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View Poll Results: Soul Eater - Total Series Rating
Perfect 10 15 15.00%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 27 27.00%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 24 24.00%
7 out of 10 : Good 28 28.00%
6 out of 10 : Average 3 3.00%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 1.00%
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Old 2009-04-05, 21:44   Link #1
White Manju Bun
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Soul Eater - Overall Series Impressions & Total Series Rating

This thread is to be used for discussing the entire 51 episodes of Soul Eater ... your thoughts about the show, overall impressions, expectations and hopes about the DVD only footage etc.

A few subjects you might want to ramble on about:
  • General impression of the series.
  • Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
  • Thoughts about the animation quality.
  • Characters/Character Design
  • Voice Acting

  • Which kind of footage (DVD only) you feel you'd really like to see.
  • What the show meant to you.
  • What could the creators/animators/writers have done better.

And so on.

The poll represents your total series rating. In other words, how you would rate all the episodes combined (1-10)? If you'd rather rate the whole series by technical/artistic merits, you can do so. An example:

Animation Quality: 1-10
Voice Actors: 1-10
Adaptation from Manga: 1-10
Soundtrack: 1-10
Enjoyment: 1-10
Emotional Involvement: 1-10

Average = Total Series Rating

Or a combination of the two. Or your general gut feeling.

Feel free to discuss and more importantly, have fun
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Old 2009-04-06, 19:28   Link #2
Macross Lifer!
Join Date: Jan 2008
good series just really fell flat at the end. Glad the manga still is on going though
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Old 2009-04-06, 21:38   Link #3
Scarlet Yukineko
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: in a tiny island called puerto rico
yeah a few things felt "blah" but I still like it
mostly that robot Shibuse was the most blah to me -_-
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Old 2009-04-07, 17:38   Link #4
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 61
Yeah, the ending kind of felt like someone let the air out of a really cool expensive balloon. But overall the series was really kind of beautiful to watch -- the first 3 episodes were wonderful mood/atmosphere setters. Most of the 51 episodes were hilarious/exciting/grim.

I'll give the ride a good solid "8" (and I don't even usually *like* this sort of show...).
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Old 2009-04-07, 20:41   Link #5
Comic Relief
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Portugal
Age: 28
Animation Quality: 9.5-10
One of the very best out there, specially in style. At least I like it. There is better though, I've seen it, but I liked this shows visuals a lot.

Voice Actors: 9-10
Great voice acting overall, nearly all of the characters got a solid voice and a great performance from the actors.

Adaptation from Manga: dunno

Soundtrack: 9.9-10
Awesome, its not perfect, but I havent seen many that are better. Plus, its stylized music to match the rest of the show. I liked the first OST a lot, and the second, I honestly didnt have the time to listen to it just yet, but keeping my focus just to what appeared on the show, and how it was used, I'll have to say it was pretty damn good. when the show started the soundtrack was 10/10 but I noticed that near the end sometimes I flet lihe the music on the background could be a bit better, but even so, we always had those super cool moments with that super cool music to make a perffect fit, and that must count for something.

Enjoyment: 9.0-10
I enjoyed the first 20 eps (+-) soooooooo much I could grant them the solid 10/10. But I must say that some eps from there on rly pissed me off, I actually started saying to my friends that the episode sucked, I hated, and that I wanted my favourite show on air back. Fortunately, some episodes just like the great ones I wanted showed up every now and then. It would be better though, if they had just keep the way they were going from the start.

Emotional Involvement: 8.0-10
Except for my wish to see kiddo become shimigami, and to see black star defeat god, and to see stain kicking ass one more time, I didnt feel that much mooved. They actually pulled off a happy feeling in the end from me, maka finally had her time for charisma, and that made me feel like "oh, thats nice, now I dont hate you". Soul though was the greatest let down in the show.. I mean, the series has his name... they could get some effort making him look cool and giving him some great fight scenes... BUT NOOOO, he is just the "cool guy" who needs to be saved by maka because he just had to play piano. I got a bit dissapointed with soul.. i did.


