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Old 2010-07-07, 18:59   Link #1
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"Good News everybody..." The Futurama Thread

Well 4 Seasons of well crafted satire and interesting look on the way we 20th centurians lived our technologically woeful lives and the show was canceled by Fox.

Lingering in the limbo that is off network syndication, and dvd sales, Futurama has waited, not until Fox brought back Family Guy was there any hope for new episodes, finally after 4 Pretty good Direct to Dvd movies and great support Fox sold the property to Comedy Central. Now in it's glorious 5th on air Season Futurama is back on Thursdays at 9:00est on Comedy Central.

Honestly this show is probably my favorite american animated series, which is hard to say because there are quite a few that may have had a chance such as Duckman with Jason Alexander, or Venture Brothers with their snarky take on the 80s adventure cartoons, but what set Futurama apart was the fact that it could be poignant yet funny and although the other shows I've mentioned also do that, there's something special about Futurama, about the characters. There are some episodes from seasons 1-4 that really touched me and as fan of Futurama I hope this thread can be discussion of new and old, great memories, and new ones to be shared.

My favorite episodes from seasons past would be Slurm Episode(Fry and the Slurm Factory) (this the best spoof on Willy Wonka and completely beats the Family Guy spoof) Dog nougat Episode(Jurrasic Bark), this is just an awesome episode,Parasites Lost, the five leaf clover episode(Luck of the Fryrish),Time keeps on Slipping, Devil's Hands (The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings)was also an amazing episode, I think that's a good place to start as the new season starts to kick into full gear.

Season 5 starts off with an interesting lead in with the death of Leela and a wacky resurrection of the gang except Leela. Overall the comedy for the episode was weak compared to episodes of yonder but as an introductory episode I felt like it really did a good job establishing characters for new comers and hopefully they will also dive into the great stories that Futurama has to tell and has told.

Episode two was rather lack luster for the new season, it felt quite awkward especially since it had seemed that the show was going to keep the idea of changing character dynamics. The jokes were a bit off at least for me and they didn't connect nearly as well as the first episodes story.

Episode 3 was in my opinion a great episode, it featured some character development between Fry and Leela, and it was funny because the whole Mom scheme shows that they won't be afraid to visit old vignettes like Mom's passion for terrible plans like the Sardine episode.

The new episode approaches and I myself am quite excited, and I will admit the last time I saw Jurrasic Bark a week ago I cried. I think that episode encapsulates how I felt about UP's 15 minute montage, it would be lovely if the guys at pixar were fans of Futurama because the style those are shot in are just lovely, and shows how powerful the medium of animation whether 2-d or 3-d can also be poignant and riveting, any check out the new season of FuturALL HAIL TO THE HYPNO TOAD.
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Old 2010-07-07, 22:14   Link #2
Urzu 7
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My second favorite animated comedy after The Simpsons (Simpsons being my fav for when it was good; it was great then).

I'm glad it came back on air with the original cast. I appreciate its smart humor (usually it has it) and the writers have so much fun with the sci-fi setting, which results in a lot of fun for viewers, and creativity and flexibility for scenarios.
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Old 2010-07-07, 22:53   Link #3
Nekokota Festival
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Futurama is awesome its finely good to see some that dont have setup all the time
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Old 2010-07-07, 22:59   Link #4
Loving Romeo X Juliet
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I was wondering when this thread was going to surface.

The only thing I didn't like from the first few eps was Leela having sex with Zap once again, and this time right in front of Fry! ... that hurt my feelings, especially since she hasn't done Fry yet
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Old 2010-07-07, 23:17   Link #5
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Spoiler for Jurassic Bark:
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Old 2010-07-08, 12:11   Link #6
Wiggle Your Big Toe
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Its good to have Futurama back and although the first 2 episodes were a bit on the weak side, the 3rd episode showed signs that it ius starting to get back into it's groove. Each episode has been stronger than the last this new season and hopefully that continues.
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Old 2010-07-08, 17:43   Link #7
Elo the Blue
Mama there goes that man!
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Originally Posted by Nosauz View Post
the five leaf clover episode(Luck of the Fryrish)
It was actually a seven-leaf clover but I really enjoyed that episode; the final scene was moving.

"Amazon Women in the Mood" is another of my favorites. Death by snu-snu!
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Old 2010-07-08, 18:56   Link #8
Manga Addict
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Dammit! Anyone else read the title of the thread in the Professors voice?

One of my favourite eps has to be when Lela gets her new set of eyes. Can't remember the exact name, something like 'The Cyber House..." I'm sure someone knows the full name.
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Old 2010-07-08, 21:34   Link #9
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Age: 30
Wow, when the episode started I thought it was going to preachy and was going to be rather dull, but in the end it was just great, Prop infinity, HedonismBot, Preacher bot's therapy session. This was definitely the best episode so far with the new season, although morbo was lacking in his lines. I also loved how even though the episode was supposed to be commentary the voices of the characters are never lost in the message, and their characteristics are never sacrificed for the sake of voicing a certain opinion. Also Hermes is hilarious.
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