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Old 2004-12-10, 15:55   Link #1
Gunboat Diplomat
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[Manga] Is the new anime opening a spoiler?

Now that the anime is well into its current arc, I can safely bring up the subject of whether or not its opening was a spoiler.

The new opening features a five man team with Sasuke (and Sakura) suspiciously missing. In the manga, there was some suspense as to whether Sasuke will actually leave or not and it looks like he might redeem himself until he was totally defeated by the Sound nins. Only then (realizing how weak he is) did he decide to turn. Of course, the manga had no opening sequence to suggest anything, so this could come as a surprise. The formation of a five man team, rather unorthodox considering the three man team convention, was an interesting surprise as well. All this could have been spoiled by the opening sequence.

So, did anyone consider the new opening a spoiler?
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Old 2004-12-10, 16:00   Link #2
Reverend K-Rist
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Because for all we could have known, as non-manga readers, It was just an episode to Highlight...for lack of a better term, best gennin in Konoha.
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Old 2004-12-10, 16:38   Link #3
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Im a non-manga reader and i really think the opening is (was) a spoiler. It was just a matter of time before Sasuke would go and "seek power" and the opening made it clear that now was the time.
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Old 2004-12-10, 16:38   Link #4
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Yeah it was but so what. so the non readers saw them together. Wasn't such a super secret that ended all. Now telling everyone lee's operation was a success for a big spoiler!
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Old 2004-12-10, 17:13   Link #5
Senior Member
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yes it was and it doesn't matter
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Old 2004-12-10, 17:31   Link #6
Join Date: Oct 2004
all Naruto openings except the 1st has minor spoilers in it.. it doesn't matter because sooner or later they will know what happen in the anime.. the latest spoiler doesn't spoil much as well... There are much thing to spoil if they(naruto anime team) wanted to.
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Old 2004-12-10, 17:44   Link #7
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There is one spoiler right at the end of the opener, when Sasuke looks at the camera...

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Old 2004-12-10, 19:02   Link #8
Guy From Canada
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Originally Posted by Hanabi
There is one spoiler right at the end of the opener, when Sasuke looks at the camera...


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Old 2004-12-10, 20:27   Link #9
Join Date: Sep 2004
Well, a lot of anime intros have spoilers in them... their just to increase the peoples expectacion to know what will happen...
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Old 2004-12-10, 20:44   Link #10
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I don't think that the opening quite gave enough information to be a big spoiler. I think it just knew what it was depicting while the audience did not. For all the anime audience would have known, maybe Sasuke was just still in the hospital and those 5 characters were called on a mission. Or a mission came up that required the expertise of those specific fighters.. which could have fit into the storyline - it's a mission that just happened to need those guys, but Sasuke feels left out, weak, angry because 'weaker' genin got the job, etc..

I mean, ferchrissakes...


And the spoiler, again, proves my point. The anime viewing audience doesn't know that that is what's going to happen and while the opening gives them plenty of information to suspect what is coming it doesn't just spell it out. It gives just enough to formulate speculations but doesn't actually give all the information. Personally, I often like it when I've repeatedly seen something in an opening sequence that didn't quite make sense or wasn't explained and then suddenly it becomes clear.

Although.. maybe this opening sequence is a little too open with its information. I don't know.. I've made a valid point, but now I'm not sure it's 100% relevant to this case.
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