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Old 2023-01-04, 13:44   Link #24381
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Lmao so it turns out Oscars monster house dungeon was designed to harass Vandre lol
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Old 2023-01-04, 18:48   Link #24382
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Which one? The entire Orcus Labyrinth?
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Old 2023-01-04, 19:23   Link #24383
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Originally Posted by sierra117 View Post
Which one? The entire Orcus Labyrinth?
Yeah the Great Orcus Labyrinth. The recent after story has them speculating, and realistically imagining, Oscar making his entire labyrinth a monster fest just to get under Vandre skin after they realize Vandre was the one worked hardest in all the labyrinths creations due to all the monsters he had to train. Oscars dungeon, which according to Miledi, was supposed to be the last one. Yet has no real gimmicks. Just a constant barrage of extremely powerful monsters. This makes the, think Oscar intentionally designed it that way lol
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Old 2023-03-09, 19:17   Link #24384
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I decided to do another read before the last volume drops in English. I realized something I didn’t realize in my previous reads. In volume 2 the beast men see the forest as the labyrinth before Hajime rebuts them. They aren’t wrong however. Each labyrinth essentially has an outer and inner labyrinth.

Reisen: the gorge has dangerous monsters and the effect of dispersing magic.
Gruen: There is the desert, the storm, and the worms to deal with first.
Schnee: the sheer cold and snow.
Melusine: being underwater.
Barns: they have to go through the church just to get to it.
Haltina: the very forest and the need to get the beast men to assist.
Orcus: There the first hundred floors and I suspect outside the back door Hajime used, and potentially Yues uncle, probably requires all 6 marks of completion to enter normally since Miledi said it was intended to be completed last. Too bad the author didn’t expand on this in the ttj like the Melusine ruins and Gruen volcano normal routes.

On another note I think I have the order they intended for them to be completed.

Orcus 1-100

Beginner labyrinths (no prerequisites)
1/2 Reisen: for humans
1/2 Schnee: for demons
3. Gruen

Intermediate (has prerequisites)
4. Melusine: requires Gruen to be completed
5/6 Barns: 2 labyrinths and defeating the church or an apostle.
5/6 Haltina: 4 labyrinths completed

Orcus 101 - 200: stated by Miledi

Also I get the feeling the “evacuation” system in the Reisen labyrinth was installed by the other 6 liberators because they knew successful challengers would be out for Miledi blood by the end lmao. I could see Miledi confused while the rest reached a consensus that it was absolutely needed lol

I also realized why the author closed down the Gruen dungeon for the length of the story. If Hajime provided artifacts that blocked out heat like in the Schnee labyrinth, even Kouki would have a relatively easy time in the dungeon. Especially if Tio and Kaori were with him.

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