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I'll try to rip those photos for you.
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Old 2012-02-03, 11:52   Link #482
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did they release an english patch for the game?
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Heyz, how is the translation for this game coming along? :P
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Old 2017-02-09, 09:25   Link #484
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Incoming heavy duty necromancy.


Anyway as someone who came late to the party (I found Nanoha less than a year ago) I have gotten to the point where I have started playing the PSP games in the emulator. Even though I don't know Japanese

The first one is okay. It's not particulary deep and I feel like range focused characters have a definite advantage, to the point where while playing on the Nanoha's part the only characters that gave me trouble are Zafira (because his auto guard blocks a lot of my shots and he has the skills to force me to fight close to him) and Reinforce can be annoying since she has quick cast beams that can track you even through dodges. This might be a artifact of the AI not being the smartest tool in the toolbox, which is probably exemplified by Signum who is ruined by it. Signum has a lot of short to medum ranged attacks, BUT the AI seems not to be able to understand that her attacks have an actual range, so she will happily continue spamming attacks that have no way in hell of reaching me.

By now I have completed 4 paths and I have lost not once. Then again I was playing as the Aces and Rein where I could exploit ranged shenanigans. Considering that I'm terrible in melee (I have the reflexes of a dead horse) it's likely going to be more difficult going with some of the other chars.

By contrast I tried to play the second game and had my shit ruined in the first fight.

Then again I don't mind the game being easy, I like curb stomping my foes.

Anyway seeing as we do have translations of the three Aces's routes and no translation patch I was looking into the possibility of modding in the translation. No luck I'm afraid so far. The links to the tools that Chinese community used and that were being offered are now dead. I have tried figuring out the file system on my own, and using resources form the net I have figured out how to extract the files containing the dialogue, or at least where I think it is (I can see the talk in English (Rising Heart) but the Japanese is not using Unicode or Ascii). The trouble is that while there are unpackers for pac and lzs compressed files there is no packer that would put the file bakc together from modified file. So bummer there.

Spoiler for How to uncompress Battle of the Aces *.pac files:

Seeing as that route is closed I decided to at least provide subtitles for the cutscenes in video form and this is the first result.
The prologie and stage 1 on Nanoha's path
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Old 2017-02-11, 09:22   Link #485
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The rest of the Nanoha's path subtitled
Stage 2-4 -Dark Piece Signum, Dark Piece Zafira, Dark Piece Shamal, Revi/Levi, Dark Piece Hayate
Stage 5 (The Will of the Book of Darkness and Stern/Starlight Destroyer) + End

Stage 2-4
I only really read the translation as I was adding the subs and couple of things surprised me. For example since I did not know what Shamal was saying to me before I finished recording, I learned too late about her situation and her possible post battle dialogue. As is I trounced her ridiculously since her AI is terrible, but after I learned that she knows that you DESTROYED her only friends (Dark Piece Shamal has memories of Shamal from before Hayate), and now understandably wants revenge and is willing to give it her best shot to defeat Nanoha. But since I trounced her handily in the end on top of the anguish of loosing what she considered her only family, she was not able to do ANYTING against and has FAILED her companions. Had I known that I might have gone easier on her and let her do some damage to me at least so she is somewhat content.

The standout is Hayate, who completely no sells the entire angst thing that Dark Peaces have and is just as happy as the real one and only wants a practice match with Nanoha. And since I bungled that match through overconfidence and she nearly ripped my/Nanoha's face in melee she is happy for it. Nanoha even doesn't have the stomach to tell her that she is not real.

In general it seems that this game is another supplemental material that does more and better Hayate than the main continuity.

Stage 5+E
First off the Nanoha/Stern contains some of the worst translation. I am grateful for he effort and you can get the gist of what supposedly was being said in Japanese, the usual Nanoha's spiel about understanding being important to the point that it's okay to fight if it leads to it and that she has the power to change things by blowing stuff up, but it's still head scratching at times. I was debating changing those lines along the lines of what I thought they were supposed to say but abstained since I don't know Japanese and would be changing the meaning based on a secondary a bit unreliable source.

