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Old 2012-03-01, 23:26   Link #81
Hiroshi Amearai
Nuclear Fusion
Join Date: May 2010
So I guess the next episode is flash back. Then the 21st episode is about how Shu invade the HQ, Final episode will be Shu vs Gai and how it end. But what about the 2nd Void user? That guy's just... too random...
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Old 2012-03-01, 23:30   Link #82
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Hiroshi Amearai View Post
So I guess the next episode is flash back. Then the 21st episode is about how Shu invade the HQ, Final episode will be Shu vs Gai and how it end. But what about the 2nd Void user? That guy's just... too random...
His story will probably be explained in Visual Novel. However as its prequel then it will only explain who and what he is. Or maybe not who knows, we can get some epilogue with him talking about voids and their power. Then he gets into his alien ship and leave earth with all the voids power, saying that earth isn't ready for ascension into higher beings.
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Old 2012-03-01, 23:31   Link #83
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Originally Posted by IceEdelweiss View Post
Spoiler for Answers:
Spoiler for preview:
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Old 2012-03-01, 23:33   Link #84
Senior Member
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Mhuaaa just as expected
Originally Posted by zero7090 View Post
somehow i feel in the end they will pull a twist like gai, inori and mugi son/relative surprise sacrifice and become good guys in the end of the series.

Scarface is so FABULOUS this ep. May be the best antagonist of the year i dare say.

btw i just remember something about the OP
Spoiler for Specular about OP:
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Old 2012-03-01, 23:39   Link #85
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Originally Posted by blakstealth View Post
Badass episode. Shu's finally becoming what everyone's been asking for since episode 1.
Agreed. Shu was a wishy washy whiny bitch in the beginning and now he looks a freaking boss.
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Old 2012-03-01, 23:40   Link #86
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Pretty spectacular rebirth for Shu, complete with his new crystal arm. Shame such power also comes with hefty drawbacks, but dealing with Apocalypse cancer is when Inori can also shine so maybe not everything is lost yet.

For next week, one thing I didn't like is having another flashback episode at this point of the story, with only three episodes remaining. Sure, more info about the past is always nice but I want Shu to go all out and rescue Inori already.
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Old 2012-03-02, 00:07   Link #87
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2012
Originally Posted by mechalord View Post
Spoiler for preview:
Spoiler for Theory:
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Old 2012-03-02, 00:12   Link #88
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Ontario, Canada
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The official 4koma is actually pretty good this time around, though I'd advise only checking it out after watching the ep already.

I do wonder how much room these flashbacks will leave for the story that's supposed to be forthcoming in the VN, though.
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Old 2012-03-02, 00:19   Link #89
Deploying Funnel Cakes
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Originally Posted by IceEdelweiss View Post
Spoiler for Theory:
Spoiler for theory:
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Old 2012-03-02, 00:59   Link #90
Working the bags...
Join Date: Mar 2009
Whether it happens or not it wouldn't surprise me if Shou bought the farm in the end. He's been the show's punching bag after all. Although like others pointed, it'll probably be Inori who cancels that payment for the farm...
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Old 2012-03-02, 01:26   Link #91
Senior Member
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So it's the return of the best song in anime this year and also the best Guilty Crown episode since forever.

A few thoughts
Spoiler for spoiler:
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Old 2012-03-02, 01:52   Link #92
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
I'm getting a feeling that both Arisa and Souta are going to survive in the end. After the Gai fight everyone will just 'Oh thank you Shu!' without even feeling sorry. That's what I get from this episode. When Arisa found out what is Gai's motive she's going to be repent suddenly and take up the Kuhoin family again.

As the next episode is about flashback they better explain why Haruka is doing all those evil things during that school arc. Love how Shu completely ignores everyone else except Ayase and Haruka. At least he knows who's the person who always support him (even Haruka in her nonsensical way about the burden of the king).
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Old 2012-03-02, 02:07   Link #93
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
First of all shu won't die - foreshadowed in ep.
As for his Void hand and void database- it was already discussed and pointed out by many members in previous threads.

Shu also is Kurosu son, Mana is Haruka daughter.

