I think I have ever seen and it makes Getter Robo and Mazinger Z look fresh with each episode by comparsion. That and a lot of scenes are animated merely with sliding frames or stills to show off the special moves. No wonder they were able to stretch it out so darn long eh. It's probably the only robot series I've ever gotten bored with so quickly. The most criminal aspect though is that it has the potential to be one of the most interesting robot series of the 80's with the story of Takeru and Marg, The Space Arc and The Cosmo Teams trust in Takeru, but they insisted on squandering it with that darn monster of the week formula again.

That's about all the wit and spite I can come up with for a couple of my most reviled series.
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Old 2007-03-21, 00:42   Link #471
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One Piece

I'd probably use it as my dogs chew toy instead of a frisbee.

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Old 2007-03-21, 00:57   Link #472
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Inuyasha, and I will probably get flamed but I did not like Evangelion so much. Maybe because I was little when I watched and did not understand the plot and ending....I still don't.
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Old 2007-03-23, 21:37   Link #473
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Evangelion, I dont get why people think highly of it so much? I thought it sucked.

Inuyasha-It got too long and tiresome. Unlike One Piece IMO which still keeps a good story, even after over 400 manga chs and 300 eps.

Happy Lesson-No plot at all. Not even any character development.
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Old 2007-03-23, 22:31   Link #474
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Originally Posted by cindialai View Post
I didn't like Hellsing.. don't understand why people like it so much, it was so confusing. Beyblade.. that really sucked. Monster rancher.. too many to name. but there is no anime that I hate just don't like.
I must agree, Hellsing is one of the worst animes i have seen. The Ultimate series i like, the manga i like too, but the anime I DONT.

Originally Posted by Esperchld View Post
Evangelion is the worst anime that deserves to be used as a frisbee. There are much lower anime, but they aren't short enough that I would even bother to burn (Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, ect...) (keeping in mind that when most of these were floating around as digisubs I could get 15 to a CD (Evangelion included)).

However, I prefer to put the CDs in the microwave than throw them around.
Evangelion falls in this category too, but only because of the awful two last episodes. I got all (confused) while watching them, and i dont know anyone who has seen it and understood what it was about.

Originally Posted by Hiroshi View Post
I never really liked Final Fantays Unlimited, .hack//SIGN and Ghost in the Shell
Hack sign, AWFUL!!! (I dont even need to explain it)

Originally Posted by Xiandu View Post
Hmm, anime's i hate. Inu Yasha is horribly overrated along with HnG. Sister Princess is boring and just plain disturbing. ....... Ikkitousen was such a let down and i agree the plot could have been something pretty good.
InuYasha. same reason that evangelion, the end was crap. I dotn remember quite well what exactly is said at the end of the last episode but it said something along the lines of:

"We will continue to fight on till the end against naraku"

and then in the screen appears:


I looked plain stupid to me, and this wasnt the reason i disliked it i just felt it worth mentioning, the reason is that it had no real END, the series was simply CUT.

Hikaru no Go i like it very much, i dont like chess nor Go, but it was very entertaining and interesting, i have already watched it like 6 or 7 times.

Originally Posted by juri_miki View Post
I didn't like Evanegelion, but I don't consider it to be one of the worst out there. For all of you naming shows that you have obviously seen only English dubbed, I suggest checking out the subbed and unaltered original, before making such judgements. You might really like it. Anyways, here are some shows that were, undoubtedly, pieces of shit and wastes of budget:

Voogie's Angels- Yeah someone said it before, but how in the hell did that crap make it to animation? That was like the worst crap ever. After the crap popped on I knew that I wasn't watching anymore.

Tobira O Akete (Open the Door) - What a sad excuse for an animated movie. Talk about one of the worst endings ever.

Green Green OVA - Man I'm so glad I started out with the show first and not the OVA. That junk was traumatizing.

Weiss Kruez - The first one was awful. Even though I watched it for the sake of being a fangirl, it was just terrible. Je-Bus.

Angel of Darkness)- Typical hentai about tentacle creatures in outer space. Wasn't even entertaining.

Violinist of Hamelin OVA - I heard the show was much better, but the OVA was horrifying.

X the Movie - I can't believe how they turned such a complicated and involved story into 1 hour of torture. Blech.

Sin Sisters - Another really hentai. Not sure it was the right name, but pointless and boring.
Green Green and the OVA. OMG, i want to PUKE!!!!!
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Originally Posted by azupanda View Post
One Piece

I'd probably use it as my dogs chew toy instead of a frisbee.
I hope this statement was made in corelation with the One Peice that airs on 4kids . The orignal and the 4kids versions are quite diffrent
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Old 2007-03-25, 00:43   Link #476
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the worst over here is POKEMON, it was cool at first but it became repetitive and overplayed after a while...
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Old 2007-03-25, 02:39   Link #477
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Originally Posted by Lothar Lightbringer View Post
How dare you say this about Sailor Moon. I personally like Sailor Moon. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but this thread is full of bad language...
Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion (and is free to say Sailor Moon sucks, as is someone who likes it to say that they like it), and I too say that Sailor Moon is garbage. And what the hell does this thread being full of bad language have to do with anything?

Also, I detest Bleach, Inuyasha, Pokemon, all the hypes, or the majority of them anyway.
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Old 2007-03-25, 03:03   Link #478
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Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, DBZ.
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Old 2007-03-25, 04:58   Link #479
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Digimon, Beyblade, F-Zero, Crash Gear, Hamutarou, Onegai Melody. I find Inuyasha okay. I know it's been on for like a millions of years now but I've seen worse animes
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Old 2007-03-25, 18:32   Link #480
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don't say nothing about sailor moon if all you've seen is the american dub that aired on cartoon network, one of the worst butcherings.......
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