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Old 2019-02-06, 12:11   Link #541
Nivek von Beldo
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Originally Posted by Ramero View Post
I certainly doesn't like how Serebryakova's appearance on anime really not as she was on the LN or manga. I mean, on LN and Manga many men will gun on her while on anime... meh....

I do hope Tanya can consider herself to promote her adjutant at least to Lieutenant or Captain. I mean... she know Tanya more than anyone else.
That was carlos zen idea, he doesn't want people to 'waifu' either girl and worked.
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Old 2019-03-26, 07:35   Link #542
kari-no-sugata II
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LN v5 English version is out.

Tanya-chan sure is hard on herself - offering to resign for not noticing earlier that most of the locals are in fact not communists and if anything hate the communists more than the Empire does. Sure does lead to some interesting developments in the end, something WW2 Germany would never have done. I dunno if the trend will continue but Tanya-chan is influencing the war at increasingly wider scales - initially she simply affected the war at the tactical level, then the operational level and now we're seeing her starting to have a direct influence at the strategic level.
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Old 2019-07-30, 06:59   Link #543
kari-no-sugata II
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LN v6 English version is out.

Interesting to see the how some are thinking about peace but at the moment it's barely talks about talks. Interesting to see Tanya raise the possibility of peacing out but how little support there is for such a thing, both inside the military and in the public. In a sense, the Empire has been winning lightly Pyrrhic victories - each victory by itself wasn't really Pyrrhic but in total they're exhausted and at their limit but because they've been winning it's incredibly hard to give up. Sunken cost fallacy indeed. It's all rather reminiscent of WW1 where the Germany public supported the war strongly to the end because they thought things were going okay so when the generals suddenly surrendered (as they see it) they felt betrayed.

v11 cover sure is gloomy
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Old 2020-02-20, 20:10   Link #544
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Hello everyone!!!!, I integrate me to the forum, sorry if my English is bad, I'm still learning.
Question, does anyone know when another anime season might come out?
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genocide, loli, reincarnated mc, salaryman

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