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Old 2010-07-31, 21:44   Link #1
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Sora Kake licensed by Bandai Entertainment

Bandai Entertainment announced at Otakon 2010 that they will be distributing Sora wo Kake Shoujo in North America, using the title "The Girl Who Leapt Through Space".

This thread can be used to discuss expectations about this release (though please keep all "licensing sucks"/"dubs suck"/"Bandai sucks" whatever posts out of this thread).
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Old 2010-08-01, 13:41   Link #2
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Somehow I wasn't able to get around to watching this series originally outside of one episode just to get an idea of what the series was about. Maybe now I can get around to seeing the rest of the series.
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Old 2010-08-01, 21:43   Link #3
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About time some one got this one I really like this one I just hope they dub this
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Old 2010-08-14, 11:42   Link #4
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Was announced today at Amecon that the series is also licensed by Beez for a UK release. Fantastic news.
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Old 2010-08-14, 11:49   Link #5
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I'm actually pretty shocked this was licensed. It's very niche and didn't seem to be overly popular on this side of the pond (not sure about Japan).

I personally enjoyed it, but I don't consider it to be anything amazing (I liked Mai-HiME more, except for the shitty ending).
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