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Old 2019-01-24, 21:43   Link #521
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^My guess is that he's only talking about changing minor details, not anything drastic. Otherwise, I'm on the same page as you.... Oda should stick to his own flow, not pander to the audience. In fact, we already have examples of him sticking to his guns (notice he still has no intention of reviving Ace, despite the character's popularity). That being said, I feel pretty confident that the series will overall end as Oda envisioned, small details aside.
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Old 2019-01-24, 22:38   Link #522
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Well, it's clearly interesting that Oda makes Amazon Lily Arc so his child won't keep asking or blabbering about how he draw girls breasts if he do that after his child was born.

At least he took the advice from the doctor very clearly though since if you oppose the doctor, your career can be in danger through health condition.

I wonder how big is his house and his workplace, anyway. Too cramped? Nope. He needs a total silence when working. Hopefully sizable enough for him and his assistant.

(Hoping Oda's wife can also act like Nami to break Luffy's spirit when he overwork himself so he can get some relax from time to time.)
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Old 2019-02-28, 13:30   Link #523
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Aged Nami's pictures from the SBS are available.
'Let's not make the mistake to doubt the mind or good will of every man with a different opinion.'
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Old 2019-03-03, 15:08   Link #524
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First off, here's February's Vivre Card info (it has some particularly interesting info about the Blackbeard pirates!). Next up, volume 92's SBS info is out, so let's see what we've got:

-As mentioned above, we have future Nami:

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

^BTW, the reader who requested that asked for future Robin as well, but Oda said that will wait until next time.

-Someone asks why Oda uses the sound effects "ben" (べん) and "beben" (べべーん) instead of the usual "don" (ドン) for the Wano arc. The author replies that he's emulating the sound of a biwa (aka the Japanese lute), though the instrument he's mainly shown being played so far was the shamisen. He concludes by expressing his wish for the anime team to portray the music well when they reach this point in the story.

-A reader notes that the usually-busty female characters seem to have their ample bosoms hidden away when wearing kimonos. Oda says he got letters from fans who pointed out that real-life busty women would often hide their chests in kimonos to better emphasize their silhouettes, so he took that advice to heart in his drawings.

-Someone asks how Zoro's swords would look should they be personified. Oda complies:

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-More pervy stuff: Someone thought Momonosuke may have been an adult since he said he met Roger, but after the time travel reveal, it turns out he's just a pervert kid who enjoys getting spoiled by Nami and Robin. Another reader says men become Nami's slave because of her huge pair of "kibidangos" (), and lastly, Oda confirms that now that Shiryuu has the suke suke ability.... he will indeed use it to peep on women's baths!

-Fave and least fave foods of the seven captains of the Straw-Hat grand fleet:


Likes: Roses
Hates: Ramen


Likes: Dagashi (cheap candy/snacks)
Hates: Veggies

Don Sai

Likes: Bento from his sweetheart
Hates: Crab


Likes: Doner kebab
Hates: Pork


Likes: Pumpkin
Hates: Spicy foods


Likes: Meatballs
Hates: Semla


Likes: Boiled eggs
Hates: Fancy cooking
^Interesting tidbit there about Hajrudin disliking semla. I have a feeling we can thank Linlin for that....

-Someone points out that Sanji's goatee is missing the line leading to his mouth since arriving at Wano (an example is shown on the page with the future Nami drawings). The reader thinks it might be another symbol of the cook distancing himself from Judge, but Oda more or less admits he forgot to draw it (though he also claims Sanji just shaved it off, heh), and promises the missing bit of facial hair will return!

-A reader notices that in chapter 916, there was a flag with the characters "猛岩斧関" (something like "fierce boulder axe gate"), which seems to be a reference to the early villain, Axe-Hand Morgan. While Oda says the characters do refer to Morgan, that was really more of an Easter egg that his background assistants drew as a joke. In fact, there may be even more such Easter eggs hidden throughout the panels....

-Here's a really interesting one: Someone notes that the carpenter boss Franky worked for resembles "Minatoma-san", the carpenter from Luffy's hometown of Fuschia Village! Oda says that while it's not the same person, both Minatomas ARE related. For as it turns out, a ship from Wano sailed to East Blue a few decades ago, and a descendant of one of those passengers is someone us readers are familiar with. Interestingly, Oda says he's even thinking of touching a bit more on this in the main story, though he notes it won't be a major plot point, just something minor.

^Whoa, is Oda hinting that Zoro may have Wano lineage!? And I guess the "good future" Nami learned Dr. Kureha's secret to eternal youth (her age 60 design reminds me more of Shakky, though). Some pretty cool stuff this SBS. Well, until next time!
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Old 2019-03-03, 19:24   Link #525
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The descendants from Wano are most likely Kuina's family, hence why it'll be a minor plot point. Zoro learned swordmanship from Kuina's father and therefore the "yell" from Wano from him.
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Old 2019-03-03, 22:03   Link #526
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Paying close attention to Zoro's flashback(s), I noted that he just showed up one day at Koushirou's dojo, but there is nothing about where he was before that, or about his parentage, just like with Sanji (and Nami, for that matter). I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Zoro has some significant connection to Wano. In fact, I'd be more surprised if he didn't. Still, it could be a red herring by Oda. We'll just have to see.
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