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Old 2018-09-08, 16:46   Link #1
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Naomi Osaka first Japanese grand slam winner

Probably be made into an anime sometime lol
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Old 2018-09-08, 17:51   Link #2
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Naomi Osaka's performance was absolutely fantastic. She perfectly executed everything that had to be done to defeat a powerhouse like Serena Williams: a powerful service, pinpoint accurate passing shots, and quality footwork.

There was a time when I thought she was out of gas when she fell down 1-3 in the second set, but then she came back even stronger at the right time. It's a shame that the newspapers will talk a lot about Serena's tirade with the chair umpire. Personally, I was very disappointed with Serena's behavior for a player with that much experience. Nothing should be taken away from Naomi's performance though.

Originally Posted by Calca View Post
Probably be made into an anime sometime lol
In fact, the manga Baby Steps preceded both Kei Nishikori and Naomi Osaka's respective rises in world tennis. Perhaps a sequel should be on the table.
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Old 2018-09-09, 00:20   Link #3
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Osaka DOMINATED the first set! I wanted to chalk it up as a kind of strategy on Serena's part to break up the momentum for Osaka. Serena, unfortunately, did not do herself any favor with how she was going back and forth against the chair umpire. In the fourth game, set 2, it became pretty apparent Serena lost her concentration and composure all together. Osaka appeared vulnerable in set 2 and Serena helped Osaka to regroup herself.

I still thought if there were no distraction it was still Osaka's match considering how well she played through out. Serena simply could not match her intensity.

If this match was any indication of what the future holds, we shall see Osaka in more grand slam finals.
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Old 2018-09-09, 05:13   Link #4
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I know that the following video shows more about what led to the full tirade between Serena and the chair empire (Carlos Ramos), but you can also see some of Osaka's best shots in the match too (0:08; 3:37; 11:30).

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Good thing that Osaka remained focused despite the incident and the increasingly hostile crowd. Still, it was really sad to watch Serena completely losing it the way she did. The whole thing was at first reminiscent of the end of the 2009 semifinal against Kim Clijsters, but this year's incident was worse than back then after I took time to compare both incidents.
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Old 2018-09-10, 01:02   Link #5
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I felt terrible for Osaka. She seemed so excited to be playing Serena during her semifinal post-match interview, yet had her first Grand Slam championship experience, which happened to be against her idol, tarnished in this way. The ceremony was completely awkward and tone deaf, especially since the MC was pretending like the ugly events in the second set never happened. Asking Osaka about how she felt when she was visibly hiding her face behind her visor and crying on stage because the match had been spoiled by an umpire who couldn't take some name calling, and the crowd was upset. She played a good match and didn't deserve that.

It looked to me like after the umpire penalized Serena with a game, Osaka didn't really try in the next game and let Serena have it before closing it out on her next service game, but by that point, Serena had already blown her own concentration. It was a damn shame, since the second set was looking to be pretty good.

And about the controversy, Serena should have kept her composure, but the umpire shouldn't have taken that game away from her. Plenty of male players on tour have hurled far worse abuse at umps, and they only get issued warnings. Yes, this was her third, but the umpire should have had the judgment to understand what issuing that third warning during a championship match would entail and how it would tarnish the match. At that point, the ump should have warned her about the warning (heh) and what would happen. It was ugly all around.

If Osaka can keep up this momentum and take care of that weakness at the net Serena was beginning to exploit, I'm sure she'll be winning a lot more Grand Slams in the future. But it's still a shame, since this was her first.
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