I want to give a 9/10, but I think I should give an 8/10...
FOR HOW MUCH I LIKED THE BEGGINING OF THE SHOW, in wich I though the show would be about the way of these 3 meister to make the next death scythe, I WILL GIVE A 9/10

Even so I want perfectly clear that this show has failed in many ways, and I, as a fan, feel pretty sad that the show changed so much in mid-term. Still it was a great, perfectly enjoyable anime, with a great style and some rly memorable characters (actually, a TON of memorble characters) with some great humour to go with it.

Now, soul eater makers... plz, if you are aiming for a second season, dont fuck up.
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Old 2009-04-07, 21:34   Link #6
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 61
Usually polls look like valleys (low end and high end) ... first one I've seen in a while that actually looks like a bell curve (at least 20 votes into it).

I thought this subforum had a lot more active viewers ... I guess the ones disappointed at the turns the story took after the first few arcs faded away?
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Old 2009-04-07, 21:35   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: USA
Age: 29
Despite that I think the anime ending was unfavorable, it was a pretty solid series.
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Old 2009-04-07, 22:44   Link #8
OCD Cowgirl
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Location: BC Canada
Age: 27
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Animation Quality: 10
Yes theres definitely better animation out there, but i'm really fond of this style of it. Most anime with amazing animation are very digitalized, whilst SE manages to give off the same epic feel without having to over-shiny everything. Again, while the animation isn't flawless, there weren't any episodes where it looked like their budget kicked the bucket, and being able to maintain that kind of animation over a 51 episode span is quite an achievement. Hats off to you BONES.. animation wise anyway.

Voice Actors: 9.5
Most VAs fit into their roles perfectly so no complaints here. At first Maka was a bit iffy, but with it being her debut role she has definitely grown and improved throughout the series and now I can't see anyone else voicing Maka.

Adaptation from Manga: 6
This is probably the part where the story falls flat on its face. The first 24 episodes were almost flawless in how they were adapted into the anime version, literally amazing to behold. From that point on i figured they would begin to focus more on the main characters and their backstory and growths, and not introduce as many new characters as they did. I actually thought the arachnophobia deal could've been cut out entirely to focus on character development and finding Asura. This wasn't a problem with the manga, because frankly Ohkubo doesn't have a limit with how long he can make the story, while the anime was only slated for 51 episodes. So as the series continued, adding the arachnophobia issue to the platter, the show started to fall in terms with how fleshed out the main characters were, however, I had faith in BONES due to the fact they still kept faithful to the storyline, and i was sure they knew what they were doing.. until it went all anime original on our arse.
I figured that BONEs would come up with some sort of backstory for the characters now that they were diverting from the manga... but they never did. Think about it, Soul and Maka are the main characters but all we know about Maka is her "hating" her dad and very minor references to her mom (and she never even showed up in the end..) and Soul.. well he's the title character in the show and we know diddley squat about his past (as for the manga this is a different story) so rather than being the main character he's supposed to be... Maka takes over and he becomes her "homeboy". Its pathetic, they're the main characters in this anime and how are we supposed to give a crap about what they say or what they do if we don't know why they act the way they do?! (not saying I don't care, just proving a point) Its a sad fact when Chrona feels more like a main character than anyone in the series, and he/she's a SIDE. Character.
The most disappointing thing about the characters would be how little of a role Death the Kidd and the sisters played throughout the series. Looking back, they've done nothing really. Sure we know the sisters are from the streets... but I'm sure many of us would like to know why. As for Kidd, he's probably the most unique character in the show, BONEs couldve had lots of fun messing with his background story, but all we got instead was him complaining about his dad not telling him anything for a good chunk of episodes.. which turned out to be nothing in the end. LE SIGH.
I also think adding Kim/Ox/Killik/Harvar to the story was almost pointless, considering I don't recall them ever doing anything important.
Also many plot holes were created when Medusa gave up the brew and the kishin's location for her freedom (instead of taking over the takedown of arachnophobia in the manga), or rather protection FROM shibusen. This makes no sense if Maka could just head over there and kill her anyway.
As for Stein, the boobyhax was just a cheap way to get his arc out of the way imo. And did BONES forget to take out the snake in Marie?
To sum it up without rambling about EVERY single part of the story, its very depressing that as soon as the manga's story amounted to epic porportions, the anime had to take the other route. Even though they did, they could've came up with creative, unpredictable stuff but they didn't, making it more shonen-generic than it was previously. Am I the only one who finds this hilarious considering it seems to have started when the new FMA was announced? Haha.
So yup, 6/10. Was great the first half, and when it became anime original it plummeted pretty far into the shonen cliche can.

