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Old 2012-11-08, 06:24   Link #41
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Originally Posted by Mahou View Post
Well, seeing that most of the comedy was Nibutani/Dekomori combi, no wonder that I didn't find it in any way funny. I'm on the vast minority, but I simply do not like Dekomori. She's for my taste too bratty and annoying and being the smartest in her grade(?) doesn't help either. But, of course should there be an episode where she behaves more normal, helpful or generally more "positively" I'll acknowledge it without hesitation just like the proverb "credits where credits are due" .
You are looking for a normal and helpful girl in a show called Chuunibyou. Why?
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Old 2012-11-08, 06:24   Link #42
Obelisk ze Tormentor
Black Steel Knight
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Indonesia
After this episode, will Kumin break-up with Pillow-chan?

Part of me was disappointed that Yuuta will be dragged on by Touka instead of coming with his family to meet his dad. I really want to know Yuuta’s dad (and Jakarta as a setting will actually bring a bit of fresh air than what looks like to be another “beach episode” routine IMO)

Btw, I really enjoy this ep. I laughed my ass off when I saw Shinka rolling around the room and the dramatic hair-cutting .
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Old 2012-11-08, 06:24   Link #43
Hardcore meets Casual
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Age: 30
Indeed this week's episode was kinda weak, but I'll forgive them if they deliver the storyline goods next week. The end of the episode seemed highly suggestive, I just hope they actually make good on my anticipation.

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Old 2012-11-08, 06:54   Link #44
Join Date: May 2007
Location: gs series
Age: 29
oh my indeed yea sure show club's black shirt is one thing.

then everything to focus on isshiki aka tomoki sakurai jr/kira yamato from oh got a love letter, seeing real side of nibutani, & oh little girls rank book is found.

so yea tomoki jr took big shot confess it all manly way to off with his hair with cause yuuta to cry to forgive me for doing it.

now shaved isshiki/tomoki jr & letter oh girl did not show at least all men are proud of him with seem kumin like shiny baldy now we go summer time.

yea either go with rikka with sister or Jakarta (if to meet kasper & Chiquita).
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Old 2012-11-08, 07:02   Link #45
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Originally Posted by ellessarr View Post
i'm the only who see maybe the girl who was made the love letter really can be nibutani...
I also felt that... it's kinda subtle but it's there, however it doesn't make any sense why she'd do it. Unless of course, it wasn't a "love letter" at all, it was written by her but for a different purpose/making a request only Isshiki could manage (involving Yuuta).
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Old 2012-11-08, 07:41   Link #46
The Anime Maniac
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Location: Singapore
Age: 31
Oh boy, tensions at the end of this episode. It very much looks like Yuuta will be meeting Rikka's parents o_o (speculation on my part because of the phone call in the beginning and then the call for help at the end).

And poor Isshiki sacrificing his hair for the good of the other men. But at least it was heroic...

And I'm actually hoping to see more relationship development between Nibutani and Deko. It seems the development hasn't quite picked up yet (though both of them laughing at the bald head does show some development )
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Old 2012-11-08, 08:07   Link #47
It's yuri, bitches
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Israel
Age: 23
This episode was hilarious, especially the Shinka vs. Dekomori parts. I really love seeing their interaction.
I wonder what Touka will ask of Yuuta.
ninryu is offline  
Old 2012-11-08, 08:08   Link #48
Kana Hanazawa ♥
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: France
Age: 32
I didn't expect we'd get an episode focusing on Isshiki. He seemed like such a minor character. And it was a great episode at that, with a lot of hilarious moments.

Shinka is growing on me. She was very funny in this episode. Her constant bickering with Dekomori is very entertaining (loved how they start fighting as soon as they see each other) and I enjoyed her threats to Isshiki. She sure can be scary at times. I have to say it was rather satisfying to see her receive a knock on the head from Yuuta as well. Divine retribution for what she did to Kumin last week! Plus, she deserved it. How dare she make light of such a sacrifice?

It's good Yuuta doesn't give anybody preferential treatment. If you do something silly, you're going to get lightly hit. No exceptions. Seems like he may have moved on past his crush for her now that he has become acquainted with her real self, who is not as lovely as he imagined.

Isshiki is a bro among bros. I loved how exaggeratedly dramatic his heroic sacrifice was. They put a lot of effort into that scene (both visually and musically) and it made it even more funny as a result.

The other memorable scene of the episode was Yuuta and Rikka holding hands in front of the railway. It was very nice but it felt a bit out of place in the middle of an episode like this one. It might have been to save it for later. Just a minor complaint.

Beach episode next week, huh. There had to be one. Looks like it might actually have a rather serious tone as opposed to your usual beach episodes. I'm excepting a bit of drama towards the end. Can't wait to see it.
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Old 2012-11-08, 08:22   Link #49
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Another great episode for me, though not as much a laugh-fest as previous episodes, it still delivers.
and I guess like just about everyone else my fave part would be that hand holding scene at the train tracks. Good development on Yuuta's side, with the shirt, etc... mixed feelings since Shinka's kinda my fave, though Rikka's nice too, and I know it's practically set in stone that this is a Yuuta X Rikka story.

