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View Poll Results: Better suit studio that might likely would make a best adaptation of CC anime
Bones 13 46.43%
J.C. Staff 2 7.14%
Sunrise 1 3.57%
GAINAX 5 17.86%
TOEI 1 3.57%
Other (Please specify in your post) 6 21.43%
Voters: 28. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2004-06-11, 17:55   Link #1
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Monterrey, México
Age: 38
Which Studio will have done a better job with Chrno Crusade?

This poll is most oriented toward the manga readers, as also people who came across the anime first and just disliked it.

Which of the following studios as your option, making GONZO aside, would likely had done justice to the CC manga producing an anime adaptation closely to it?
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Old 2004-06-11, 18:39   Link #2
/Ultimate Magic Attack!!!
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Time Warp/Future
well... whichever studio doing the MONSTER anime... definitely one of the most faithful and great manga-to-anime conversions I have ever seen...

the studio is... Madhouse Productions... nice! it has quite a good track records too, with great works like TEXHNOLYZE, GunGrave (the anime is actually leagues better than the original work in this case), Gunslinger Girl, Boogiepop Phantom, Aquarian Age (this card-game-to-anime conversion is actually quite good), Paranoia Agent, Galaxy Angels, etc. etc.

hey! I never noticed it before, but now it sounds like it could be one of my favorite anime studio
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Old 2004-06-11, 18:51   Link #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Though I think Gonzo did a fine job with Chrono Crusade I think seeing an bones version won't be bad.I like their other project and wouldn't mind seeing them do it.

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Old 2004-06-11, 22:55   Link #4
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: South East Asia
Madhouse productions did a fine adaptation with Tenjou Tenge as well (for the moment so far). Based on that, I am inclined to agree that they could likely have done a better job at the helm of producing CC than GONZO.
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Old 2004-06-11, 23:09   Link #5
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: World overloaded with fun
Age: 34
I vote Madhouse, too! As for Tenjou Tenge, some episodes had great sequences, but others had considerably worse animation quality...they are almost interchanging.
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Old 2004-06-13, 06:23   Link #6
Always impatient
Join Date: Jun 2004
The one that did Gunslinger Girls..... man the anime isnt only faith to the original, but add the right element to enrich the depth of the stories.... Gonzo just sucks.
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Old 2004-06-13, 09:10   Link #7
Joe Dalton
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003

That is all.
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Old 2004-06-14, 01:49   Link #8
Join Date: Mar 2004
I haven't ready the manga but I think bones would've done a better job. They're doing a great job of imo improving FMA over the manga which is no easy task
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Old 2004-06-14, 02:00   Link #9
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: South East Asia
Originally Posted by OshadowO
I haven't ready the manga but I think bones would've done a better job. They're doing a great job of imo improving FMA over the manga which is no easy task
Either you have not read the whole FMA manga (whole 36 chapters) so far or your tastes are so radically different for me to understand. But the BONES creations in the FMA anime (i.e. material not from the manga) is not good at all. It can be mediocre or worse...
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Old 2004-06-14, 03:11   Link #10
Ffenix Rising
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jun 2004
For the sake of the poll, I'd have to go with Madhouse. I've been a fan of their studio for the longest time now, since the late 70s with Ace o Nerae! (look for ILA's fansub, if you're interested) and up till now with Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Cardcaptor Sakura & Ninja Scroll (TV and movie) to name a few. [Sorry, if I sounded like a nut/fanboy ^^;;]

Anyway, back to the topic.

But having said all that, I thought Gonzo did a good enough job in animating Chrno Crusade. I know that Gonzo is hardly faithful to the source material, but I feel that Gonzo does a better than average job of animating and adapting a manga series and making it their own, with their own style. I think they have their own ideas of what's better... I think of it as an "animated fanfic," but that's just me. ^^;;
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