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Old 2017-10-08, 12:16   Link #221
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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This episode made me feel for Sayla more than ever. Poor girl.

I had forgotten just how many people the colony drop killed. Half of the world's population. Holy crap.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2018-04-25, 12:08   Link #222
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Old 2018-04-25, 17:40   Link #223
Senior Member
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I still hope this leads to a full on "one year war remake"
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Old 2018-04-28, 08:40   Link #224
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Finally watched Episode 5.

Absolutely amazing as always but I felt like they could've given more focus on the impact on Operation British. Don't get me wrong, the show did give a lot of focus on it, but given the sheer scale of the casualties involved, it would've been nice to see an actual POV from the Federation on Earth (we only get Zeon POV really). A real sombre moment among the survivors/politicians to reflect on the sheer cataclysmic scale of their loss. I mean, just imagine how much 9/11 affected US foreign (and domestic) policy and that was only a tiny fraction compared to this.

The Federation must have been utterly appalled, not just at the casualties but at the fact that Zeon leaders weren't backing down. At this point Zeon lost all credibility. Would've been nice to have more of a POV into a Zeon supporters mindset and how they would come to terms with the colony drop. Have a scene devoted to them being barraged with fake news and Putin-esque propaganda and this show would've been an instant 10/10.

I was a little bit peeved when Sayla said the Federation and Zeon were all the same. I appreciate that at the time she was under attack by thugs supporting the Federation but that just reeked of false equivalence. That said, I still felt extraordinarily sympathetic to Sayla. She's not lead an easy life but she's become an admirable woman nonetheless. It's such a damn same she gets shafted storywise after the One Year War.

I was disappointed in Dolze. The fact that he played an instrumental part in Operation British is utterly unforgivable but it's made worse when he's able to go back to a family and pretend he's not the monster he is. He does show some self awareness, but I guess the guilt is just too much for him and he tries to justify the murder of billions of people in the most pathetic way possible. It's a much more interesting take on a genocidal monster than the one dimensional moustache twirling monsters you usually see though. i actually liked the guy before this episode.

I also enjoyed the brief segway into Amuro's life in the prelude. I was surprised by how much of a gutsy punk Kai Shiden was back in those days. I always interpreted him as some privileged snivelly narcissist.

Char didn't have much screentime this episode. I thought the previous episode didn't have much focus on him either compared to the others so it looks like this Loum Arc has shifted quite a bit in focus. I'm also hoping this means a One Year War remake.
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Old 2018-05-12, 16:19   Link #225
Psyco Diver
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Episode 6 is up in Hulu, didn't realize that it came out like a week ago. Finally get the action we have been waiting for plus allot of good back story and depth to allot of the Zeon characters
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Old 2018-05-31, 17:05   Link #226
Infinite Zenith
Operation sneaky sneaks
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It looks like the BD release will be somewhere in July. Haven't heard anything about Part 6 being on Amazon or PSN, so the BD release is when most of us will likely be watching this one.
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