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≠epic failure
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Why do you think this isn't more of approved fan translations?

Sometimes Japanese companies give their consent to fan translations (manga, anime, web/light novels). Why do you think this isn't more of a trend? If a fan sub group was to put an approved fan subbed episode or manga scanlation on their YT channel or site, that's where little ads on the top/bottom (in the case of fansubbed shows on YT, 1-2 15-30 sec. ads during the eye catchers). These ads are still a way to get some money.

If the Japanese are hesitant to approve fan translations because they are fiercely protective of their IP, I find it kind of ironic. This is because a lot of IP have elements that they got from the public domain, which means the rights holders themselves have done a kind of fan art/fiction/interpretation.
≠epic fail
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Old 2016-11-11, 01:39   Link #2
Marcus H.
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The legal side of intellectual property doesn't really care about fanbases, even if it's the only reason why a particular IP took off anyway.
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