The battle with Reinforce reminded me of how annoying it is to fight her. She is not really that strong, they explain it in the background by her slowly loosing her powers as she is transferring her power to Hayate, and this one I fight is a bit of a cheap knock off the Darkness of the Book of Darkness made. What is annoying with her are her really quick cast beams that tend to be able to keep tracking you even through dodges. As can be seen in the video she has hit me multiple times right at the end of my dodge animation. That really should not happen. Also I lost to her one match by being overconfident and trying to end the match fancy like with an SLB. When I god shot down initially I thought it was some bullshit because I was certain my beam blocked her beam. But upon reviewing the footage I see that what got me was the beam from her orb which I did not notice.

Reinforce dialogue was nice, and the part with Stern while not being as good as I thought it might be was still the birthplace of a a nice good frienemity. Also this quote by Nanoha is nice:

"I had to shoot out their sadness with my magic." - When you have a hammer ...

Also from the previous one:

"Yuuno-kun's words are always easy to understand, and makes me feel better...... so I'm glad!" - because most of his explanations and suggestions to you involve words like attack, hit, defeat, destroy, annihilate and such. And it's a reference to a part in A's I think where Yunno is explaining to Nanoha how to wake the Book of Darknes's master and Nanoha is visibly aprehensive that it's going to be complicated and then he explains that she needs to hit the Book REALLY hard and she cheers up since that's simple for her.

I'm likely to try doing Hayate again since she should have most interest in this incident. I did Nanoha first because I like her and it is MGL Nanoha, but Hayate should be really interesting.

One question for 0,5 persons who might have watched this thing. How are subtitles? Readable, unreadable? Should I keep trying to show Japanese subtitles too as I have been doing or simply pave over them which would actually be simpler for me?
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Old 2017-02-26, 19:51   Link #486
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It seems I forgot to mention it here, but I have subtitled (using translations made by fans from this thread) the other two paths too, so now all three paths can be found on this shnazzy playlist:

MGLN A's Portable The Battle of Aces - English subtitles

Anyway I have figured out the format in which the subtitles are kept in the BoA and how to read them. I previously talked about how to get the files (quick bms -> add_pac -> lzs), so now I should say that the actual subtitle files (story_na_prologue.asm as an example) are encoded using Shift-JIS encoding. They can be easily viewed (after being unpacked (add_pac) and decompressed (LZS)) by changing their extension to txt for example, then they can be opened in a program which allows you to choose the encoing. Firefox can do this via the old menu (Alt) View -> Text Encoding -> Japanese (Shift-JIS).

I have also been playing with the idea of using my general knowledge of the plot/lore and characters, to attempt a translation of Zafira's path, since that could be fun considering he gets to fight all of the Wolkenritter and ALL of the Materials. I have had some success and this is what was translated so far. The trouble is I don't really know Japanese so this might as well be as close to the actual plot as an abridged version.
I might post it here to see if anyone is interested to do basic editing to tell me my mistakes before I put it on a video. But I'll first need to ckeck some problematic sections using the new way of getting subtitles straight from the files.

I have also been messing with the Gears of Destiny. Long story short, that game is unlikely to ever be fan patched since EACH stage has a separate font file/encoding that does not fit any of the known encoding. So while I know exactly where the subtitle text is, I can not decode it since the encoding is unknown. More on my ADVENTURES in trying to figure out how Gears of Destiny store the data HERE.
I have been OCR-ing the text from GoD using KanjiTomo and was able to translate the prologue and the first fight in the first stage. So it's possible, but it will be a painstacking process.
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Old 2017-02-27, 17:45   Link #487
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I'm putting this here because... someone might be interested and might be able to corect my mistakes.

