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Old Yesterday, 16:19   Link #34161
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Sucks that summer rerun happens before LB6. Now I can't try as much as I would have on summer Tomoe gacha and gotta pray to rng gods even more.
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Old Yesterday, 19:37   Link #34162
Wandering Soul
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For me it's really between Ryoma and Arash's. Tristan and Salieri take too many liberties near the end and I don't really like how Jalter's brings the cameraman into it at the last minute.
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Old Today, 01:39   Link #34163
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
I voted for Ryouma's in the end. It can be easily combined with Arash's, though, so I hope it will be. (OTOH, the "twist" really only works for viewers who know Ozy and Arash...)
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Old Today, 03:26   Link #34164
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I voted for Jalter, because she'll burn our asses if we don't

E: I love it how I keep reading, that the Tamamo we see in the CCC Garden game is actually Amaterasu, but every translation I see leaves room for her actually just being 9 Tails Tamamo.

That being said: What I have yet to see is people realizing that Fluffy-Tails actually qualifies for a Grand Caster Graph... (I wonder, how many tails could a GC-Graph manage?)
Those who forget about the past are condemned to repeat it - Santayana

Sidenote: I'm seemingly too dumb for my current keyboard, so if you see the same character twice in a row, when it doesn't belong there just ignore it.

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Old Today, 14:03   Link #34165
The Mage of Four Hearts
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Voted for Arash. His idea was simple, but it had the most organic ending.

Illusion, illusion, this is illusion. It cannot harm me.
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Old Today, 14:14   Link #34166
150% done
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I went for Tristan since I'm a sucker for meta stuff.
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Old Today, 15:12   Link #34167
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Sailieri's and Jeanne Alter are the ones most far off the actual plot, yes. Though they are all wrong
Spoiler for "spoiler" for the event? 'I dearly love your future':

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