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Old 2017-01-14, 03:38   Link #2561
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Originally Posted by BladeMancer View Post
Nah this new guy looks more like Tintin than Vault boy.
The hair and eyes are like Tintin's, but he'd need to have a rounded-tube nose to fully be Tintin.

I'd say new guy looks like Vault Boy with Tintin's hair.
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Old 2017-01-14, 05:12   Link #2562
I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Roxis View Post
Many have talked Tintin quirk might phasing like Kitty Pride.
But i doubt that after him demonstrated to moved his face from wall to the ground.
Is Phasing user really able to do that? For i recall Phasing limited to pass the object but it doesn't defy gravity law as the user still must walk above ground
You can phase through the ground and "decide" you won't phase through some layer of the soil. If you "decide" that only the first 160cm of the ground is "intangible" to you, you can do what Tintin did.
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Old 2017-01-14, 07:47   Link #2563
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Ah i see.
Thanks for explanation, that make sense now.
I was under impression they should limited because they are not spectre but true even limited they can set it up.
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action, coming of age, great supporting cast, shounen, superhero, unique art/plot

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