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Old 2021-12-05, 23:48   Link #1
Born to ship
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Ever think of a story you want to see based on part of another

Very odd question, but it's something that's happened to me many times. I'd watch a show and find myself curious about how things would go if things were different, or speculating on how a character might take certain knowledge and what sort of stories can be made from them, or just imagining what stories could be built taking some side/arc idea and turning it into the core. Any ideas, no matter how far-fetched, stupid, vague or convoluted, I'm just curious if anyone's else has done this.
Here's a few oddities I'd come up with.
Spoiler for Kaguya-sama:

Spoiler for Hatsukoi Limited:

Spoiler for Boukensha License Hakudatsu...:

Sorry that these are all long, I'm not good at summarizing.
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Old 2021-12-06, 23:12   Link #2
Guardian Enzo
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That's pretty much fanfiction, isn't it?
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Old 2021-12-07, 10:48   Link #3
Born to ship
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Texas
Not necessarily. The stories I described made it far enough from the original that they don't really have a connection anymore. Sure, the first would work as fanfiction with Kyouko doing an Erased bit. But the other two are really just an idea seen in the show taken all on its own. In particular, the one "based" on Hatsukoi Limited has pretty much nothing to do with the actual characters. I'd love to see a fanfiction showing Sogabe and Nao's future relationship; the author herself said she doesn't know whether it would work. But there's a pretty big difference in my opinion between that and a group of original characters caught up in a "competition". And that's what I'm interested in, whether anyone's just seen one scene or scenario and found themselves coming up with something completely different built around just that without any of the actual content. Fanfiction level is also fine, of course. I was just curious.
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