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Old 2004-09-27, 08:03   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
Need help with Dissertation. PLEASE HELP! THANKS!

Hi guys!

Right im doing this dissertation about western Vs Eastern animation. So im looking for ppl to help me answer some questions.

I know ppl in here love One Piece, but im sure people in here also enjoy other animations ( or maybe not :/) i just want your honest opinion. Im very graeful if you guys can help me out on this! the more ppl answerign the merrier! THANKS ALOT GUYS!!!

below is the Qustion:

1) Do you prefer WESTERN ANIMATION (e.g Disney, Pixar, cartoon network) to EASTERN ANIMATION (e.g Anime, MANGA, Hayao miyazaki) ? And WHY?

please consider why it appeals to u, and whats better and what you like or dont like about western or eastern animation. Or if you like abit of both please tell type the reasons wat you like and dislike about each one.

2) if possible could you state where you are from and your age plz

Please give your honest opinions.


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Old 2004-09-27, 18:13   Link #2
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: World overloaded with fun
Age: 34
The server has been funky all day. Might as well...

1 - Eastern. I was born in Taiwan and have encountered Japanese animation first. I didn't really "get into it" until 6th grade or so when they started broadcasting Slam Dunk; it was really influencial and popular to a lot of the boys back then, and I guess I've been hooked ever since. But as for why it appeals to me, I'm sure it has something to do with the intended audience--anime have a wide range but more for the teens (thus the sometimes graphical violent or sexual nature) whereas American cartoons are generally aimed towards a younger audience (not that teens and adults can't enjoy them).

Nowadays in US, older age groups refer to 3D Pixar-ish movies as "animation" instead of "cartoon" for the same reason ardent anime fans insist they watch "anime," but those movies are still saddled by the American view that animations are meant for children and therefore cannot be Rated-R.

2 - California, 20
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Old 2004-09-27, 19:10   Link #3
~Lost in the Moonlight~
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Location: WA State
Age: 45
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Thumbs up

I definitely perfer Eastern Animation. Wow the things these people can draw and make realistic. The quality is just astounding. I cannot get enough. Western Animation on the other hand is just plain lame. My kids watch some of the american cartoons and the style is just horrendous. People look all funky and cartoony if you know what I mean. Disney and Pixar and such are also aimed at children rather than adults so the enterainment level is lower.
I live in Washington State USA and am 31.
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Old 2004-09-27, 20:15   Link #4
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
Cheers guys!! exatly wat im lookign for!

Plz keep it coming ppl!!!!! thanks!!!
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Old 2004-09-27, 21:33   Link #5
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Austin, TX
Age: 36
I prefer eastern animation. The most influential reason is that this type of animation usually has an ongoing story/plot and isn't episodic. The story is what's most important to me, and American cartoons almost never have a firm plot and are episodic, though I do enjoy some shows like Dexter's Laboratory.

I'm 22 and I live in Texas as of last month.

By the way, if you are doing this for a dissertation like for a PhD or something I personally think the results you get here will be crap. First of all, your selection group (us) is likely to be completely biased towards anime because these are anime forums. Second, the responses you get are totally optional, so you'll likely get responses from only certain types of people. If you are planning to use this data for a serious study, don't.
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Old 2004-09-27, 21:44   Link #6
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Sol System
As what ROOTS says, it's going to be biased a little so take everything with a grain of salt.

Eastern: Some shows are more realistic and has some semblance to real life. Graphics are more smooth while western is more ruggid.

Western: Less to do with culture and more "fake" and deals more with comedy than real life. It' is like an escape.

For example, for a Western culture which is supposed to be more open many issues (family problems, underage sex, prostitution, rape, etc) are not shown while eastern (closed) shows this from show to show.

Eastern also allows for the audience to draw their own conclusions to how things should work out while Western guides you in hand. For example, Eastern animation does not always provide you with a "cinderella ending" - happy ever after" while western ties everything all nice an neat. Western also has the "disney" effect where everything works out ok and the good guys always wins.

