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Old 2017-07-18, 00:38   Link #461
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Originally Posted by Valky View Post
Wait, the Fallen Hero also got books? First time I heard. Did both Fallen and Dragon sales bombed so he just straight abandon it?

But yeah, now that you mention it, he did have tendency to abandon his work. I think there was one story about slave back then, seems like got deleted too, sigh. Kinda expect Commushou to be different, since it pass more than 3 books ..
I don't know how the sales did for those two, but it was a case of published novel getting a SFW narou version to advertise it.
Seeing as the novels in question are porn novels, he likely didn't plan for them to last long to begin with.
They're all under the bishoujo label of novels.

That said, I didn't even notice he deleted the spoiling slaves novel too.
Although when I last saw it, it was already dead for like 4+ months.

Originally Posted by Rasty View Post
Speaking of his works getting published. Has anyone read the LN for this? I remember him saying something about there being major differences, so some impressions would be appreciated.
I have them but as I generally am too lazy to reread, I don't actually know.
I imagine it just went back to the milk drinking rather than the palm sucking.
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Old 2017-09-14, 06:33   Link #462
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Wow what a mother-in-law mc need the chase after her just from the picture she number 2
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Old 2017-10-03, 13:26   Link #463
150% done
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Originally Posted by Valky View Post
Err, as I've posted .. it's Jessica and Christina.

MC age aside, his appearance-wise is currently a shounen.

Spoiler for NSFW-ish:
On the left picture. That is the current him. I'm too lazy to search for a better picture. You could check in booklive or somewhere else if you want to see the better quality one.
So those are the two he smacks into loving him, right?
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Old 2017-10-05, 21:05   Link #464
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The mc's a ferocious predator, there are tons of his victims. lol
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Old 2018-03-01, 16:53   Link #465
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Would somebody be interested in translating this LN?
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choroi heroines, game world, harem, huge cock mc, milf, netori, ntr, ntr done by mc, reincarnation

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