This is essentially a non Japanese speaker's attempt at translating Zafira's path in The Battle of Aces game:

Spoiler for Zafira: Prologue:

Spoiler for Zafira: Stage 1:
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Old 2017-02-28, 16:18   Link #488
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Spoiler for Zafira - Stage 2 translation:

By the time of Stern's fight I start using a dictionary to check on meanings so th quality should improve.
Also I love her extremely polite request for him to be consumed by her to help the Darkness grow.
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Old 2017-03-02, 18:55   Link #489
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Spoiler for Zafira - Stage 3:

This one presented some challenges, especially with the speacihifying between Zafira and King, since according to the dictionaries practically every word she uses to adress him can be either interpreted as a pronoun OR as an insult (wretch).

Also some of the word compositions are probably some form of phrase that have double meanings or something since going by the dictionary or Google Translate they make no sense.

For example: 何故我が魔導が通じぬ!? is translated by GTranslate as Why can not my mage lead me!? Errrr, what? Now taken slightly out of context and if we make the assumption that GTranslate fucked up the relation between the words I could change that into Why my mage are you not following me? But that would be a loose translation. Also, do you really think Dearche would call Zafira a mage, and the term for mages is madoshi not mado. So I'm thinking the word is magic and not mage. Other words are simple Naze - why/how, waga - my, mado - magic, but the last one seemingly doesn't fit.
The translations for 通じ that I could find were thing like bowel movement!, evacuation, understanding?!, and eliminate. Oh and the last character is a negation apparently.
While translating it as "Why could my magic shit you" and the Zafira's response as My body is steel, it cannot be shat! would definitely amuse me I highly doubt that is the meaning. So of all of the possibilities on offer I went with elimination and translated it as: "Why couldn't my magic eliminate you?!" as the least of the bad choces.
Although there is a possibility that the actual meaning is understanding, but since it's Dearche, it's not friendly understanding but about forcing someone to your point of view since Dearche is all about people following her.

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Old 2017-03-04, 12:34   Link #490
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I'm marking sections I'm especially uncertain in red. I'm using * to mark my comments on those too.
Spoiler for Zafira - Stage 4:

* The translation here is pretty clear (also;  as I thought;  still;  in spite of;  absolutely;  of course) but doesn't really fit the context of Shamal finally figuring out that Zafira is the real Zafira and that she has been whailing (this part of dialogue only happens if you BARELY won) on her comrade.

** This part is a bit of a mess that I wasn't able to decypher properly. Zafira does mention jumping to conclusions, moderation and leaving, so the first sentence is my best attempt to string those together.
The second one was machine translated as "Lifetime shrinks", so I decided to modify it to fit it to the translation of the previous sentence.

*** I have to give thanks to the Chinese translation (well Google translated version) for pointing out to me that this and previous sentences are part of one single thought and not as those stops indicate two different thoughts. Otherwise the next part makes considerably less sense.

**** Oh the timeline references are correct. The trouble here is more with the second sentence where I am not cerain if the meaning is supposed to be "No matter how Reinforce tries" or "No matter how I try to help her", both of which would fit the context.

***** Often during this path when they refer to Materials and when Materials are taling about themselves they refer to themself as 構築体 of the Book of Darkness. This term is composed of kanji for bulding, construction and body/substance. In fact 構築 means construction. I think I translated it as building parts of BoD in Sekou's section but I really am not as sure. GTranslate translates it as constructs which also doesn't feel right since they allmost allways follow that expression with material in brackets.
If I have to make a guess and given later revelations I would guess that the term is supposed to show that they are a part of the Book of Darkness but more important than the normal Dark pieces.
In this case I simply decided to drop the entire word since saying "are you a building block (material)" wouldn't feel right and "Are you a Material" conveys the intention properly enough.

*6 I don't really get where Zafira gets that she behaves as a child. Oh that has been Levi's characterization since forever, but here it's more that she is brash and agressive than anything. She even uses male pronouns for herself (boku). The next part is also a bit wobbly.

*7 This is probably a reference to her speed and probably should be loosly translated as speed, but she does use the word for lightning flash, and it's the same word she used in her prebattle boast when she bragged that she will end Zafira in a "flash" of her sword. So I left it in.

