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View Poll Results: Nisemonogatari - Episode 02 Rating
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9 out of 10 : Excellent 30 25.00%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 29 24.17%
7 out of 10 : Good 9 7.50%
6 out of 10 : Average 3 2.50%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 0.83%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 2 1.67%
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Old 2012-01-14, 16:25   Link #21
Daniel Lind
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Oh right, Crunchyroll did end up screwing up that Dekaranger joke.
Oh well!
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Old 2012-01-14, 16:42   Link #22
Kana Hanazawa ♥
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: France
Age: 32
"I will not have impure thoughts about Sengoku's body"

WHY? Why do you sexually harass elementary school girls and yet are trying your hardest to resist the tremendous sex appeal of the jailbait who is almost begging to get loved tenderly by you (she was sending the clearest signals EVER)? Damnit. I have to commend his willpower though. I thought it was impossible to resist Nadeko's advances (she really knows her stuff), but he proved me wrong.

I feel bad for Nadeko. She pushes herself very hard to seduce him but all of her attempts are probably doomed to fail. She doesn't deserve this ;_; Her extreme cuteness and her apparent innocence appears to be backfiring on her.

Anyway, Nadeko was more endearing than ever in this episode. Her answer when Araragi questioned her about her hair style was painfully adorable (and that angelic smile ).

I was disappointed they cut the twister game out, especially considering how delicious the little we saw was. Her mother unexpectedly came back right when they were about to get to the best part too. Speaking of which, I loved seeing Nadeko all panicked. That was such a sharp contrast compared to her previous seductive and dominating attitude.

And I'll say it again: twister = best game ever. If you have the right opponents, that is.

Originally Posted by sikvod00 View Post
Good Lord. Kanon is going to implode from all the lovely Nadeko scenes this episode.
You know me so well. It might actually be a good thing the twister game was cut short, otherwise I'm not sure I would still be alive. My chest is still hurting.

Ok, on to the rest of the episode now.

The main heroine of this arc, Karen, finally appears. I like her energetic and aggressive personality. The work I'd use to describe her is "cool". Her conversation with her brother was very amusing, but then again, isn't that the case for all the conversations in Nisemonogatari?

Kanbaru's segment was hilarious. The dynamic between her and Araragi never fail to entertain me. Those two have good chemistry. I laughed so hard when Araragi's hair turned into Mayoi while he was getting abused. Now he knows how that feels like. However, I somehow doubt he'll be able to keep his new resolution for long.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2012-01-14, 16:52   Link #23
Corpse in Pieces
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Canada/Ontario
Age: 26
Send a message via MSN to Miyuki-ism
The part with Karen was great. Say cool things in silly positions.

And now Araragi knows how Hachikuji feels, muhahaha.
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Old 2012-01-14, 18:06   Link #24
One-Eyed Dragon
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: NJ, USA
Karen OP was great. Liked the ED as well. Karen's personality is awesome.

Loled pretty hard when she bolted the door. She was trying so hard to seduce Koyomi.

Kanbaru's part was the best part for me. Wasn't ready for her being completely naked. Now he knows how Hachikuji feels. That was so funny.
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Old 2012-01-14, 18:26   Link #25
fushigi ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2011
Karen showing off her kata at the beginning
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Old 2012-01-14, 18:32   Link #26
Awe of She
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Orlando
...I seriously want to see that Twister game...

Ugu, I don't know if I could have handled both Nadeko AND Kanbaru in one day... Araragi is a brave soul.

"Aren't you glad that I'm not having perverted thoughts about you, Nadeko?"

... Must have gotten some tips from Natsuru and Ichika I see...
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."

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Old 2012-01-14, 19:31   Link #27
Hiroi Sekai
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Age: 27
Damn it, this show is without a doubt the best for me this season. Karen's such a bloody badass it hurts.
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Old 2012-01-14, 19:35   Link #28
Guess what time it is?
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Age: 33
If the conversations in Bakemonogatari were verbal games of chess, then a Nisemonogatari conversations are full-contact grappling. They aren't just trying to one-up one another anymore, they're angling for the submission. Literally, in Kanbaru's case.

I really love the dynamic Araragi has with his sisters. The two girls fit many of the patterns of the other Bakemonogatari cast, but the family dynamic puts all three of them in a situation where it's hard to BS each other without setting off alarm bells. Araragi's insight into his sisters' tendencies gives him a certain leg up on them, but it works both ways.

Moving on to the elephant in the room: How the crap did Nadeko manage to fix the Twister spinner so that they ended up in THAT position? I let out one barking "HAH!" when Nadeko bolted the door. This show is so great at saying so much with less than a dozen frames of animation. She also does a great Shaft hair-flip.

Maybe it's just me, but Nadeko's bit unfolded in a way that I would classify as the opposite of how her previous scenes have gone: In Bake, she would usually begin a scene irresistibly adorable, and then slowly transition into something more uncomfortably sensual, and seductive. In this episode, she's a (very dangerous) pretty young thing from the start, but in the end, she's squeaking and babbling cutely out of fear that her mother might catch her wearing precisely the outfit she picked out to show Araragi. D'awww.

Araragi chivalrously pledges not to do anything untoward to the sweet, innocent Nadeko. Just think, if only he'd invert his stances on how he treats Mayoi and Nadeko, there would be two less vexed girls in the world.

