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Old 2011-06-25, 15:44   Link #41
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I used to take it more seriously, but now not really.

Lets take two classes of movies; Syriana and Transformers.

A movie like Syriana will have it's credit credentials plastered all amongst it's promotional material. I already know critics cream over stuff like that and don't really care. I like seeing challenging movies at times. If the plot seems challenging, I'll take it up.

Now for Transformers type, the low brain energy, high-fun (hopefully) type. Essentially, SFX laden blockbusters. They have a better chance of being either really good (The Dark Knight) or tremendously BAD (Transformers 2). So sometimes I'll see what the critics say there. If there is a barrage of bad reviews saying the movie is balls to the walls retarded, generally I'll wait till it's TV.

I used to look at reviews much more often. I don't see many movies now, so I don't need to. Plus while not true for all newspaper critics, some are way too into themselves and sometimes can't just sit back and enjoy some light fluff, even if it's tactfully and tastefully made.
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Old 2011-06-26, 22:21   Link #42
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I express my concerns about people who take their movie opinions way too far.
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Old 2011-06-27, 02:43   Link #43
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Hmm, for me I look to movie critics if I have trouble deciding between movies to see. I typically watch movies alone so I don't have the luxury of that valuable second opinion. Sadly critics have steered me very wrong before. So it's not always something I can rely on. So I often find myself reading multiple reviews.
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