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Old 2015-04-12, 12:15   Link #23241
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Okay.. well.. uhm..

The thing is, it is rather hard to envision a literal gender-flip of Yuki that works to ship KxY. In the original Disappearance film, Yuki was the archetypical moe character. She was adorably cute, someone who you just wanted to run up and hug to death. She practically defines the stereotype. It is difficult to imagine a male character that would elicit that type of reaction.

Assuming you jettison all the Seitenkan artwork that appears up-thread (where Yuuki is invariably drawn tall and bishy), you end up with basically a short glasses-wearing gamer otaku. That's it. Not moe at all. And if you add in any stereotypical hikikomori or NEET qualities it gets even worse.

The second problem is why would Kyonko ever find herself being attracted to that kind of guy. She's not otaku herself; she's normal. Kyon in Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan is a just generic nice guy so Kyonko would just be a generic nice girl. A female version might possibly befriend a shy gamer otaku Yuuki out of a sense of duty or a sense of pity, but that's it.

The original Kyon was snarky and world-weary, so in Seitenkan Kyonko is always depicted as sassy or sardonic. The feminization of Kyon into a sassy cynic works very well. She is really a fun character to imagine, which is why she's so popular in fan art and fan fiction. But we see none of Kyon's snarkiness or fatalism in DNY, so Kyonko wouldn't be sassy or cynical either - she'd just be generic nice girl (and be really boring, BTW).

Asakura in DNY would not change much, IMHO. In DNY she tries to ship KxY, so the gender-flip would do the same thing, possibly a bit more aggressive in pushing Yuuki to 'get it on' (as guys typically are).

Haruki is pretty easy to flip. Haruhi is already a tomboy and a self-centered jerk. All guys are self-centered jerks already (IMHO), so just amp up the jerk factor even more and you're done. You can even flanderize him and make him a totally out-of-control whack job.
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Old 2015-04-13, 03:01   Link #23242
Draco Spirit
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Hastur from Nyaruko, Crawling with Love is a fairly moe guy... so it is possible
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Old 2015-04-13, 03:40   Link #23243
The Comet has Come
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I was thinking keeping the tall, just make him uncoordinated (too tall really). The alien Yuuki is really skilled and coordinated. The human version would likely be too tall for his feet.
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Old 2018-04-16, 21:24   Link #23244
Of the Silver Fuller
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This.. Might be considered improper, given it'd be an over 3 year Necro... but I didn't see an outright rule against it, so i'm going to wing it.

I only recently found this place, earlier today, and I decided to read all the scripts for that VN idea, and I've been working my way through the main stories.

And... I really love them. Kyonko is absolutely adorable and fairly lovable, and I find Haruki to be... really rather amusing at times. These stories are absolutely great, and I wanted to simply express that sentiment, even many years after the last post in this place.

Sincerest thanks to everyone who's made these for other people to enjoy. I'm sure everyone's moved on from it by now, but I still felt the need to do this.
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genderbender, seitenkan

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