Soundtrack: 10
The music in Soul Eater is one of the most unique tunes ive heard throughout anime. Very fitting for the shows atmosphere, and even the comical tracks fit in well when needed.

Enjoyment: 8
I enjoyed this show. I really did. Even when it became shonen generic and bland as heck, I still enjoyed it, despite how much I complain about it. If we looked at this series on a stand alone without comparing it to the manga, itd be an 8, which is what i'm giving here. Its not a horrible show, it just appeared that BONES didn't plan the anime original half all too well (its like they were rushed... FMA2 anyone?)

Emotional Involvement: 9
Yes the characters are underdeveloped. Yes the plot from 40 onward is not as great as it could've been. But i have a severe emotional attachment to these characters (for reasons im not sure myself) so everything the characters do affect me to a certain extent. Even Chrona's "death" and Kidd getting shiskabobbed affected me more than I expected, despite how shonen generic it played out, so I have to be truthful here.

Final Thoughts:
Soul Eater is a great show. It really is. They could've had a hit as big as FMA, i sincerely believe that. Its just a shame that it played out the way it did, so as an overall score I will give it a 7.5..

but i'll round it up to 8 cause I don't want Kidd to hate me.

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Old 2009-04-09, 09:36   Link #9
World Inverse Creator
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overall is very good , and great anime , though the ending is a NO NO for me.. still I have to thank the animators because they bring Soul and Maka to live ( a.k.a. can talk and move lol)

Really hope for second season eventhough it's impossible ><"
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Old 2009-04-09, 20:13   Link #10
Junior Member
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I really enjoyed Soul Eater, the soundtrack fit it perfectly, and everything was good until the ending of the anime was a disappointment. Since my favorite character was Chrona I feel she should have had more screen time and a part in defeating the Kishin. I feel that the series ending didn't really help anything, I think they should have some OVA/movie. The ending was just to abruptly ended. Other then that, I'd give it a 9/10.
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Old 2009-04-10, 22:06   Link #11
User of the "Fast Draw"
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Animation Quality: 9
Well I have to say Soul Eater did quite a nice job in this area. Through the series it really did look nice and they managed to make the fights look good. Whether it was the Demon Hunter or the Fey Blade mode the attacks really came to life. Thus it was quite satisfying to watch the battles no matter how the story was actually going. Thought they also managed to make insanity pretty creepy so really have no complaints on this.

Voice Actors: 9
Thought that overall the voices fit. There weren't voices that made me want to shut the episodes down for. Maka was the real question in the first episode. But as the series continued she got into it and it sounded fine at the end. All the other characters seemed to fit when listening to them. Manged to make you believe they were in these situations.

Adaptation from Manga: 5.5
It's a tough one since I liked how they transfered things from the beginning. Since I had to watch this series as soon as possible using the manga chapters to translate was useful. But after a certain point it became clear they were no longer following it closely and that method was no longer possible. The score is going to suffer when they stop adapting from the manga. They did use little pieces here and there but it was a pretty loose adaptation after a certain point. It's too bad the series wasn't started a season later then it could have concluded at a good point in the manga.
It's just too bad that they ended up going anime original. When it was clear that's what was happening I couldn't help read a little bit and see how much better it was than the original material . I do wonder why they bothered to introduce characters like Kim and Ox if they were going to drop them after the battle to acquire BREW. They could have just skipped their scenes and replaced them with generic shibusen people and it wouldn't have mattered.
The real crime here is with the final battles. Because they didn't develop characters enough they couldn't have the same quality. I mean Black Star vs. Mifune round 3 was just sad. If they just skipped the Excalibur stuff they could have fit that development in and at least made a good fight. What was with that red blade power up anyways?
This is just where they dropped the ball. Maybe it would have been better to have less episodes and conclude earlier. At least then they would have left themselves open to a sequel down the road. Instead they try to conclude everything and it doesn't go that well. Now they'll have to pull a FMA2 if they ever want to continue. Either that or make an OVA so they can at least show the good fights.

