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Old 2007-02-28, 22:18   Link #141
White Manju Bun
Born to make history
Join Date: Aug 2006
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Roma Paku is my fav seiyuu ever!! (Ed from FMA, Hitsugaya from Bleach)

Notables are Mamoru Miyano, Jun Fukuyama, Megumi Ogata, Kenichi Suzumura, Daisuke Namikawa and Tomokazu Sugita
Pandora HeartsManju's Stuff
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Old 2007-03-02, 16:49   Link #142
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
Thanks for mentioning Paku Romi. I'm fascinated by her lately. She is so great as rocker Nana in NANA -- real acting. And I just finished watching Turn A Gundam, from 1999, where she made the male lead, Loran Cehack, such an attractive person.

This is a bit of a cross-post, but here is a photo of her with Hirano Aya recently, when they went out for lunch after a recording session for NANA (in which Aaya is also wonderful, as Layla). Romi's 35 and Aaya is 19:

She was born in Japan to Korean parents (whose families had been in Japan for two and three generations), speaks fluent Korean, graduated from a Japanese university and studied for a time at a university in Korea. Like seiyuus Takahashi Rieko and Hosokoshi Michiko (both of whom were in Simoun) she is a member of the theatre group En. She and Takahashi-san starred together in Turn A Gundam.
YUUKI Aoi 悠木碧. b92.03.27 (age 26). 2008 Kurenai (Murasaki). 2009 Yumeiro Pâtissière (Ichigo), Kiruminzuu (Riko), Yutori-chan (Yutori-chan). 2010 Vampire Bund (Mina Tepeş), Shiki (Sunako), Samurai Girls (Juubee), Pokémon: Black and White (Iris). 2011 Madoka Magica (Madoka), Gosick (Victorique), A-Channel (Tooru), Ben-To (Hana). 2012 Symphogear (Hibiki), Kimi no Iru Machi (Rin). 2014 Pilot's Love Song (Claire/Nina), Blade & Soul (Jin Valel), Soul Eater Not! (Meme), Seven Deadly Sins (Diane). 2015 Owari no Seraph (Krul Tepes), Gangsta (Nina), Rokka no Yuusha (Fremy), One-Punch Man (Tornado), Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan (Goura), Hidan no Aria AA (Kirin). 2016 ERASED (Kayo), Boku no Hero Academia (Tsuyu), Ace Attorney (Mayoi), Tanaka-kun (Rino)....etc.

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Old 2007-03-06, 13:01   Link #143
prince leon
red knight
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: The Bahamas
Age: 33
Tanaka Rie - Is the perfect example of what a goddess should sound like (my favorite roles of hers are: Tomoe (Mai Otome), Suigintou (Rozen Maiden), Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED/Destiny) and the list goes on. She'll always be my number one. <3<3<3

Noto Mamiko - Her voice is absolutely lovely. Definitely the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in all the years I've lived.

Tamura Yukari - How can I resist her voice? I mean seriously, "ka na, ka na?"

Junko Minagawa - I love her "feminine woman" type roles such as Cornelia ( Code Geass) and Ayaka (Negima!?). She possesses a voice I can fall in love with.

Nakahara Mai - Gets much love from me for roles such as Tokiha Mai and Rena (Mai HiME and Mai Otome). I always love to her more from her.

Hirano Aya - Need I say more? She's all the rage.

Kugimiya Rie - Love her as Shana and I can't wait to hear her as Nagi in Hayate the Combat Butler.

Matsutani Kaya - She hasn't done many roles, but I love her as Matsumoto Rangiku in BLEACH.

Touma Yumi - Has one of the most sultry voices I've ever heard as Urd in Ah! My Goddess.

Romi Paku - Need I even explain why? She has done so many voices and has a range that would make most other seiyuu jealous. She's definitely among the best of the best.

Sugita Tomokazu - His performances as Kyon, Rin, Yuuichi are among the most amazing I've heard among male seiyuu.

Seki Tomokazu - This guy is awesome. Great performances as Shinichi (Nodame Cantabile), Kenichi (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi), and Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)

Hmm...I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.

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Old 2007-07-31, 21:25   Link #144
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Forest of Magic 魔法の森
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Gotouza sama > i love her very much and her voice too ^0^ and because....
i like her performance as hayasaka hiyori (mizuiro), nanami (lamune), mikuru (suzumiya haruhi no yutsu), and many more

Hirano Aya dama > cool

Nonaka Ai > cute voice

Noto Mamiko > her voice so calm and lovely

Aoki Sayaka > hmmmm, i like her voice too and her performance in.... kiki....

Kuwatani Natsuko > have many voice
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Old 2007-07-31, 21:45   Link #145
Join Date: Apr 2006
Nana Mizuki by far.

I'm not HeartNana for no reason.