*8 He litreraly calls her arms slender/thin (細腕) with the implication probably beeing that she is not strong enough despite her speed.

*9 I'm definitelly not certain about this one. At first GTranslate translated this as something alog the lines of strong husband!! so I loosly translated it as Levi complimenting Zafira on being able to withstand her. But then I listened to her speaking and she definitelly did not sound reticent but petulant. I rechecked it and noticed that hazu (which is where GTranslate got husband) can also mean that you expected something so I changed it to this. In this version she is complaining about how she is supposed to be really strong and that did not go as expected.
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Spoiler for Zafira - Stage 5:

Who could it be? DUN DUN DUN DUN!

* This is a wobbly translation. Google translate translates it as "I do not want to protect, but I have to fight..." which I feel does not fit with the later section and Vita's character. So I modified it to mean she has nothing to protect yet she is forced to fight.

** Okay this one is one big wild guess from me. She mentions important things/people (the noun can apparently mean both) and then she says the words for Lord/Master, on whim and gone. So I cobbled this together. I think it fits, she is in despair because possibly even the other Wolkies are gone. The actual meaning could still be quite different.

*** He will mention heart multiple times in the next section, and he actually uses kokoro which is literaly heart/mind/spirit etc. Maybe in Japanese it has a different meaning in context, but here it doesn't excatly fit. Then again other choices aren't significantly better and I don't know how to properly rework this so I left it as it is.

*4 That だ probably should change the tense or something of the previous three kanji that mean all right/fine and such. So the actual meaning could be slightly different.

*5 there is heart again, but more importantly I'm unsure of the real tense of the sentence. I think it's future since he is hoping he will be able to become, to mould his fists, into something that can protect his friends and comrades. That objective was stated back in the prologue. But it could also be present where he considers how his fists allow him to help protect his friends and their future. Also "open up the future" is messy.
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Spoiler for Zafira - Final stage:

* The question here is is she refering to these two systems in the first part, or is she refering to other things missing (like her power since she is probably nowhere near as powered up as she should be). I went with the first option, but she does add too/also when refering to both of the systems.

** I think this doesn't really fit the lore of A's (Hayate helped too), but as far as I am able to figure what "他の誰でもない、お前自身だ" means.

*** wonders here is meant to say wondering/moving around, not wondering/questioning. So my English is wonky here not the translation so much.

*4 This sentence actually had me dissasembling it completely so I could get what was it's real meaning. I think I did a good job here.

*5 She actually seems to use the past tense here. "強かった" means essentially strong, but the suffix "かった" indicates past. I think it's supposed to refer to the match they just had since it is now in the past. Since having Reinforce say "You WERE strong" could easily be interpreted as you were strong before this fight I choose to use the present.

*6 He actually says something along the lines that can literaly be translated as "Your eternety ended here" which is I think not the intended meaning and does not fit the context. So I modified it into this.

*7 I am totally not certain about this one. Google Translate translates this as:
You accepted me ......
All of me ... ....
Now while this would fit my shipping of Reinforce and Zafira* it doesn't fit the context really. Digging into the matter I found that while "受け止めて" can be translated as taking/accepting and such, it can also have a meaning along the lines of stopping the blow. Taking that into consideration and the fact that this piece of dialogue only happens if you barelly win (meaning Reinforce went all out on you) I went with the idea that she is incredulous/suprised he was able to withstand her attacks. But as I said I'm far from certain about this one.

Next up the epilogue....

* Yes you heard that right. And you can't stop me hahahahahaha. They can have prolonged discussions about duty towards waga aruji long into the night while Zafira is stretching and and doing his martial arts exercises.
Also when you fight her in game, she really is the most mobile of all the opponents that you face and really presents most of a challenge due to that mobility. Unlike the others she is constantly moving all over the place and is a therefore lot less vulnerable to the flying kick across the map which is Zafira's bread and butter attack. As such I got a really strong impression that these were two old veterans that know each other's tricks fighting at the bleeding edge of their skill levels.