Soundtrack: 9
Like the animation I can't complain about the music. The moment that stands out the most was the rematch between Black Star and Mifune. Using what would be the second OP there made the fight truly an epic affair. But overall I really enjoyed the soundtracks. They managed to make the situations feel more right. I can't really think of times when the music hurt a scene so that's more than worth giving a good mark for.

Enjoyment: 7.5
This really is a show where you can break enjoyment into two parts. The first half or so was great and felt really solid. But since the ending just didn't sit right with me it hurt the enjoyment near the end. Once you start getting mech battles in Soul Eater you know it's hitting a new low. Still overall the series was pretty enjoyable to watch. The characters were growing and you were getting to see changes in them along the way. It wasn't just powering up, but understanding them better. I found that to be something really enjoyable to watch.
The stuff near the ending was less fun to watch. I mean the punch of courage and Maka being a far more useful weapon than Soul as examples. It just didn't feel like they had any good ideas. So I stand a little in the middle ground for enjoyment. I either really enjoyed the episodes or was shaking my head.

Emotional Involvement: 8.5
I think the show did a good job making some characters ones you could care about. Could personally get behind Tsubaki and Black Star because I understood where they were coming from. Those were two characters whose pasts were brought forward and I got attached to them. Even if some characters weren't that well developed you could still care about them.

Final Thoughts:
This was a good show that had some great potential. It started off well and carried its momentum for quite some time. It's just that the show stumbled near the end and crawled across the finish line. Not finishing strongly is what I'll regret the most about the show. Will just have to remember the good times and know this was a good show. I'm grateful for it being made since I got some great characters to like.
In the end this show could really use an OVA or something down the road. After catching up with the manga there are just things I'd love to see animated. So I'll give a score of 7 to balance out the good and the average.

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Old 2009-04-14, 19:00   Link #12
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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I thought it started off well and ended well, but I don't like how they nerfed Asura's character and the ending episode did seem a tad rushed. But overall I really have no major complaints other than that. Episode 11 made me an eternal Tsubaki fanboy.

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Old 2009-04-19, 10:18   Link #13
Wiggle Your Big Toe
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The animation and voice acting was for the most part superb. The first 20 so episodes where really gripping and I was hooked from start to finish of each episode. As it went a long though it lost some of its steam. The story seemed to take somewhat of a u-turn in terms of plot theme. Yes they had the typical evil guy they needed to destroy, but many of the intriguing "sub-plots introduced in the beginning where kind of dropped or where never revisited. Probably to do with episode constraint and not following the manga up to a certain point. There were many developments that I believe could have been included if they had left certain things alone, like the excalibur episodes. My emotional involvement in the show wasn't huge except for Black Star and Tsubaki, whose backstories, in my opinion, had more depth and feeling to them. They just seemed explored with better detail than others, which probably explains why they were my favorite characters. Episode 11 with Tsubaki fighting her brother is still my favorite episode and it still gives me goosebumps watching that last charge by Tsubaki.

So all in all it was a very entertaining series which lost a bit of its alure for me towards the end, but it was still enjoyable up to the end. A few things could have been better explored, but for the most part, developments where handled well.


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Old 2009-04-25, 22:40   Link #14
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i woulda made my rating 10 if it wasnt for that ending

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Old 2009-04-26, 15:46   Link #15
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Age: 29
Animation:10/10-after watching pandora hearts, Soul eater really shows what animation is all about from the very first episode.
Voice actors:9.5/10-Everyone sounded pretty natural, the emotional moments were well pointed out, but I'll take off half a point, there's something amiss that I just can't put my finger on...
Adaptation from Manga: 7/10- although the anime stays true to the manga for the first part, the changes in the second one are as radical as the ones from Fullmetal Alchemist. It's not that I didn't like the way they handled things in the anime, but I would have preferred a more loyal adaptation of the manga, mainly to point out the second team's worth and leave room for an extension of the anime once the manga moves on.
soundtrack: 10/10-the OSTs are captivating, the opening/ending themes are enjoyable and only get better later on (I particularly liked the second opening and the fourth ending), and the battle music hypes me up quite a bit.
Enjoyment: 10/10-I haven't enjoyed an anime like this in many years...seriously, it makes me wonder what kind of trash I've been watching lately.
Emotional involvement: 8/10-while the drama is there, the missing parts from the manga stand out too much to be neglected...but even so, there's a good amount of it in the series.

