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Old 2007-12-06, 22:40   Link #741
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Telling the dolls that there is another way to win without killing AFTER 2 of them died is just evil. Its like mocking them, adding insult to injury.

The dolls are not seeking perfection in itself but the reward of achieving it. (meeting evil father)

As to why "Father" left suigintou incomplete, maybe he ran out of suitable material and the store is out of stock :P
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Old 2007-12-13, 23:12   Link #742
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Originally Posted by FateAnomaly View Post
The dolls are not seeking perfection in itself but the reward of achieving it. (meeting evil father)
yes it has already been shown in ouverture when Sarah questioned Shinku about the queerness of Alice Game, and Shinku replied without mentioning anything about perfection or how it feels to kill a sister.

Every doll was made in blindness to use any way to fulfill her only purpose to live: meeting Father. Some cases are proved to be different though, as like to Desu, and maybe Hina too.

As to why "Father" left suigintou incomplete, maybe he ran out of suitable material and the store is out of stock :P
Somehow, I believe more that Gin ran away is the main reason
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Old 2008-02-02, 04:25   Link #743
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I came across this link on youtube, and I was quite surprised. Its a drama CD, Claiming that Sugin tou is in love with kun-kun. Its not in english so I can barely understand, but from the little that I do understand, It does seem like she is in love with him. Can anyone translate?
This is the link
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Old 2010-05-09, 11:09   Link #744
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I'm new to Rozen Maiden and I had watched this OVA yesterday right after season 1. S2 is still in progress but I'm almost done...

I wasn't fan of Shinku in season 1 nor did I hate her, but this OVA did leave a negative impression about her on me. It might be also because I like Suigintou the most out of all, duno... But the way I saw whole situation is:

Yes, Shinku was kind and had helped Suigintou to stand on her own (litterally and mentally), she basicly opened new world for Suigintou for what I'm thankful. And she did want to protect her from that evil game but... despite all that Shunko's choice of word and intonation of voice with which she said it was the worst...

"You can't be Rozen Maiden, you are not even complete. A poor failed doll. Rozen Maiden's are the ultimate girls, dolls created in order to become Alice"

Come on, how the heck do you have to interrupt it? As I said she might not have really meant it but from those few sentances I got exactly the same message as Suigintou.

She WAS looking down on her. She said Suigintou is not worthy just because she is not fully finished, that's just horrible. She had no right to judge her because of her looks. Just because Shinku has all parts, doesn't make her perfect. Her attitude is far from perfect, I actually would say that Suigintou is far closer to being perfect. Despite all the madness in season 1, it appears here that she was the most innocent one among all sisters. And as far as I got in season 2, she also is not evil there. She gets better and even goes as far as trying to help Megu.

"A poor failed doll" - that was pitty and insult at the same time, how would you feel if someone said to you that you are a failure just because you have some disability? Heck, it hurts to hear it even when all your limbs work perfectly yet you are bad playing volleyball or something and your team loses because of you. If it hurts for nomal, healthy person to hear it, imagine how it must feel for disabled peaople and Suigintou.

And if take in account that Suigintou was fragile right from the begining, it is much easier for her to get insulted. Especially when you hear it from someone in whom you had put all your faith and trust.

Sorry any Shunko supporters, but she seriously gets a lot of minus marks here. She IS the reason to why Suigintou turned evil.

But what gives her pluses is the fact that she had realized her mistkae, actually felt sorry for it and had apologized to Suigintou in season 2. Just that small "Sorry" made Suigintou feel much better and left her speechless since she left without a single word and later said that "Junk" is not a word to be used. Of course one sorry won't make you forget all the hurt but is it sill had a huge meaning for her.
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Old 2010-07-16, 07:41   Link #745
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*nods at the above post in full approval*

Exactly. I silently weeped when watching it. It was so sad.
Suigintou is my favourite, together with Barabara.
I feel pity for her, but also pride, she's awesome. *gets hit by suigintou for pitying her*

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