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Old 2013-06-22, 19:13   Link #1
FightingMagic Founder
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Tenkai Knights

I didn't see a thread on this, but looks like the project is confirmed. Press release (in English) is as follows:

Spin Master Entertainment Teams up with Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. to Bring Tenkai Knights to Cartoon Network

Spin Master Entertainment and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. (ShoPro) are proud to introduce, Tenkai Knights, a new animated TV show, which will debut on Cartoon Network later this year.
Saving the world is serious business and should never be taken lightly. It is only for the brave of heart. Guren, Ceylan, Chooki, and Toxsa were not planning on being heroes when they accidentally stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal. Ripped through space and time, they reemerged on another world as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor, and Valorn… the legendary Tenkai Knights!

"We're so excited for Tenkai Knights to be launching on Cartoon Network," says Spin Master Entertainment's Jennifer Dodge, Executive Producer of the series. "Together with ShoPro, we plan to tell great stories about the Tenkai Knights and their adventures.”

Akira Fujita, ShoPro’s Executive Director says, "We are thrilled to be working with Spin Master. The partnership of our two companies fuses leading innovation with great storytelling. We are excited to now introduce Tenkai Knights to children around the world!"

As a follow up to the world-wide phenomenon Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Tenkai Knights will feature 52 episodes, webisodes, an interactive website as well an extensive toy line, complete with a full 360◦ integrated marketing campaign.

Spin Master is responsible for distributing Tenkai Knights in North & South America, ShoPro in Asian territoriers, and VIZ Media Europe in EMEA territories.
Source: ANN, Today Licensing Worldwide

Not confirmed if Bones is working on this just yet, but it's likely. Since it's being co-produced with a Canadian partner and already licensed for the Western market (including Cartoon Network), I can only hope that this gets a proper dub, regardless how toyatic in nature this turns out to be.
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Old 2013-08-10, 17:27   Link #2
FightingMagic Founder
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Bumping this up. Apparently the air date for Tenkai Knights will be August 24th on Cartoon Network. No confirmed staff as of yet, but there is a promotional trailer out for it now:

Looks like this show uses heavy CGI... Not sure how I'm feeling about this, to be quite honest. I guess we'll see in the next couple of weeks.
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Old 2013-08-11, 15:50   Link #3
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It looks like something designed to sell toys. :X

...Not far off, since I see Spin Master on the resume. But I keep seeing Lego's LOL.
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Old 2014-02-28, 12:43   Link #4
FightingMagic Founder
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So, the series got confirmed to be airing in Japan soon, starting April 5th at 9:00AM on TV Tokyo Network (with roll outs on different affiliates at different times). Crunchyroll has a translation of the cast listing, which you can view here.

As for the staff? The staff are as followed:

Original Concept: Spin Master
Director: Mitsuru Hongo
Series Composition: Jin Kanada
Main Character Designs: Toshiro Kawamoto
Character Designs: Shigeru Fujita
Mechanical Designs: Takayuki Yanase, Fujirou
Concept Design: Shinji Aramaki
Chief Animation Director: Shigeru Fujita, Koji Sugiura
3DCG Production: Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment
Animation Production: Bones
Production:: Spin Master, Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions

Still no word on the Opening and Endings as of yet. I'm guessing we'll probably find out in the next couple of weeks.
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Old 2014-04-06, 02:40   Link #5
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I enjoy the original show. I didn't think I would like it at first, but the characters and humor are good. Beni is fascinating in how I don't think I ever wanted to punch someone so young. I wonder what the dub cast will sound like.

OP is nice too
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