I did a paper similar to yours and I would recommend you take a look more from psychology as to why animation is affecte by culture. You will see how culture plays into these themes.

As to where I'm from
- this week, I'm in Seattle,WA. Next week I will be in Chiba, Japan and the following month in Taipei. Sorry, I do not really have a perm home since I travel 75% of the time. Pick one of them and you will get it right :P

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Old 2004-09-28, 04:07   Link #7
from head to heel
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 36
I don't know what your main thesis is, but first of all I think you should define exactly what Western and Eastern animation are. What makes them different from one another? How are they related? How did they come to be? And how do you define animation in this context and why do you consider such a definition in this context? Are you limiting the term to theatrical animation, animated TV shows, or simply animation from ads to short clips. Etc., etc. For example, animated stuff from Korea or China may be also called "Eastern animation."

Culture also plays a large role in how animation is perceived by its core audience, as AnimeOni says. But since we live in a globalized era, the boundaries of culture have become blurred. Culture is shared, hence we see Western influences in Eastern animation and vice-versa.

And oh, what Roots said should also be taken into consideration. The anonymity that the internet provides will make it hard for you to cite us as your sources. I doubt "anime forums" will look good on your bibliography.

As for me, what do I prefer? It's already pretty obvious, but I can also enjoy Western animation. What's good is good is all I can say. However, I'm more biased for anime because of the variety it possesses. Moreover, anime is arguably a subculture.

Anyway, good luck with your paper.
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Old 2004-09-28, 05:57   Link #8
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Age: 97
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1.) I choose Western animation over eastern. Even though at a young age I was exposed to a lot of anime (Macross, Akira, YYH to name a few), I've always leaned towards american/western style of animation. For example I used to be a diehard Rurouni Kenshin fan, I knew everything, I loved the characters, the story, and the music, but it ends. Like almost every anime, at somepoint there's an ending. While as a majority of western animation have no real "ending" but continue on sometimes delivering the stuff that made RK great for me. For example Batman: The Animated Series (TAS) that ran during the 90s featured wonderful plots, a great musical score, drama and at times philosophical thought. Usually when you're rooting for Batman to catch the bad guys, you feel sadness and pitty for the consquences that brought them to that life, and even worst for Batman who has to bring them in. (Examples: Feat of Clay part 1&2 and Heart of Ice). And at the sametime, that show could bring outragous humor like the episode entitled "Almost got 'em" when a group of villians tell their hilarious recounts when they almost got Batman or Gotham Knights: "Joker's Million" when Joker tries to pull crimes while flat broke, then suddenly becomes a millionare (legit). Even though the "never ending stories" could easily be a negative aspect as a postive one, I enjoy seeing characters I love continue to be alive.

Even though Batman:TAS is old, it brought to me everything I watched anime for, emotion, comedy and pure entertainment. Even now the newly airing JLU (Justice League Unlimited) features the same qualities with episodes like "The Man Who Has Everything" and "Greatest Story Never Told". I also grew up with Disney, and no matter how great an eastern show/movie will ever get, it will never replace the classics I grew up with watching in the theatres.

When it comes to actual animation (movement/backgrounds/drawing style) eastern usually wins over american/western style. But that's basically like saying, I like a game for merely its graphics. Don't get me wrong as animation is a huge impact to a show's enjoyablity, but if the show is able to carter your other needs, then such aspects like that won't be as big of a problem as it would be otherwise.

There's also the entirely different cultural aspect to each side. I'm not Japanese, and to a greater extent I am not asian. Even though I've studied Japanese for years, and visited the country, no matter how much culture, slang I pick up or TV and music I'm exposed too, I'm from where I am.

All in all, its really what you enjoyed as a kid, I grew up with as much eastern as I did with western. But when it comes down to it, I'm making sure an hour of my Saturday night is free to catch JLU/TT while I may take days to download a current show that's being fansubbed.

2.) I'm from CA, and I'm 22.