Meanwhile, Araragi discovers that the best way to troll Kanbaru is to insinuate that she isn't really that much of a pervert. It backfires spectacularly, but not before he gets to enjoy his brief victory. I know that the shovel in Kanbaru's room is intended as symbolism, but let's explore the two reasons it might actually be there:

1) Kanbaru's room is filled with such varied refuse and bric-a-brac that a shovel is not out of place enough to warrant a mention, or
2) Kanbaru and Araragi have determined that they will require such an implement of destruction in order to tackle the Sisyphean task of cleaning her room.

Really, are either of those two scenarios that far outside of the realm of possibility?

Karen's OP is great, and fits nicely with the pattern of catchy character song OPs for the series. Meanwhile the Claris song used in the ED has been growing on me since it was first used in the previews. Overall, I'm happy with the series so far, but I'm itching for them to get into the meat of the Karen Bee story. I assume Tsubasa is still owed a moment in the sun, though.

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Old 2012-01-14, 21:01   Link #29
Monarch of Rughzenhaide
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Australia
Send a message via AIM to Pocari_Sweat Send a message via MSN to Pocari_Sweat
Nisemonogatari... more like fanservicegatari

I lost count in how many gratuitous fanservice shots there were in this ep. From Nadeko trying so desperately to seduce Araragi to Karen athletics with shots taken between her legs to Kanbaru being stark naked with the camera focused on her ass only to have books in the way. I know Bake had a fair few fanservice shots itself, but I don't remember it being this frequent... or maybe my memory of that series is fuzzy

Dialogue is still great (albeit largley irrelevant to the plot), and some characters like Tsubasa and Shinobu haven't made appearances yet so I'm expecting them in the future. Not sure when the plot is gonna move forward, but then again this is not a show you watch for plot .

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Old 2012-01-14, 21:35   Link #30
Professional Hikkikomori
Join Date: Feb 2009
For the people who thought Shaft cut the twister's not true. Everything shown in the episode was it. The chapter ended on Nadeko inviting him to play and then the next chapter started with her mom coming back home.
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Old 2012-01-14, 22:29   Link #31
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Sorry but.. what exactly is Ou-sama Game?

Great episode,the best! But I wanted more nadeko...
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Old 2012-01-14, 23:05   Link #32
Art Block Specialist
Join Date: Jun 2007
it's like what they said in the show, the chosen king put out demands on one other person and the recipient has to obey no matter what.
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Old 2012-01-14, 23:12   Link #33
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Very good episode. I love the new OP cause it characterizes Karen a lot. It shows her intensity as a character. I'm pretty happy in her introduction cause it shows that she's got spunk. It also shows that she got her brother's wit and intent to help others. So I hope that there is more Karen in this series cause I'm loving her character.

The reintroduction of Sengoku is pretty decent for her character. I never really liked her arc in Bakemonogatari cause after watching the whole arc it made me feel... dirty. But nonetheless her arc is apparently pretty important for this series since it seems like the "charm" is on the loose soon. At least they are giving Sengoku more chances to show courage when she is seducing Koyomi. But nonetheless, I get a dirty feeling when shes on my screen.

Reintroducing Kanburu was pretty interesting and fun. Unfortunately I couldn't pay close attention to her dialogue as I'm pretty sick, but her characterization is pretty fun and witty. Although I appreciate the fanservice, I kinda wish there was another dimension to her character which for this series is one of its features (the characterization of all the characters). But that's just my taste. Anywho, the last joke was hilarious. I had to rewind it back a couple of times to just to analysis the whole scene. That was one of the most funniest things I've seen in an anime in a long time. What goes around comes around Araragi.

I'm giving this episode a 9/10. Very good episode with a great OP and a pretty decent ED. I like the song of the ED but not really the whole wheel of characters (probably because I'm sick and watching that gave me a headache)
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Old 2012-01-14, 23:14   Link #34
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2012
Originally Posted by taichi-kun View Post
Sorry but.. what exactly is Ou-sama Game?

Great episode,the best! But I wanted more nadeko...
King's game. If you ever played Persona 4, they play this when they are in the nightclub.

Wiki says:
"King game

Japanese: ōsama gēmu (王様ゲーム?)

All participants must draw pieces of paper, of which one is labeled as the "king." Similar to the American game of truth or dare, the king gets to give out orders to any member of the group to which they must follow. After the order is carried out the pieces of paper are drawn again and a new king is appointed.[11]"
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Old 2012-01-15, 00:08   Link #35
Awe of She
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Orlando
^ Needless to say, it's prone to get 'dirty' really fast...
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."
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Old 2012-01-15, 00:40   Link #36
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
oh thanks! Nadeko really chose very well the game to get dirty.It's a pity for her that they didn't play it
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Old 2012-01-15, 01:16   Link #37
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Are all the little details Shaft animates in the background or character actions mentioned in the novel as well, or is it just added in?

Like Sengoku bolting the door, or in episode one, where Araragi throws the remote(?) and his sister tries to reach for it and falls over.
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Old 2012-01-15, 01:20   Link #38
I kill you
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: In your brain
It was very funny episode. This is currently one of the only things that gives me joy of life. Kanbaru! Ero kawaii!

And... that ending... SHAFTGASM!
If anyone attacks Shaft
I will be there to defend it to death.
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Old 2012-01-15, 01:33   Link #39
Working the bags...
Join Date: Mar 2009
Now I know where that Nadeko and Araragi Twister doujinshi I seen awhile back comes from...

Also Kanburu looks alot better with longer hair and the naked part as well...

Not sure how this all relates to Karen, but I guess it's only two episode in...
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Old 2012-01-15, 01:45   Link #40
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2008
I respect Araragi's self control. Even if Senjougahara ended up killing him for cheating on her.
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