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Old 2017-03-08, 17:22   Link #493
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Ah, that was not actually the end of the stage. There is this part that is the epilogue of the fight but not the actual epilogue.

Spoiler for Zafira - Final Stage - END:

* I personally don't like it, I feel that end would be more appropriate, but she does use the verb for dissapear 消える.
** Again I think a place to call home or a home, would be more appropriate but this is how he states it.

*** There is a possibility that this is some sort of phrase that should be translated as "I wish you best" or such, but I was not able to find such a interpretation. Also I was never able to figure out what the があらんことを and especially the あらん part is supposed to mean/contribute.
Also there is a slight possibility that she is only blessing Zafira for bringing her this news, but I chose to interpret this as she giving her blessing to all of them, it seemed appropriate.

*4 The literal translation is something along the lines of: "Yes. Certainly, received/accepted." but I went this way because I think it better translates the intent/meaning into English.

*5 This is clearly meant to mirror the sentiments expressed by Reinforce back in the Prologue. Again the literal translation is kind of different "You...from old times...kind/gentle" so I went with this. I also think this validates my decision on how to interpret that line back in the Prologue.

*6 In Japanese this is composed of two words + participle in the middle. The first is trouble and the second is かけた where the た part is probably the suffix indicating past so that means that is't probably a verb "kakeru" which seems to have a gajilion of meanings including "multiply" and I am completely stumped which one in particular is the correct one. But considering the context there really is not many things this sentence can mean if trouble is one of the words.
Then again it's possible I am completely off base especially since the original sentence does not end with a question mark.
It could be something along the lines "That was a lot of trouble for you", or "We troubled you" or something like that too.

*7 In the original the literal meaning seems to be "Disagreement ... it's fine" so I could have translated it as "No... it was fine" but I think "it wasn't a problem" fits better with the translation of the previous Signum's line.
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Old 2017-03-10, 18:56   Link #494
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Spoiler for Zafira - Epilogue:
This one contains probably some of my worst translations.

* This is the first one in a series of statements that were more complicated than I expected and have completely stumped me. The literal translation is something along the lines of "It did not reach importance, the case is safe, darknes's book's darkness's consequencial damage reffered to things treated", while GTranslate "helpfully" translates it as: "It did not reach importance, this case was safely handled in the aftermath of the aftermath of the darkness of the book of darkness.". Note that it completely drops any reference to damage? So my translation is basically me winging it based on what was said before (when Shamal and Zafira met) and my loose interpretation of the GTranslate translation.

** This is supposed to be a rethorical question/suprise reaction. I'm not confident that meaning is passed on via this translation properly.

*** This is again a kind of loose interpretation of literal "Peacfull good... But a little longer, at Misress's side stay" but I think it again fits with the context.

*4 This pretty much mirrors what Signum asked Zafira couple of dialogues ago, only her line had a particle. I feel this should be a question, but it clearly does not end with a qeustion mark, so I formulated it in a way where Zafira could answer negatively.

*5 He actually seems to say What, but that would make no sense in context. So I went with Nah.

*6 Tis entire exchange is off. The previous line that Hayate says is also wobbly but the main problem lies here. I simply can not confidently dechypher なにがええかな. The sentence does start with nano, which is what but it's not marked as a question?!? Initially I went farther of course and translated it much more loosely as "I wonder what would you like".
Also if this is a question, Zafira certainly doesn't answer it.

*7 Oh boy, this one made no sense to Google Translate. For some reason they use katakana here for the word "モフモフ" which apparently means soft to fouch. Why use katakana, this doesn't look like a loanword?!? Frankly I initially thought she was refering to some sort of receepie or something. And the rest isn't better since a) she drops quite a lot of parts of the sentence as Japanese are won't to do and b) god damned Kansai dialect.
Still I'm pretty certain I got the real gist of it.
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