Im also a huge fan of:
Aya Hirano, Natsuko Kuwatani and Saeko Chiba
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Old 2007-07-31, 21:46   Link #146
*Graphic Designer
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Location: Philippines
Age: 30
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Kugimiya Rie - The voices of Shana, Karin, Nagi and Loise. <3

My favorite goes to the one and the only Aya Hirano
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Old 2007-07-31, 23:34   Link #147
horo fan
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: missouri, usa
Age: 33
Seki Tomokazu loved him as Shinici, Sousuke...
Aya Hirano love her as haruhi and crazy konata.
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Old 2007-08-01, 00:20   Link #148
ISML Technical Staff
*Graphic Designer
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Yui Horie: She has a pretty voice and she can sing also. Plus she's in a lot of my favorite anime.
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Old 2007-08-01, 01:34   Link #149
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: In line to confess his sins.
Age: 30
Hirano Aya (Not that I original I guess, but she's all business! Misa, Haruhi and Konata, that's just.. wow.)
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Old 2007-08-01, 02:49   Link #150
King Of The Night Sky
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Indonesian`s Catacomb
Age: 27
I like Horie Yui, Kugimiya Rie,
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Old 2007-08-01, 03:19   Link #151
Love hater
Join Date: Jul 2007
Age: 26
Hayashibara Megumi
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Old 2007-08-01, 08:23   Link #152
Join Date: Jul 2007
Age: 30
I love Mamiko Noto's Enma Ai~
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Old 2007-08-01, 08:36   Link #153
Certified Organic
Join Date: Dec 2005
my current favorites are

Nakajima Saki - Dorothy from MARheaven -Karin To heart 2

Kugimiya Rie - Uematsu from Pitaten, -nagi in hayata no gokuto, Elric FMA

Ito Shizuka - Tamaki from To Heart 2, -Akiha from Tsukhime,

Hirano Aya - Suzumiya Haruhi, -Mamori in eyeshield, -President in Sumomomo

Tanaka rie - Mariel in Hanaukyo maid tai, Suigintou in Rozen maiden
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Old 2007-08-01, 08:41   Link #154
~ You're dead ^__^* ~
*Graphic Designer
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Tanaka Rie ~ gin sama ~~

Nana Mizuki ~ fate chan

Noto Mamiko ~ soothing yakumo voice ^.^

Siggy: hohohohoho~ | AnimeHistory welcome to our blog ~ | Summer2009 early review
Under the radar series Summer2009: Kanamemo, GA Geijutsuka Art, NEEDLESS
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Old 2007-08-01, 09:04   Link #155
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: In a world all my own
I'm embaressed to say that most japanese seiyuu do not make enough of an impression on me to develope a "favorite".

Probably the most memorable (to me) voice acting, was by Yui Itsuki's work as Moe Mizukoshi in D.C. ~Da Capo~. The dreamy voice was just so unique, memorable, and was an integral part of the character's charm.
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Old 2007-08-01, 13:37   Link #156
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Touma Yumi is my fav.
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Old 2007-08-01, 19:26   Link #157
*IT Support
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Indonesia
Age: 29
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Hmm, Horie Yui, Noto Mamiko, Kugimiya Rie, Nakahara Mai (loves her singing voice!), Tamura Yukari, Mizuki Nana, Takahashi Mikako, Ueda Kana, Hirano Aya, Sugita Tomokazu...

Check my Blog / Thread / Twitter for some random stuffs...
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Old 2007-09-23, 11:30   Link #158
Terrestrial Dream
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tesla Leicht Institute
Age: 28
Toshihiko Seki- He was voice actor for few my of favorite character, Duo Maxwell, and Bleed Kaga. He also did excellent job with Rau, and Masato in Zeorymer.
Nobuyuki Hiyama
- This men is awesome, he did voice for my favorite character Gai Shishio. He did a nice job on 556, Azrael, and Shiro Amada. His role as hotblooded character is just awesome.

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Old 2007-09-23, 20:36   Link #159
Eye Have You
Join Date: Jul 2007
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Tomokazu Seki- did Sagara Sousuke from FMP!, my favorite anime
Horie Yui- Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina
Yukino Satsuni- very versatile, done a range of characters from Yoruichi of Bleach to my favorite female anime character, Chidori Kaname from FMP!
Hirano Aya- been said many times on the thread, but her job as Haruhi deserves it IMO
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Old 2007-09-26, 22:27   Link #160
Hallowed Redeemer
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Stanford, CA
Norio Wakamoto - Probably has the most unique and interesting voice of them all. He really makes me laugh every time I hear him.

Kazuya Nakai - All his characters are badass samurai of some sort (Zoro - One Piece, Mugen - Samurai Champloo, Hijikata - Gintama, Yajirou - Grenadier and so on...). He does a great job making them both badass and funny at the same time.

Hoshi Souichiro
- Really versatile. He can sound both quiet and timid (Kira Yamato, Kazuki from Getbackers) and really gutsy and powerful (Kazuma from Scryed, Nagi Souichiro from Tenjou Tenge). It's like he's two different people, though I like the latter one better.

Shuuichi Ikeda - Voices either powerful charismatic villains or again powerful father/protector figures (Dullindal from GSD, Shin Natsume from Tenjou Tenge, Hiko Seijiro from Kenshin). Either way his voice creates an air of superiority and confidence in his characters.

Toshihiko Seki - Great for voicing villain characters (Le Kruze from SEED, Reito from Mai HIME etc.). His voice carries with him an arrogance and confidence typical of his characters.

Yukino Satsuki - Can sound both cute and funny, also incredibly versatile. Usually voices violent girls who can be kind and caring at the same time (Chidori - FMP, Kagome - Inuuyasha).

Paku Romi/Megumi Ogata - Both of them can voice both male and female characters incredibly and that by itself is a great feat, but their voices are also incredibly deep and powerful.

Rie Tanaka
- Voices girls who are cute and lovable, but at the same time possess great confidence and strength and her voice does that job rather well(Lacus Clyne - SEED, Simca - Air Gear)

There are probably many more that I'm forgetting but for now I'll stick with those.
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