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Old 2020-04-09, 15:25   Link #21
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Yuga, he looks like some sort of a brat.
The opening is actually funny.
Yuga with his two usual friends, running across the all and the Student Council just shows up to make a body shield signs then those brats walked away like robots.

Rook, the blue-haired boy is actually into those "weird" stuff that he'll bury that part of him when he grows up hoping nobody would find out.

Roman, who calls herself a musician said she isn't interested in dueling.
But that makes it seemingly obvious that she is more personally interested in Yuga.

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Old 2020-04-09, 17:32   Link #22
Wandering Soul
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Originally Posted by Chosen_Hero View Post
Because Kaiba will do literally anything if it means beating Yugi, so creating a police state where he monitors every aspect of Duel Monsters right down to personal card trading wouldn't exactly be a big deal for him. Heck, didn't he once basically threaten to commit suicide if Yugi won a battle against him or something just to win? His salt runs deep.
I mean I agree that Kaiba goes to insane lengths to try to prove that he's better than Yugi, but that example is probably the one time he was justified. That was less about his pride and more about needing to get to Peagus so he could save Mokuba.
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Old 2020-04-10, 21:29   Link #23
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2nd episode just aired
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Old 2020-04-10, 23:19   Link #24
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Heh,..I actually end up liking Seven more than I thought. Once you get used to the art style, things are not so bad at all.

These characters are likeable and the duel content is not so bad.

Spoiler for Ep.2:
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Old 2020-04-11, 13:58   Link #25
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I thought Rook is more of an unfriendly one.
And Rook wow, his story and plot I expected him to be you know this word to have an "edge"?
I find Rook interesting, I would love to hear more about him.

Even though I'm not a fan of the cards in this series, I still can have fun with watching the anime.
At least I hope it won't be boring as Vrains.
Really, a character like Shima Naoki would be more suitable in this Sevens series instead of Vrains as he is famous for being beaten by Preschoolers.

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Old 2020-04-26, 15:52   Link #26
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So Rook seriously thought he can become the Student Council President to replace Gakuto himself before taking over Goha.
He is so gold, rolling over everytime like that.

I think there is some little subplot going on as Rook being the main protagonist while Yuga the real main protagonist is doing his usual main plot.
Starting from episode 2, Rook have his little plan of keeping the Rush Duel secret, episode 3 exposing Romin's true identity by having to wrestle Gakuto just to open Romin's guitar box.

I would love to see more of this Rook's little subplot, I wish it won't suddenly Disappear. I mean the anime opening kind of "spoiled" Rook is secretly practicing using his "powers" being aware of Romin watching closely behind him.

As of now Rook is the one of the biggest reasons I'm watching this series.
So where did everyone go?
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card game, shonen

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