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Old 2018-06-26, 02:51   Link #281
ichihime fan >.>
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Originally Posted by Lucas99 View Post
Spoiler for spoil:
if this is true that explain a lot of things...
the world are in yours hands
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Old 2019-06-29, 02:06   Link #282
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I'm still super interested in this series, but I've given up hope in it being translated. Does anyone know what the current status of the characters are? Like a big summary, mainly interested in Minato and Lylyn and I've read the post up to this so I was wondering if there was more? I think last I remember he had like an older brother from his original moms side or something? Anything helps alleviate my growing curiosity. Also are any of his harem members good? Like from what I understood the mom is still the best female character in the series and the rest of the girls aren't bad, but they aren't really unique or different from what you'd find in other harem series.
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Old 2019-06-29, 03:21   Link #283
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Originally Posted by Teza View Post
if this is true that explain a lot of things...
That guy is trolling you -_-"
...And no it doesn't explain...
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Old 2020-07-22, 16:05   Link #284
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Any more updates on this?
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Old 2020-07-22, 20:15   Link #285
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Manga started get translated again. I still don't get why the sons died at around 60?

An average human life span even in medieval times was 60-70, but people did live into their 80s. Plus they are half incubus (an allegedly long lived race). I get they wouldn't live as long as the mom, but I would think a half incbus half human would at least live longer than a regular human; especially considering in the manga humans with just some high elf ancestry can live for 400 plus years.

Also Will was said to be basically human, even though he had some pixie, and he hasnt aged at all since 40 plus years ago. He was shown disecting the diablos looking like he does now. I just think the author really messed that up.

Also what about grandkids, like wouldnt there be some grandkids with 26 children, especially with some being basically humans?
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Old 2020-07-24, 09:26   Link #286
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This is a interesting series
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Old 2021-10-15, 05:00   Link #287
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So, seems that the Manga adaptation of this Series got Axe'd, as Chapter 61 is the Finale (which i think was covering the plot of LN v05).

And since we haven't had any LN release for it since 2018, we can practically say this Series is DEAD.
Even its Web Novel is still ongoing, and its Manga is supposed to get Official English translation from October 2021 on "Alpha Manga" App.
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