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Old 2013-02-19, 23:23   Link #81
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Like kuromitsu said, we discussed this when it came to Cantus, and we agreed it's tricky to do these translations. It's also hard to find consistency too. I think Queer Rat is a far better English descriptor than Monster Rat.

While queer has become acquainted with homosexuality in modern years, the older meanings do still carry on, even if they aren't used as much. Here's some definitions:

1. differing from the normal or usual in a way regarded as odd or strange
2. suspicious, dubious, or shady
3. faint, giddy, or queasy

I'd say those descriptors work pretty well. I'd say the only time they seemed "monstrous" was the first invading colony we saw way back in the first episodes. Other than that, the meetings are generally disturbing, and the creatures are strange and suspicious. People definitely don't feel comfortable around them, and I think this is best exemplified in Squealer himself. While Kiroumaru seems quite noble, he also seems very different from the rest of his kind....enough to make me wonder if he actually is one of them.

Of course, bakenezumi fits since it's the actual word, but to an English speaker it's a meaningless word that serves as a simple descriptor. It's a throwaway word that means just as much as "they" or "them".
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Old 2013-02-21, 00:15   Link #82
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To be blunt, this show has managed to consistently betray my expectations ever since that episode with the letter from Maria. From the new ED ( ._.) to JAV audition interview to random craptastic "I will protect you " (at least Saya's "I will protect you" was funny) to character assassination of Satoru (the guy has become nothing more than background at this point, and even though I am an anime only viewer, and thus didn't learn of the atrocious changes to sideline him, I had my own natural expectations for his growth, especially since he had displayed a great deal of maturity and continuous growth somewhat akin to that of Taichi from Chihayafuru but...) to the QUALITY visuals etc. etc., this show has managed to irritate me quite a bit. I would love to say "it's still a good show" and I usually give shows credit, whatever problems notwithstanding but when very minor and silly things turn something with the potential to be absolutely awesome into something to be tolerated, it just pisses me off. And worst of all is how they didn't take advantage of the potential yuri when it would have actually made sense but seem content to force it on us every other god damn minute now.

From the new world, indeed.

It may be because I am not a native English speaker per se but I find how the word queer has come to primary mean homosexual a bit, well, queer. That's disparaging to both homosexuals, I certainly wouldn't want my sexuality labeled as deviant behavior, and to people who differ from the "norm", whatever that is. Don't we all differ from each other anyway? I think Queer-Rat is an excellent choice for the translation too, btw.
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Old 2013-02-21, 08:30   Link #83
zutto soba ni ite ne
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I wonder what will come out from Shinsei body if he dies though I'm not sure he will die in the future episodes. The last time when the false minoshiro died a figure of mother and child came out and when Shinsei's friend died , a spirit girl came out. I'm really curious about those spirit like things that came out when they passed away.

Originally Posted by Forsaken_Infinity View Post
I had my own natural expectations for his growth, especially since he had displayed a great deal of maturity and continuous growth somewhat akin to that of Taichi from Chihayafuru but...)
I also like Satouru for his mature behaviors which are just like Taichi's from Chihayafuru. He was quite ruthless and inconsiderate during his first adventure helping Yokomaru.
Currently watching previous season anime: Chihayafuru 2

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Old 2013-02-22, 01:18   Link #84
Hiding Under Your Bed
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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
Thanks for the very thorough explanation and I think I might stick to bakenezumi for now on too are just the rats

I also didnt realize cantus was the wrong word either.
Personally, I've always been of the philosophy that as long as people understand what you're saying, that's all that's really important.

In the rather insular world of western anime fandom and discussion, I sincerely doubt people in this thread are really confused depending on which translation you are using, due to the tightly shared translations most viewers are watching.

Personally, I just call 'em rats, or rat people, or any other rat name, because I like treating them in a derogatory fashion.

Yes, I'd be the human who doesn't take them seriously, and eats it.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2013-02-23, 16:05   Link #85
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Finally, we've reached the 20th episodic mark along with the last trek of this tale.

The queerat mutants were the highlight moment of this episode not only in its lovecraftian design but in the way Yakomaru put them to good use in order to cause as many casualties as possible.

The retreat was deliberate in order to induce upon the naive humans a false sense of security so as to lower their mental guards and have the mutants sneaking inconspicuously underneath the channels in order to blow up Kamisu District 66th.

Humans are now paying with the blood and souls of their brethen for their arrogance and overconfidence in their Cantus. The Queerats have proved themselves to be greater schemers, cunning, and proactive to exploit the element of surprise against the humans lack of preparation for emergency situations such as the queerat's uprising.

Worst of yet is that they include psychological tactics so as to cause sleep deprivation upon humans, resulting within their own groups paranoia sinking in to the point that they're attacking each other out of fear, ignorance, or without assessing the situation prompting to accidental deaths and the rebound, translated into the death feedback.

Now, Kamisu District 66th has been reduced to ruins of smouldering rubble and to make matters continue getting worse the Fiend is coming towards the town's direction.
For next episode we would be seeing the end of Tomiko, if not that this episode had already implied that the audience saw the last of her for the remainder of the show.
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