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Old 2024-03-22, 19:49   Link #1
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What are some gross and controversial 90's anime.

Anime from 1990 to 1999.

I love controversial shit. Itís why I'm a consumer and advocate of Loli Hentai and similar TV anime. So anime like Kodomo no Jikan or Chitose Get You!! with some promiscuous loliís pursuing relationships or sexually harassing adults with skimpy dressing outfits with cheeky personality traits are what Iím looking for the most. Skimpy-dressing loliís who act more mature than their age are good too. Something like RPG real estate is something that I would like. I just want some Loli fanservice. Iím also big on incest relationships so anime like Yosagu no Sora, Eromanga Sensei and I Don't Like My Big Brother At All! are things that I fancy as well.

While contentiousness is the primary thing Iím looking for Iím also into mature-themed seinen anime. Edgy seinen shit that contains dark magic, curses, and satanic shit like Death Note, Hellsing, Hell Girl Claymore, and Berserk are things that I may enjoy. I also like English dubs with a lot of cussing like Black Lagoon and High School of the Dead.

Anything that Westerners would find gross, weird, or over the top are things that I'm looking for.
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FLCL might be worth a look.
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