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Old 2015-07-13, 01:30   Link #661
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Did anyone else notice how the last few episodes got rather... detailed?

Normally companies run out of budget and start cutting back on frames, but this was the reverse scenario. Not bad.
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Old 2015-08-10, 01:50   Link #662
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Lightbulb Tear-jerking Anime of 2015

I’ve cried a lot of times after watching Clannad and its after-story, as well as Angel Beats, well, along with the fact that being emotionally attached with a fictional character and the feeling that you have had a connection with him/her just makes your Kokoro Doki-doki.

From the very first episode of Plastic Memories, I already knew this anime would turn out to have me crying for hours, but still I watched it without hesitation. It’s like having the “If you don’t want to end up regretting that you watched this, click away and never watch this anime” sign in front of you but still you did it coz you wanted to.
The love story between Tsukasa and Isla started as the awkward “I have feelings for you but I don’t have the guts to say it” moments, then they turned out to be lovers midway through the anime. But like I said, their love story isn’t the type that would last forever. Turns out that Isla is an android and she has to be returned into a blank slate after a few months, which means, all her memories with Tsukasa along with her friends will be erased.

YUP! That is not the worst part, Tsukasa spent the rest of his days with Isla having the fear of losing the girl he only loved, but he never showed such emotion/s in front of Isla.

Sad, sad Tsukasa…

Their love story ended inside a Ferris wheel, where Tsukasa promised Isla that he will never forget her, along with the rings they have on their fingers, they also sealed the deal with a kiss (If you know what I mean).
To make the story short, its very heart-breaking to witness the fact that we also share Tsukasa’s despair right after Isla left him. But who knows? The ending was a cliff-hanger, 9 months after Isla’s departure, Tsukasa was (Spoiler alert! You have been warned) introduced to his new partner, which was rumoured to be Isla (of course with her memories removed).

To those who watched the anime:
What are your thoughts about the ending? Is it worth it?
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Old 2015-09-01, 15:51   Link #663
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Honestly I can only give this series 3/5. It couldn't make up it's mind about being a serious romance, slice-of-life or comedy show. I kind of knew it was trouble at the end of episode 1 when after the sad scene when they did their initial android recovery, Isla needed to go pee. It was like WTF change of tone. I knew that was how the rest of the series was going to be. Also they tried to throw in some serious android consciousness philosophy ala "Time of Eve". But the problem was a total lack of focus. I did shed some tears but it might as well been the same plot as "Your Lie in April" for as shallow as the android part was dealt with.

Major disappointment from the writing and direction from the inconsistency with the tone of the show. You can't just jerk around the audience like this. Why do anime studios not have the guts to just do a straight dramatic series like Shin Sekai Yori or Psycho Pass? Why do they need to throw in comedy bits? Is it all about money?
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Old 2015-10-03, 05:58   Link #664
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Thanks for all the memories Animesuki, Ero signing off for the last time. Goodbye~
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Old 2016-01-13, 20:36   Link #665
a random Indonesian otaku
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oh.. I finally finished this
The current trend in "feels-genre" anime is putting twist that brought sad moment that is not anticipated at all
That's why this anime bring something new... They avoid Key-style plot
From the very first beginning, the feels are already there

I actually think they would avoid to pair Isla and Tsukasa.. but they actually did
It is a romance that never works so that ending is already anticipated since the second-half of the anime
I believe they would not be able to deliver the feels

however, they have done magnificent job in picturing the relationship with those glittering stuffs
The conflict and the interaction were very good. It's a little pity that most of the characters were not developed at all but in the end, everything is about Tsukasa and Isla, which made me forget about everyone else (except Michiru... since she's sticking out too much)

In the end, Isla showed how mature she is (she seems too childish at the start but finally starting to act like her age in the end) and Tsukasa did everything perfectly
The last 4 episodes were torturing but delivered beautifully

It's been a while since last time I cried so thank you for reminding me that feels
Surely this is not the best anime ever but they have delivered their purpose very well
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Old 2016-08-21, 17:38   Link #666
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It was a good story with good moments, but it was really confounding how they went from serious moments to light hearted instantly mid-episode. I think they could do a second season if they wanted to focus on more retrievals and bring it around to the corporation making the Giftia and figure out how to get over the 9 year limitation. Of course that wasn't really the focus of this first anime, as it felt more as a focus on end-of-life, more so after the relationship and amount of time Isla had left was revealed; but also leading up to it with their retrieval targets.
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Old 2018-02-19, 19:33   Link #667
Lukes YGO & WS on YT
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Spoiler for Episode 1:

Spoiler for Episode 2:

Spoiler for Episode 3:

Spoiler for Episode 4:
Spoiler for Episode 5:

Spoiler for Episode 6:

Spoiler for Episode 7:

Spoiler for Episode 8:

Spoiler for Episode 9:

Spoiler for Episode 10:

Spoiler for Episode 11:

Spoiler for Episode 12:

Spoiler for Episode & Series Score:
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love triangle, sci-fi, tragedy

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