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I don't know about losing interest, yeah I don't like waiting a week between eps, nor do I likle those animes, usually action that put those annoying cliffhangers that drive you nuts waiting to se what happens.

I now just watch series that are already done and fully subbed. I know there is a certain effect to watching a series out each week as it comes out but the convience to watching a completed series is that I can pick the times and how many episodes I want to watch. Total Control. Cliffhangers arn't so bothersome anymore since I can see what happens. I never have to worry about licensing and having a series stopped being subbed either since I already downloaded the whole series. I guess for people like me who don't have much free time or patience this is the way to go.

As for it ending quickly, ater getting through some good shorts series such a Rozen Maiden, I found that it's always good to keep in mind that things do end, and so it's not a problem. I dwell on it (if it's good) for a few days maybe before starting a new series next week.

I can also (this may be cheating) scan some future episodes, so even if the first couple seen slow or bad, I can get a preview of what happens later, as opposed to a week by week routine where I may lose interest and then drop it only before it gets good/ends good. Yeah I'm the type that will watch an entire series no matter how boring to see if it gets good, unless there is some serious thing that turns me off completely.

That said I read reviews now (and old topics on finished series around this forum) so I can tell if I'll like a series before even seeing it.

No more repeat ever of that GS Destiny experience I had. What a waste of waiting each week for 52 episodes.
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