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Old 2019-05-05, 19:11   Link #821
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any new spoilers?
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Old 2019-05-06, 15:32   Link #822
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Well, there are, but it's like approaching end game stuff. So I'm a little hesitant.

Like we learn the reason behind the colony's collapse, characters are throwing themselves into the fire left and right, unlikely alliances, final boss reveal, etc.
Really the only mystery left at this point is who exactly is the Voice from the Heavens, but we get a good enough of an idea who it could be.

That said, the justice amazon still hasn't become a real heroine and Mana hasn't done much after her recent developments, so there's a bit to go still.
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Old 2019-08-03, 21:32   Link #823
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uhm sasuke any spoilers? I hope its ok to ask. T_T
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Old 2019-08-16, 06:17   Link #824
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Was it ever stated/confirmed that if Kato really got raped in the beginning?
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Old 2019-08-16, 08:24   Link #825
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Old 2019-09-12, 04:24   Link #826
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very glad that MoM is still alive ~
Unfortunately translations has somewhat slowed down.

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Old 2020-04-29, 19:09   Link #827
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is this still ongoing or did it finish?
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Old 2020-04-29, 22:43   Link #828
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It's ongoing but updates have slowed down quite a bit due to the author starting another series.
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Old 2021-08-08, 20:29   Link #829
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does anyone have spoilers for latest chapter?

what happen to that junior of the mc?
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