Mana is older than Shu (unless they retcon that), Kurosu married Haruka while Shu was around 3-6 or so, Mana needs to be someone else child not blood related to Shu or Kurosu.
More on that in the ep 20 preview and spoiler thread.
Mana was infected by void virus, most likely she was tested in the lab while Haruka was goody goody with Shu. (in Triton story ep you see Mana getting many tests while she had cancer on her face)
How did you get these stuff? Have all these information been revealed already? If so, then I probably should have paid more attention to the show.
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Old 2012-03-02, 02:12   Link #94
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Finally Shu takes void from himself, we all was waiting for that, although a bit early as I predicted it will be last epi.
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Old 2012-03-02, 02:24   Link #95
Join Date: Dec 2006
Eh~ Scarface just died?
So what was the point of him anyways? Just so there can be a crazy character in the anime? I just can't see the point of him being... him, I guess.
Pity the only decent character in this anime died though... GUTS also died, after all...

Episode content? What content? The space between me and my laptop was more solid.

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Old 2012-03-02, 02:36   Link #96
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Guilty Crown might not always make that much sense, but I have to admit that the kid in me simply loved this episode.

Segai did a great theatrical villain here. Even The Joker would have been proud of Segai's performance here!

And as for Shu's big moment, contrived though it might be, it truly rocked. After watching Segai be a brutal, cocky, merciless, and theatrical villain the entire episode, to have Shu show up to put Segai down once and for all (I think) was pretty rewarding.

I really liked how everything came together in this episode. Lots of great reveals, lots of excellent moments of drama and suspense, lots of great action movie-style magic.

Guilty Crown has its flaws, but man, does it have a sense for dramatic timing and style!

9/10 for Episode 19.
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Old 2012-03-02, 02:58   Link #97
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Originally Posted by ipodi View Post
How did you get these stuff? Have all these information been revealed already? If so, then I probably should have paid more attention to the show.

Currently no.. It's an open interpretation. So it's up to you how you can "forecast" the story. The best starting point might be come from little details across the episode.. But the easiest to be found out I think is from the opening song theme (the everlasting guilty crown)..

As I interpret the opening theme like this:

-Inori wakes up.. in a city full of a crystals -> the initial conditions where apocalypse occured

-Inori walks in the class -> Inori's presence change the destiny of whole students in the highschool (as all starts when Shu met Inori)

-Scene where Shu is surrounded by crystals and then Inori come, destroying all crystals -> Shu got the motivation and power from Inori

-The King's Arms -> this episode

-Scene when Inori tried to kiss Shu but suddenly she woke up alone at the flower field -> well this is ur time to interpret this. As for my interpretation, well.. The world is back to normal, to peaceful day.. But as Inori woke up alone, that means.. well.. yeah.. shu's absence..
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Old 2012-03-02, 03:16   Link #98
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
So we finally find out what Shu's void is. Damn good episode and im glad i was wrong about Haruka dying this episode from the preview. Segai wasn't a bad villian and in the end, he died happy. Shu's fate tho in the end doesn't look good for him. Nice speech he gave to his mom.
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Old 2012-03-02, 03:33   Link #99
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Let me get this straight.

Two episodes ago Shu gets toppled down from his high horse through the rebellion schemed by Alisa's betrayal and the rest of the students' hatred at him for being a tyrant to them. Then, Shu gets his Void Genome and arm literally ripped-off by Gai MK II

The previous episode Shu was wallowing himself in self-pity looking at videos from the past, before everything went fucked up.

Now, this episode Shu steels himself and rises taking the last Void Genome to obtain the Arm Void King, which literally has HAXXed his powers to gather everything around him.

Joker was seriously fucked up, but it's incredible he died a death worthy of his desires.

The same I cannot say for the countless of civilians that have been massacred by G.H.Q., the Anti-Bodies, Daath, and those students dying from the Apocalypse virus because their Voids got crushed, or ordinary citizens dying from the Virus, as well as those killed during the First Lost Christmas and the Second Lost Christmas incidents.
BTW, speaking about deaths, Funeral Parlor is quickly running out of members: Argo got shot and hope he doesn't bite the bucket aftewards, Ogumo got done by Joker, and if luck bodes badly likely Shibungi will attempt to fulfill his death wish to kill Gai but failing to do so.
Not mentioning that Gai was resurrected by Daath to be their King.
That points out that only the cute girls of Funeral Parlor might be surviving once this is over.

Spoiler for Haruka:
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Old 2012-03-02, 03:44   Link #100
Cosmic Eagle
Join Date: Jan 2009
A moment of silence please for the passing of the guy with the most personality in the show....

Why you take souta's cancer Shoe!? I understand making up with Haruka but WTH....souta...that idiot was partly responsible for killing Hare....'s brother is like 30 years her senior....

Nice music though...Bios is always win

す べ て の 想 い に  巡 り 来 る 祝 福 を
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