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Old Yesterday, 19:00   Link #41
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Southeastern US
After episode 2, I am no longer sure that even having a nekkid, white haired cat girl could help this. The plot seems so contrived just existing to hang story cliches on. Maybe one more episode if I feel up to it.
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Old Yesterday, 19:32   Link #42
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wow, now which they explainned everything after the crazy episode, things really look better now, i really liked this episode and will stick with this serie, liked all the fun moments my only little complain could be the "chain team" is no longer a threat like they get down too fast, i really feel bad for then, now next team is comming which is the "dagger" team, with a sort of "tomboish/tsundere loli and her servant, this gonna be interesting.
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Old Yesterday, 22:11   Link #43
Nekokota Festival
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Seems like his parents are cool letting him take a bath with Koyori
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Spoiler for ep2:

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Ep 02

I think the biggest problem for me after watching episode two is realizing that parg of me really wants to like this series ... I really enjoyed what the studio did with the K franchise.

But this ... this almost seems to be going out of it's way to discourage me 85% of the time and trickle teensy slivers of "this could go somewhere" flashes in front of me.

Regretfully, I think I will be dropping this one.... Kinda disappointing.
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Old Today, 13:58   Link #46
Wandering Soul
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The second episode was sort of better. I'm mostly just glad that they finally got the camera under control.

Koyori better get some development soon because at this rate she comes off more as a plot device than an actual character.
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Old Today, 14:26   Link #47
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
"brings back memories"? Did he take baths with his little sister and get nosebleeds as a result?
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