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Old 2004-09-28, 07:54   Link #9
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Location: Netherlands, Maastricht
Age: 32
1) I agree with JubeiYamazaki, and I also love Batman: The Animated Series.
Shows like Batman: TAS, X-men (original series), and some other pull it to 60% - 40% in favor of western. But then there is Spongebob and some other worthless stuff (good for a laugh once, when you're absolutely bored..) which then pulls it to 50% - 50% for me. Eastern animation has such a high level of variety, alot of different things...enough fore everybody to enjoy something.
Meh....50-50 for me...

2) Netherlands, 18 years old
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Old 2004-09-28, 08:10   Link #10
A complex "maybe"
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Age: 27
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1. I likes them equally. Why? Because I loves Zim. Yes, I does. And I loves Fullmetal alchemist. YAY.
2. CO, 13. I'm old, yay.
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Old 2004-09-28, 13:17   Link #11
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Thanks for the replys guys! much aprreciated!

And to answer Kujoe as i have stated for eastern animation(e.g anime, manga etc) which is basically japanese animation. as for Korean and chinese animation, me being chinese i can answer you that korean and chinese animation is bascially japanese!! in places like Hong Kong and China they dont have there own style, they just use japanese animation and then Dub it. most of the animations which they do try to do ends up like anime.

as for bad idea on forums i dont think it is. i love anime myself, but im not totally biased over it, to me anime is most interesting( story wise, ideas, characters) i love it because its not boring and there is a large range to choose from and its not only aimed at children.

western animation on the other hand are far better technically, there animation is flawless!! spot on! no doubt japanese animation is not as good and sometimes very bad. but the thing wrong with alot of animation ( Disney ) they have really boring storys, and are maily aimed at children so this sometimes restricts the audience. a good expample is TREASURE PLANET by Disney, this story is basically Treasure Island but a more futuristic verison, there is nothing new in the story, i admit the quality of the animation is superb and tons better than japanese animation, BUT! its been done before, there is nothing new there, story is the same.

saying that PIXAR (Toy Story, monsters inc) are producing EXCELLENT STUFF! great stories! great characters! amazing animation! everything about it is exellent! The company is doing fantastic! Disney ont he other hand isnt, all there new animations are poo, they are only surviving on the classics that they have produced, they have the talent , but without the ideas its just notgood enough.

to me wat makes a good animation is story! if thats missing no matter how good the animation is, how good the quality is! it just wont work! good example is FINAL FANTASY , SPIRITS WITHIN . excellent looks, but story was not, which ended up being a failure.

hope this has cleared up some of the questions and plz keep posting and give your personal opinions like the one which i just gave above! thanks!
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Old 2004-09-28, 17:21   Link #12
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Originally Posted by Roots
I prefer eastern animation. The most influential reason is that this type of animation usually has an ongoing story/plot and isn't episodic. The story is what's most important to me, and American cartoons almost never have a firm plot and are episodic, ...
Agreed. I really like animes with good plot and interesting characters like Scrapped Princess, Violinist of Hamelin or Rose of Versailles.
Also I have noticed that I like romance since I watch anime. That is a bit strange because I really dislike real soap operas (bad actors trying to show feelings) or romance movies.
Maria-sama ga miteru is a good example for this strange trend .

I donīt know if these genres even exist in american cartons.
For me american cartons are the Simpsons, Futurama or Southpark. I like all of them but I really know very little western animation besides comedy.

I once watched half of a Futurama season box owned by my brother in one day.
It is really like eating to much sugar or chocolate. Gag after joke after gag...
In the end I stopped.
This can happen with animeshows too, but sometimes I have to force myself to sleep because you want to know what happens next. Ongoing plots are great.

I am also to old (32, from germany) for Disney movies. I have seen a few of the newer ones, but I didnīt like them.
I enjoyed Titan AE.

The quality of the animation is not so important for me.

Perhaps I should watch more american non comedy shows. Looking at my post I see I am a bit biased .

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Old 2004-09-28, 17:49   Link #13
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My first thought when I saw the post:
you asked in the bloody wrong place buddy.

Do you think it is wise to ask such a question at a forum name animesuki?

