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Old 2017-03-27, 20:44   Link #1
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Question Help finding general names for web novel


This is my first post here so I'm not very sure where to post this. I'm trying to start a "light novel" but since I'm an amateur it will be just a web novel and maybe if people like it I could grow from that.

The novel is going to be: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance, Harem, and Seinen.

Basically, I'm quite tired of reading mangas or light novels where everything is very childish. I mean, the characters are always quite stupid when talking about girls in general but same about girls. Also, I think that Seinen is better for what I want to do because the target audience isn't kids but they're welcome to read it. The thing is that even if I have a decent amount of details already in place, I don't know the most basic things.

For example, I want to use some Japanese words but not too much, just because I like it, names for characters (I'm doing quite a research because I know each name means something and it's important for each character).
In my universe, people can use element techniques to heal, make damage and a variety of different things. I want to name the main "energy" but since I don't know Japanese it's difficult to me and I don't know what to search online to find something like this.

Most of my favorite series have an original energy, in Dragon Ball there is ki, in Naruto there is chakra, in Bleach there is reiatsu, etc. You get the point, right? I want something like that, I was thinking about reiki because it means spiritual energy but as far as I know you can find it in other mangas/light novels. Maybe you guys can help me to find something original for some kind of spiritual energy like I said before for the different series.
Since I'm going to have elements in my universe I really liked how it was in Naruto (at least in Japanese). Raiton, Katon, Futon, Suiton, etc.

That's pretty easy to remember and quite awesome, each of them for a different element. As far as I know it means "element release" where elements are RAI, KA, FU, SUI, and TON means release. I want something like that, not to have very different names of reach element. The thing is that I can't find some information about this online, for example even if I write "water release" on Google Translator instead of "suiton" I get this ->Mizu no hōshutsu and that's not good.

Doing some research I found that SUI is the same as MIZU, which means water. The translator only shows Mizu. Wood is Mokuzai but in the series isn't Mokuzaton it's Mokuton, not sure why the zai part was removed since I don't know Japanese. Ice = Kori but in the series it's Hyoton. If I can't find something suitable maybe I will end up doing it directly with English words instead.

Could you give me some ideas for the element names? Maybe instead of release, it could be art, style or something you like. I'm not going to write the name of the techniques in Japanese because that would be a pain in the ass I just want the basic element formation before the technique.

In case you want to add something you would like, you're welcome!

Aside from that, I have some questions about how to start since this is my first time. Even if it's a hobby I would love to make money and maybe in the future make it a full-time job, sounds like a dream but without dreams we have nothing.
Trying to publish? Publishing through social media and accept donations? Make a blog for the novel? I'm not sure what to do. I have a job and some side projects as well so I don't have too much time for this, that's the reason why I want to make some money while doing it so I can spend more time writing and doing what I like.

If for some reason you found some bad grammar, take in consideration that English isn't my main language and I'm going to be very careful while writing and find some proofreaders as well to ensure the quality.

I can promote my novel on this forum or any other site that you know?

Thanks a lot for your valuable time!
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Old 2017-03-29, 13:22   Link #2
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Well I've written and read a bunch of fan fiction involving magic, so here's my tips:

It's magic, so it can work any way you desire, and be called anything you like, but it still needs to adhere to some internal logic for readers to understand what's going on. Especially when it comes to a mature audience...they appreciate this kind of thing about as much as how 'cool' things sound.

And to figure out that logic, you first create the setting for your story, then ask questions like...

"If people in here discovered and started studying magic, what would they call it?"

Let's say you want it to work in some kind of elemental system. "Why would magic work that way?"

Let's say you want its practitioners to chant or shout things to activate their magic. "Why is that necessary?" "What language would it be?"

It's not that easy to make a fantasy universe come together in a consistent manner, especially if it involves something as weird as magic. You'll end up having to think about this stuff probably far longer than actually writing about it, but after you do, finding answers to these kinds of questions becomes easier.

I would also advise against wedging in Japanese unnecessarily. It's hard enough to write things elegantly in English when it's not your mother tongue.
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Old 2017-03-30, 01:41   Link #3
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Those are some great tips and I'll start right away doing something like that.

I'm having a difficult time finding names and last names for my characters. I have different families and clans, they must have a good last name with a meaning depending on their background or abilities.

I don't know why but I don't like this, for example, "Lina White Eye". Picking just random names doesn't make sense for me. I'm crazy about the little details, not sure if that's good or bad but that's the way I am.
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Old 2017-03-30, 04:17   Link #4
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First off, what kind of novel is it going to be? Wuxia, xianxia, VR, isekai, eastern/western fantasy? Starting from there, you can determine the degree of difficulty your universe will have - western and VR are the most simple to make, while eastern xianxia can take a LOT of effort to properly explain.

Naming: translated tales are sometimes directly translated, resulting in colors and traits being used in the naming process, while others keep it in its original form. Some people went out of their way to romanize all character names, which were later on changed to eastern versions (Coiling Dragon). Use whichever you want, as long as you keep it steady.

Fantasy elements: depends on the kind of novel. Western novels can go full DnD with elements, magic scriptures and schools, etc. Eastern novels mainly focus on ki points and gathering essence in a warrior's dantian to expand their soul level, ultimately fighting against the heavens in an attempt to reach immortality or the level of a progenitor. The basic eastern elements are fire, water, metal, wood and earth; others focus on specific martial arts that later on converge to form greater concepts, up to a primordial level.

A word of warning: making a basic novel is easy because there is a patern to it - trash character has a life-changing event, becomes a genius, tramples everyone in his way and makes enemies with the older generation of various clans. Manslaughter and slapping of face guaranteed. Jumping power levels basically resets the status quo, with a new romantic interest and opponent in each level. The problem with this is that the actual plot progresses very slowly, so if you want to make a truly interesting novel, you'll have to thoroughly think it through beforehand.
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Old 2017-03-31, 09:33   Link #5
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I'm going with Xianxia, but I have a few different things, I could say 90% Xianxia with some exceptions.

Yesterday I found some inspiration and now I have like 30 different main names for families, clans, sects, etc.

Reading some forums some people recommended to create a plot list, not everything just a few words with numbers to create some kind of content list for each chapter.

I'm doing this list now and it's very cool, you can refer to it in the future if you feel lost but it allows you to think properly what to write and you can know if it makes sense or not to the main plot.
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