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Old 2013-10-02, 09:31   Link #301
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I'm not actually sure but I don't think so. In Railgun S first episode Kuroko teleports those guys that were falling in the helicopter right next to the ground and they don't splatter their brains on the street when they fall down (and also seem to float for a fraction of second before gravity kicks in) so is likely that teleportation cancels momentum. But then how does she do the teleport dive kick move? Doesn't she have to run before teleporting to do that, aka gather momentum? Maybe she can choose to conserve momentum or not.

As said by Gray Servant teleportations is not explained in great detail in Toaru.

EDIT: I was thinking about it and I think that teleportation can carry momentum. Reason I changed my mind is not seen in Railgun anime so I don't think I can put the answer here. Still doesn't explain that teleportation to survive falls unless she can choose to cancel momentum.
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Old 2013-10-02, 11:45   Link #302
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Given that she's level 4, she might be able to control her momentum with her teleports? I mean, back in season 1, when she teleported Kihara's robot hand, it was falling, but when it 'ported to Mikoto, it was stationary.
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Spoiler for Index:
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