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Old 2009-03-19, 02:02   Link #181
The King of the Insane
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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
Considering President Bush was a Fighter Pilot....
Yes he was a figher pilot, who basically stopped showing up in the last two years of his service, let alone actually fly anything in those last two years (he technically went AWOL). And I won't put down the national guard because they are great too, but it's not the same as fighting in the actual war.

Also, if you could refrain from idiotic... it's not exactly the most intelligent word itself...

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Old 2009-03-25, 01:17   Link #182
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Bush Jr as a person was a pretty nice guy but his biggest mistake was being President. I hate him as a president but kinda like him as a person.

As for the popularity of the shoe thrower... those of you who think he's a hero. GET A LIFE.
"Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anybody driving faster is a maniac?" George Carlin
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Old 2009-03-25, 15:40   Link #183
Lord Uiruu
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hee heee methinks he deserved it
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Old 2009-03-25, 21:26   Link #184
Shadow Kira01
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Not sure if this has been mentioned..

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