General impression of the series: in the words of internet, Soul Eater is made of WIN.
Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices: The first time I encountered soul eater I dismissed it as another shinigami brawl series and didn't bother going past the summary, but after seeing a few episodes I realized there was a setting for an intriguing plot with a lot of potential, which, in the end, is fully exploited: the malleability of the characters and the versatility each one has makes their actions unpredictable and exciting.
Thoughts about the animation quality: The animation quality is top-notch, better than most I've seen lately and definitely worth of praise. There wasn't a single awkward moment and the flow of the characters' actions doesn't skip a thing.
Characters/character design: This is the part I loved the most, with just 3 main characters and an equally small supporting cast, the show's managed to keep me interested without getting bored of the "old team" or wanting to see a new one in the future. Even when that happened, the characters were once again kept at a minimum and were just as amazing as the first team. The design for Soul,Tsubaki and Blackstar is somewhat common, but that can't be helped...there are limits to how creative one can be,right?
If I'd like anything to have been done better, it's a better adaptation of the manga, maybe they could release it as an alternate season in a DVD special.
This show renewed my nearly extinguished hope for new anime releases, and thanks to Soul Eater I am able to look at new material with a positive mind.
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Old 2009-05-18, 08:24   Link #16
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I really enjoyed this anime. The ending however left much to be desired. I am not a huge fan of the awkward looking weapons but Maka has changed my mind somewhat regarding those.....the way she handles Soul is just brilliant. The only characters I found reeeeally annoying in this anime were the mosquito dude, the chainsaw dude and the spider chick. I thought they could've done more with the Demon God though. I also loved how everything related to Stein had the stiches on it....nice touch.

Overall it was a nice series.....but expect to slow down considerably round episode 35-ish and then the ending is just Bleh.

I'd give it a 7.5.
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Old 2009-06-03, 23:35   Link #17
Loving Romeo X Juliet
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I enjoyed this anime no doubt about it but the ending felt like they were trying to pull one of those things they did with Evangelion and it just killed the whole atmosphere, it actually made me feel irritated as hell and the punch of courage Maka hit the Kishin with was also anti-climatic .. I was expecting some awesome hit from Maka as a deathsithe but nooo it had to be cheesy .... a hit of courage to defeat a God ... could u imagine that?! LOL

But all things aside, the anime series was quite enjoyable, the main characters were quite unique and hillarious in their own cute ways.. my faves were kitto and his twin sister weapons (the lil one was sooo hilarious!) ... and then Tsubaki with her sexy dark powers followed by Aracne and her sexy boobs, Medusa cause she was a kick ass witch, then that sexy cat-witch and then the rest....

Overall I gave it an 8 ... I'd really like to see a sequel to this series.....
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Old 2009-07-09, 01:14   Link #18
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Yeah, although I did expect an anime original ending, I didn't expect it to go "super shounen generic cheese", after an excellent first half of story, characters, and action. The last couple of episodes I was thinking to myself, "Is this really the awesome anime I was watching just a few episodes ago??"

I would've rated it an 8/10, but just because of the ending, with which I felt kind of "robbed" of the emotional climax this series should've had, I dropped it to 7/10. It is a GOOD series, and highly recommendable, but I just wish the creators had a stronger, less "cheesier" ending than they did.
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Old 2009-08-05, 16:19   Link #19
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i smell a remake like FMA
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Old 2009-08-05, 23:43   Link #20
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Originally Posted by kk2extreme View Post
i smell a remake like FMA
I don't.

I find it funny how everyones assuming SE is obviously going to get a remake simply because FMA did, because it isn't going to happen.

They're remaking FMA because they know its a cash cow. SE's fanbase isnt anywhere near as big as FMA's fanbase.

Anyways while i am in no way expecting a remake, it would be nice to get some ovas or something. You know.. something that'd actually give the series some closure :\
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