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Old 2009-09-28, 09:22   Link #61
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The new theme is spooky, eh? Ironically, I was working on a Halloween-themed layout for my LJ yesterday. I guess great minds think alike.

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Old 2009-09-28, 09:50   Link #62
White Manju Bun
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Originally Posted by Eps~ View Post

Now onto the theme.

SotM theme for October will be:


–adjective, spook?i?er, spook?i?est. Informal.
1. like or befitting a spook or ghost; suggestive of spooks.
2. eerie; scary.

Now some of you might think it's a rather hard theme, so I will suggest some sub-themes:
  • Halloween
    Since it is October and we all know Halloween rather perfectly fits for this theme. Anything related to that holiday is accepted, like costumes, pumpkins, etc. Hell, even Trick-or-treating is allowed.

    Spoiler for samples:

  • Spooky environment and/or photos
    For instance scary places, houses, a dark forest, games like STALKER and so on. Of course by all means, you can also include a character to be present in the environment or photo.

    Spoiler for samples:

  • Characters
    A good example for this are character from spooky anime, such as Higurashi and Umineko (albeit not just any parts, as those who don't know the series won't see what's so spooky about it). You can also include non-human characters, like Vampires (however you need to make sure we will know they're actually vampires - like showing fangs, etc.).

    Spoiler for samples:

  • Anything else as long as it fits the theme.

Judging by this theme, Halloween is probably the most appealing since it's rather easy to do. Hopefully things will be going smoothly as I tried to make a theme that would appeal a lot of participants. And if you have any questions, just shoot.
You totally rock!! I was hoping for something like this! If only that Sekirei Halloween omake was in color!! Nevertheless this theme is gonna rock!
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Old 2009-09-28, 10:22   Link #63
Risa chan
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very good theme for october! I will try my best! Good luck everyone and thanks for the awesome theme Eps~ !^^
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Old 2009-09-28, 11:22   Link #64
time waits for no one <3
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great theme for this month can't wait to start making sigs

thanks you Eps~, I now worship you
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Old 2009-09-28, 12:21   Link #65
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Ooh, I may have to jump back into sig-making for this theme...
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Old 2009-09-28, 12:29   Link #66
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Is this our first holiday related theme? Excellent.... Count me in for this one! Entry thread will be up in a bit.

New thread is up!
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Closed Thread

contest, sotm

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