Originally Posted by ellessarr View Post
really a master piece, perfect this episode...

i'm the only who see maybe the girl who was made the love letter really can be nibutani, if u take a close look the her face when talk to him near end and her answer to him "WHAT COLD YOU DO EVEN IF I DID IT"(too much suspect if translate is right) while talking with ishiki is somethingh like if not was her maybe she know who was, another clue was wen kumin appear and showed interesting in ishiki and him brushed to kumin she get "embarrassed"(maybe few jealous).
strangely enough had the same feeling that the letter was from Shinka, not because of the reasons you outline , but just a vague feeling. Oh well, my rational brain side kinda dismissed it immediately after, just can't see Shinka (nor Kumin for that matter) with Ishikki, And she was ROFLOL at seeing him bald thereafter kinda goes against that.
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Old 2012-11-08, 08:34   Link #50
Psycho Falling Deep
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Haaa, what a serious yet humorous at the same time episode

After Makoto had his hair shaved, I loved Sanae and Shinka's reactions to it XD No sympathy at all, just pure comedy Then to add to it, a wave of boys sprinted towards his meeting place with his lover and was met with unsure happiness

I did like the hint that he and Tsuyuri would be together, at least that was a nice way to end the whole ranking list and head shaving episode
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Old 2012-11-08, 08:52   Link #51
Arturia Polaris
Good OP Hunter
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I have a feeling that the reason that Rikka chose to hold Yuuta's hand when the train was going through was

Spoiler for speculation:


PS: I love nibutani
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Old 2012-11-08, 08:56   Link #52
The Shermain
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Well, the episode didn't appeal to me all that much. It was ok, but not great. The scenes between Yuuta and Rikka were nice, but I've come to despise Dekomori quite a bit and find her to be one of the most annoying and obnoxious characters I've come across.

I guess I'll keep watching for the Yuuta/Rikka relationship, but that's really the only thing that interests me.
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Old 2012-11-08, 09:30   Link #53
lost in wonder forever...
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: edge of my dream in the land of twilight...ZzzZzZ
Heh, this episode was full of LoLs. I love how Nibutani and Dekomori are always going at each other's throats especially the milk scene as it was hilarious.

With so much that's happen so far, I have to say that Yuuta is actually the normal-ist person in that group right now. Nibutani's strive to shut Dekomori up goes beyond normal with all the death threats and blackmails she's been throwing around.

I wanna see the picture Yuuta drew of Rikka during their art class!!!
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Old 2012-11-08, 10:17   Link #54
Osana-Najimi Shipper
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Mt. Ordeals
I dunno, I really wanted to know who wrote the love letter. Even a hint would've sufficed, but alas, it looks like we'll never know considering Ishiki is just a side character, and they're going to shift gears since it's about Yuuta going with Rikka next episode.

So yeah, very disappointed in this episode as I felt they left me hanging... probably the worst episode of the bunch IMO. Rikka not doing anything that crazy this episode makes it worse, but at least Nibutani is still amusing being her two faced self.

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Old 2012-11-08, 10:42   Link #55
Cinderella Gang or Die
Join Date: Jun 2011
Originally Posted by Arturia Polaris View Post
I have a feeling that the reason that Rikka chose to hold Yuuta's hand when the train was going through was

Spoiler for speculation:


PS: I love nibutani
Or maybe...the wind was calling her for real.
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Old 2012-11-08, 12:53   Link #56
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Mandaluyong, Philippines
Another outstanding animation from KyoAni.

It sure is remarkable, being it a side story episode. Shinka and Dekomori sure pulled all the stops in their cat and mouse routine. Some really great physical comedy this side of the Three Stooges. Admittedly I first found Dekomori quiet annoying when she first appeared in eps. 3 but when she becomes the foil of Shinka at eps. 4 it all works perfectly, I find her one of my favorite.

Isshiki surely made himself man among men by taking all the shame, earning great respects with his peers no matter how incredibly pathetic the whole circumstances are.

Strong points also for Kumin for being the absolute sweet and cute senpai who goes along with all the silliness but still is grounded down to Earth.

A very solid episode in my opinion, little on the main plot but strong in it's focus in emphasizing the show's character and story dynamics. Like a the slow trickle of rain before the downpour if leisurely sets the different tones and elements on upcoming episode without totally ever hinting a total turn-around from what the series had established itself.
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Old 2012-11-08, 13:27   Link #57
formerly ogon bat
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Nobody seem to mention how Isshiki bared his neck as if Yuuta was going to cut his head instead of just shave his hair, that scene made me smile.

I have no idea how but I bet next week all the girls are going to end in the same beach with Yuuta and Rikka. Chaos and Mayhem will ensue. <mental image of Dekomori and Nibutani saying "No, I am Mayhem, you are Chaos ala Lethal Weapon>
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Old 2012-11-08, 13:58   Link #58
Senior Member
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this is absolutely the most outrageous and funniest parody of chuuni's OP i ve ever seen, open it at ur own discretion:
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Old 2012-11-08, 14:30   Link #59
the pragma
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this episode made me laugh my ass off...HARD!!!!!!...

really the scene of "the great ritual magic of ishiki bald head" is too hilarious.....

and next episode ....i got a hunch that there will be more drama.....

ps: sure the "jakarta" name was often mentioned lately..(chuunibyou, jormungand) is it a kind of marketing strategy???
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Old 2012-11-08, 14:30   Link #60
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^^ Dear lord. Make sure you aren't full when you watch it, lol.
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