Wouldn't you think the result would be a bit..I don't know, weigh to a side like a 400 pound gizzly on one side of a see-saw?

If all you want is result is data and you don't care about the objectivity and biasity of the data, fine go ahead.

But the answers are pretty much useless if I ever have the need to conduct servey.

Thats all I felt when I read the thread. And now here is my answer

Yes of course I like *Eastern cartoon, or else why would I spend my time here instead of at the Disney forum .

*The correct term would be Japanese. Even within East Asia, different country has dramaticly different style.

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Old 2004-09-28, 18:10   Link #14
Weapon of Mass Discussion
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Originally Posted by mushy83
as for bad idea on forums i dont think it is. i love anime myself, but im not totally biased over it, to me anime is most interesting( story wise, ideas, characters) i love it because its not boring and there is a large range to choose from and its not only aimed at children.
This forum is totally biased regardless of your opinion. The fact that you agree with us is meaningless. If you want your dissertation to be balanced then you need to post a similar question on a forum devoted to western animation. Your professor would refuse to give you a good grade if your sources are so one sided.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2004-09-28, 19:12   Link #15
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1) Eastern animation is more realistic, and that makes it cuter and more attractive.

2) From Massachusetts, age 16
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Old 2004-09-29, 00:31   Link #16
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There's no problem with asking for opinions here, but I've got to agree that as a survey sample, this isn't going to cut it. For that matter, as a survey question, this isn't a very good one either, so it's just as well.


I refuse to say a series is going to be bad based solely on which half of the planet it originates from, but in general I lean towards eastern anime-style projects, for the shear volume more than anything else. I first got into it because I was wowed by the different stories they told, something completely apart from western series. But over time I've watched a lot of shows, and learned that anime has it's own generic elements that carry from show to show. While I'm still willing to watch most of what comes out, I'm forced to continue my quest for the new, original, and unique that led me to eastern animation in the first place.

Stuff like Batman: TAS and Justice League are entertaining, but they don't offer anything new or even particularly interesting. From the same period I look to shows like The Pirates of Dark Water or The Tick, which experimented with their approach to design and story-telling. It's probably the same reason that I'm willing to say after only 2 episodes that Windy Tales is the best new show out, simply because it's trying things that haven't been tried before.

To summarize: east or west is all good, as long as it's original, I'll like it more.

I'm from Austin, TX, 24 years of age. Yoroshiku na.
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Old 2004-09-29, 03:23   Link #17
I can see time itself!
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I like all animation as long as it's good, but then again I would have to say I prefer "eastern" animation because there are series with ongoing storylines and that aren't episodic in nature, something that I prefer. Then again I probably like "The Simpsons" more than any "eastern" animation I have watched.

18 years old, Sweden (Northern Europe)
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Old 2004-09-29, 08:34   Link #18
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i would like to add that yes i know people in here like anime, and im aware of that, and yes this isnt the only forum which i have posted and even if i did post in a westerm forum wouldnt u think that they will be biased to western animation, so really your saying i should just forget about it?!

as some of the replies i have got not all people are biased to anime and if people really love anime mroe than anything else then i want to hear why it appeals to them.

i personally like a variety of animation, and me posting on this forum doesnt mean i only like anime.

i know many people who watch anime but still love western aniamtion, they have there own opinion and tastes, and im asking people in here for there honest opinion as to why they like anime, even if its biased, it means theres something in anime that attracts them to it and i would like to know what that is.

so please people who are not gona contirbute to this post please do not post anymore posts about this question being biased or not and how it will work, because you dotn know me and you dont know how i do my own work.

Thank you!

P.S Thanks for the people who ansered the question
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Old 2004-09-29, 10:06   Link #19
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Location: Sweden, Basement
Age: 29
Well I enyoj Eastern more because I think it is more realistic, and usually has a better story then western.
But western is really good if you just want comedy but so are eastern so eastern is better because of story, look and that its target not only are small kids.

Sweden (north of denmark, east of norway, west of finland), 15
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