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Old 2015-04-17, 19:51   Link #41
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Aaaannnddd... I'm back. Wow, it sure was a while since I updated here! Well I have watched several titles so here we go =)

Read Or Die OVA - Can't say I was impressed. It seemed kind of slow and action wasn't really that exciting neither did I like any of the characters. Though I liked slight drama towards the end. I rate it 6/10.

Tari Tari - It wasn't as engaging as Hansaku Iroha and some of the drama felt slightly forced. However, it still was a pleasant watch with some nice music and characters. I do like this sort of shows after all, slice of life with an actual story and some drama in-between. Are there any more shows like this? After seeing Glasslip horrible rating and reviews, can't say I'm very interested.

It is 7/10 from me.

Redline - It was a while since I watched it but style was nice even though I was not as impressed with animation as most, there were quiet a few still frames from what I remember. But as action it worked so 8/10.

Lovely Complex - romance aren't exactly my thing unless they are unique and this one was. It did take time to get used to animation and most voice acting was just bad, especially Seiko. Still find her voice weird. There also were tons of clichés but all of them were solved very fast without going overboard and it is rare to meet a romance male lead that is not tall, cool and handsome. Risa differs as well, not tiny. Most of the jokes were quiet fun, Nobuko deserves an award for best supporting role. Those two totally deserved most of the smacking she gave them. Over all it was fun so 8/10

Kill La Kill - surprise surprise, I actually enjoyed it. Yes, animation is weird and goes over the top like TTGL but the thing is, Kill la Kill established itself as an exaggeration series from a get go. The moment Gamagori entered the room, you knew what to expect and series followed the rules it established. 1 star uniforms are this strong, 2 star are stronger and 3 star are even better. With some research, they got improved and so on. Series created the rules and followed them, TTGL never had any rules to begin with. Robot just got bigger whenever they felt like it so yeh...

Mako is a weird one, she and her family were pretty flat as characters but did eventually start to develop some sort of purpose and personality even if it was small. Besides Mako was considered as an odd ball even by characters. Actually lots of things that you find weird, were made fun of in the actual show like stripping, Mako's antics, that weird nudist beach robots and etc. So things like this did not bother me here since they all were part of the set up from a get go.

Though there is way too much fan service, at least it was for both genders. While a lot of people prefer first half, I liked second one more when series started to have some sort of plot even if it was not complicated one. Ending was slightly underwhelming.

It's not really something that I would re-watch, but for a one time watch it was good enough with some really cool soundtracks so it's 8/10. I'm glad that I gave it a go.

Hikaru no Go - ah, I might have to spoiler tag this one. But over all series are strong and engaging, first 10 or so episodes had me on the edge, I really like this sort of atmosphere. However,...
Spoiler for spoilers ahead:

But over all series were really enjoyable with lots of memorable moments, wish there was more of an actual conclusion but otherwise it was good. Wouldn't minds to watch something similar, 8/10 it is.

Next am thinking of watching:
Eden of the East
Last Exile
Ookiku Furikabutte

If there are any other titles you want to point out form my list, go ahead =)
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Old 2015-04-18, 14:22   Link #42
Draco Spirit
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Just watched Eden of the East today funny enough. Its a very interesting show that makes you think, but I think the series itself doesn't fully answer all the questions its raises.. then again I've yet to watch the movies!
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